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Created Aug 2015
We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special, We are special,
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Get-gud Super
get gud
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Created Jul 2015
Lets improve anime and manga art together! Free to post any anime or manga related artwork and questions so that we could GET GUD!
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Created Jul 2015
Welcome to the NEW FightingLaziness!
We recreated the group fighting-laziness because our Founder became inactive (ironically).

Our focus is, as you might have guessed, fighting artistic laziness, motivating to make new art and be a productive artist in general. Join us and feel motivated to fight your laziness! :heart:
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Care for a cup?
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Created May 2015
A group dedicated to original characters of all kind! All are welcome!
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Created Apr 2015
this is a general art group. so plz don't ask what this group is about.
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NubileArt Super
Beautiful Girls & Good Quality
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Created Mar 2015
Here we will gather all good pictures of women.
Original, anime/manga, cartoon/comic, movie/TV series or video game characters. From portraits till pin-up. 3D, digital or traditional art, cosplay and other photography.

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Home to all art forms
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Created Mar 2015
This group is for everyone to present themselves and their art no matter what your style, genre, or skill level is. You may post adult content, but a full explanation of rules will be written in a journal. But if you have art :D bring it over and showcase it, everyone's welcome colors, inks, photos, digitals, paints, sketches and all. Expose yourself to others, make friends, give Llamas, and critiques. It's all here!
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Created Feb 2015
Here at Beginners United, we create a stepping stone for every artist.
We don't pick specific art. What ever kind it is DIGITAL, LITERATURE, TRADITIONAL, etc.

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Unwanted-Deviants Super
The Weirdest Art Group On DA
4,527 Watchers
Created Feb 2015
This group is not to offend people, but to help them. We put artwork into a bigger audience of people to get the exposure and attention that someone's artwork deserves.

For starters, in case you're curious on the group's name, the group was meant for "the freaks" and "weirdos" of DA :3 Because I'm one myself and I'm proud of it. It was based off this group:… It then became an art group.. After a difficult day or two.. People accepted it as an art group and not a hate group. I learned how to organize it, etc. So, for a summary: This group is to expose people's art into a bigger community of people giving that artwork the exposure and attention it should get.

Next: To upload artwork you follow these easy steps:

1. Go to the group Gallery

2. Look for the folder you would want to put your artwork into.

3. Once found, click the little + next to it and it'll bring up two options: "Submit a new Deviation" or "Contribute an Existing Deviation"

4. Click on "Contribute and Existing Deviation" and it should bring you up to a screen with your artwork on it.

5. Select the artwork you'd like and click submit.

If this doesn't work, you must've messed up on something. You'll know you've submitted because the artwork will turn green and say: "You Artwork Has Been Submitted"

I hope this helps :3
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Science at Best
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Created Feb 2015
The Studiers of Pixis are at war. After the Grand Empress, the one who oversees the people, was mysteriously killed suddenly with no heirs, the tribes became tense. Like the skin of an apple being ripped from it's place, one tribe attacked another, and an all-out civil war began. Who killed the Grand Empress, who will win? Delve into the depths of Pixis and you change the course of the world.
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