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OtakuUniversity Super
Worldwide From Japan To Tokyo...
21,872 Watchers
Created Jun 2013
Every day we are looking for new people intrested in anime & manga to join our amazing comunity, as a member you can share your art trought our folders to recive feedback. We're also holding contests and other events to keep our members busy.
Recent Blog: Winners of the Perfect Crush contest ., submitted 33 weeks ago
Art is from the soul!
4,715 Watchers
Created Jun 2013
This group is for those truly passionate about art. Those who put their heart and soul into their work. All art has a soul. Each peace can reach out and move you! Also gain Watches, Llamas, Faves, and Friends!
Recent Blog: Submissions Rules updated, Important notice., submitted 15 hours ago
Not only Manga and Anime
28,397 Watchers
Created Jun 2013
This group is about every arts , digital and traditional that is related to manga, anime, cartoon, tv series and much more XD
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AllArtWorld Super
Better art. Best friends.
19,889 Watchers
Created Apr 2013
We want your art! Like the name says, Everyone is welcome! Deviants from all over the world are welcome to come here and share their art.

Submit here and get more feedback, exposure and rewards.


#AllArtWorld is a group designed to help get artists noticed by featuring and advertising their works. Also, we have a random contest where we choose members and reward them with points and llamas!

All you have to do is join and you could win!
Recent Blog: social media for art campaign project, help needed, submitted 5 days ago
Kill the titans!
6,158 Watchers
Created May 2013
So like many of you know, there is an EPIC anime out there called Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese). Let us gather all the Attack on Titan fans here and share the love and awesomeness of this anime together!
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Keep calm and ART on!
9,904 Watchers
Created May 2013
This group is about sharing your wonderful art! All artists and join requests are accepted!
Welcome to the new universe.

~Keep calm and ART on~
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Celebrating art everyday.
9,592 Watchers
Created May 2013
This group was made to help showcase your art!
Advertise here and get more views!

All art forms are welcomed! Display your talent for the world to see!

Be proud, and join us! Welcome to the best new group on dA

Rules are…

Here's what we're all…

Thanks! And please share us with your friends :)
Recent Blog: New folders- again., submitted 1 week ago
Real Art say True?
19,478 Watchers
Created May 2013
Submit as much art as you want- whenever and wherever!


We make it simple to share your art, and get it noticed.


We do monthly contests and events to promote action in the group!

It pays to be an active member! You could win points just by joining!:D

We also have connections to some of the biggest, best and most well known groups here on dA, so we can help get your art noticed faster.

We never stop working to get your art the attention it deserves.

The rules are simple:…

This group does things differently, so you don't have to worry about submitting to the right folder ^^

In fact, we use an ALPHABETICAL system of folders, so if your art starts with a certain letter, submit there.

For example, "Literature" goes into the "L" folder.

Thanks! And please don't forget to check out our dA Art Team partners:


Juicy offer by naked-in-the-rain
Recent Blog: New Folders, submitted 15 hours ago
DeviantArtWorldwide Super
World everything!
28,016 Watchers
Created Apr 2013
Submit twice per week! Deviantart World Wide showcases the works of the best on DA, and accepts the works of everyone, from novice to professional. THE most interactive group on DA!
Recent Blog: Mods still wanted! Contest FINALS voting!, submitted 2 days ago
Get YOUR Art Noticed.Fast
4,610 Watchers
Created Apr 2013
Everyone is welcome to join here! This group is just right for the beginners and the well- seasoned artist.

We are the ArtisansAlliance. We only have one mission: Get your art noticed faster than anyone else. All art is accepted, and we have a category for nearly everything. Why go anywhere else? All skill levels are welcome.


Get comments, faves, watches and more fast, and easy too.

Join us and be a part of one of the fastest growing groups on deviantart.
See why we're number one in advertising, friendliness, and hospitality.
Find out why top names AND beginners alike are turning to the ArtisanAlliance to get their work seen.

Come, visit our groups and see what makes us so different. Our friendly staff is always willing to talk and try new things.

We never stop working to get your art noticed. We hold contests, features, and journal interviews, plus much much more.

We promise to do as much as we can to get your art seen. All you have to do is hit that "Join" button at the top of the page.
Recent Blog: Suggestions, Commissions and Art Trades Oh My!, submitted 3 days ago

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