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All Art Without Limits and Waits
23,603 Watchers
Created Nov 2013
For All Deviants, and Their Art, WELCOME ALL!!!!!!
Recent Blog: Top 10 Best Character from Anime by You, submitted 4 weeks ago
Buy/Sell Quality Works!
3,212 Watchers
Created Dec 2013
Are you working with Paypal but you don't have commissionists or you don't find a great commissioner for your ideas? This is your place!
Recent Blog: New Paypal Commission Index!, submitted 2 weeks ago
Steven Universe Fans Welcome!
1,195 Watchers
Created Mar 2015
This is a Steven Universe Fanclub and Fanon group, Anyone can join!
- Rules -
:bulletpink:Please, Do not Spam the group or comments
:bulletred:No, Excessive Swearing
:bulletpurple:NO ABUSE, of any kind!
:bulletwhite:No Copying of others artwork, sharing with authorization from the original artist is acceptable.
:bulletblue:Please, Mark your NFSW or Explicit content and put it into correct folder.
:bulletgreen:Please, Respect others in the group, Do not bash or hate others, and treat others the way you would want to be treated.
:bulletorange:We will only Accept OCs/ Gemsonas from time to time.
:bulletyellow:Please, submit in the correct folder! We're trying to keep this group organized. Plus it's easier to find art that way!
:bulletgreen:Have Fun :D
:bullet pink: Please no joke's that are harmful to others.
Recent Blog: Steven Universe, The End Gem., submitted 2 days ago
Showcasing art
21,350 Watchers
Created Nov 2013
Showcase your art! All art including digital, traditional, anime/manga, literature, artisan crafts, photography are accepted. Everyone from beginners to advanced artists are welcome to join and share their art with other members.

We also hold weekly giveaways and features to get our members promote their work, so join today!
Recent Blog: 500 Point Giveaway #17: Aug, submitted 46 weeks ago
Creation-Is-A-Must Super
~ Let your dreams guide you ~
5,019 Watchers
Created Nov 2013
In this group we celebrate the creation of Art at all levels. From digital to traditional, from literature to photography - let Art do the talking!
Recent Blog: Featured Artists - Cephalon Lethea, submitted 1 week ago
Digital-CreeD Super
Photomanipulation Only
2,159 Watchers
Created Oct 2013
Welcome to this group specially for the art of Photomanipulation
Recent Blog: Art Feature #6, submitted 20 weeks ago
Promoting Unseen artist !
5,159 Watchers
Created Oct 2013
This group is for people to make the most of life, people who support others to live life to the fullest, conservation people, anyone who lives instead of just existing. keep living. :)
Recent Blog: Our 3rd Feature (Photography), submitted 1 week ago
Only human and kemonomimi
2,428 Watchers
Created Sep 2013
This group is focusing on human and kemonomimi adoptables.
Recent Blog: Guide for HUGE BATCH adopts submission., submitted 15 hours ago
Nude / Erotic Photography
3,019 Watchers
Created Oct 2013
Nudity, erotic, naked selfies all is welcome.
Nude or erotic photo's of girls / woman / cosplay /
As long as it is Nude or Erotic.

We also accept photo's of models posting their own photo's / amateur photographers, or men posting photo's of their girlfriend/wife.
No professional photographers posting pictures of models! Only models posting their own work.

Male nudity is no longer accepted in this group!

Keywords: naked artistic sexy self erotic selfportraits ladies lady girl boobs tit breast ass butt booty fetish buns woman women sex amateur photography cellphone cosplay pussy vulva selfportrait artistic nude selfie naughty cosplay art nude
Recent Blog: STACEY-CARTER is SPREADING LIES., submitted 28 weeks ago
United Groups of Deviantart.
2,099 Watchers
Created Sep 2013
This group focuses on a multitude of topics.

However, we did not forget about our origins in the Command and Conquer Franchise, and we would still accept deviations regarding this topic.

Now, the main aim of this group is to unite deviants who have different interests under one group. The Universe is a vast ocean of stars, hence why CNC-Universe is a vast ocean of ideas. Construct and Create those deviations. Command and Conquer the Universe.

CNC-Universe is here for you! Welcome to the group and have fun.
Don't be a stranger or merely a visitor! Become a member! Join us now! Everyone is accepted!

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