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Showcasing art
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Created Nov 2013
Showcase your art! All art including digital, traditional, anime/manga, literature, artisan crafts, photography are accepted. Everyone from beginners to advanced artists are welcome to join and share their art with other members.

We also hold weekly giveaways and features to get our members promote their work, so join today!
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Everyone is unique
7,810 Watchers
Created Sep 2013

Did you know that we love all kind of art?

Feel free to add anything you want as much as you can! :)
Photography, digital art, sketches - it doesn't matter!
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3,838 Watchers
Created Aug 2013
A collection of one-shots and series featuring the amazingly hot characters of Attack on Titan [Shingeki no Kyojin]!
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We help for unseen artists
28,685 Watchers
Created Aug 2013
This is a group for every anime/manga style art! :)
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OtakuUniversity Super
Worldwide From Japan To Tokyo...
22,659 Watchers
Created Jun 2013
Every day we are looking for new people intrested in anime & manga to join our amazing comunity, as a member you can share your art trought our folders to recive feedback. We're also holding contests and other events to keep our members busy.
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Not only Manga and Anime
33,288 Watchers
Created Jun 2013
This group is about every arts , digital and traditional that is related to manga, anime, cartoon, tv series and much more XD
Recent Blog: Freedom contest winners!!, submitted 7 weeks ago
Movies Cosplayers Create Making
1,414 Watchers
Created Jun 2013

In this Group cosplayers can create movies using their cosplays or using their own normal clothes(New Original Characters).

This group likes cosplayer's works, so we create a folder every 3~6 days to place photos requests.

And for special cosplayers we have a special folder named "Featured". That folder is featured in our group's home page. All photos in that folder were submitted exclusively by their own owners. (Maximum 1 photo per Day).

Read our Journal to have more information.

FAQ #510: What is a bot, and how can I get one?
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Kill the titans!
6,952 Watchers
Created May 2013
So like many of you know, there is an EPIC anime out there called Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese). Let us gather all the Attack on Titan fans here and share the love and awesomeness of this anime together!
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Keep calm and ART on!
11,457 Watchers
Created May 2013
This group is about sharing your wonderful art! All artists and join requests are accepted!
Welcome to the new universe.

~Keep calm and ART on~
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Celebrating art everyday.
10,750 Watchers
Created May 2013
This group was made to help showcase your art!
Advertise here and get more views!

All art forms are welcomed! Display your talent for the world to see!

Be proud, and join us! Welcome to the best new group on dA

Rules are…

Here's what we're all…

Thanks! And please share us with your friends :)
Recent Blog: Looking for Contributors!, submitted 4 weeks ago

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