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Created Dec 2013
Manga series by Ishida Sui.
Group dedicated for Tokyo Ghoul or Toukyou Kushu.
Any fanart, cosplay and others related are welcomed~!
Recent Blog: Tokyo Ghoul Re chapter 7, submitted 2 days ago
Any Deviant welcome
12,614 Watchers
Created Jan 2014
Hello and welcome to World-Deviants. Our mission is to dedicate this group to all artists around the world. We accept all art and only decline certain things. We accept any type of art and any skill level whatever it may be. We don't judge, we're here to help artists showcase their art to the DeviantArt community
Recent Blog: Sorry for the inactivity!, submitted 5 weeks ago
HentaiAnonymous Super
Hentai ;-) need I say more
2,164 Watchers
Created Dec 2013
I created this group to be a very open adult group which focuses on Hentai.
Recent Blog: Giantess Contest, submitted 17 hours ago
11,395 Watchers
Created Dec 2013
Welcome to NerdOtaku, this group is for every type of fanart and Ocs.
CutieShots Super
Global Super Group
2,263 Watchers
Created Dec 2013
A gathering place for photographers, artists and models to exhibit their erotic, exotic or just simply beautiful artistic creations here.
Recent Blog: Some CutieShots, submitted 8 weeks ago
AND-4-EVERY-1 ^^ Join our family
18,177 Watchers
Created Dec 2013
AA4E accepts all work (we have a nice selection of galleries to choose from), has submissions set to 2 entries per folder a day (set to auto-approval), and has one of the most devoted and active administrations on dA (We aren't afraid to make that claim because we can prove it to you!) Come be a part of our wonderfully artistic family today!

We support:
*All art and artists, all humans and non-humans, and all manifestations of the imaginative mind; but not haters, nor any form of hatred. We encourage everyone in who they are. You will be accepted here!

*Creativity and originality in all artistic pursuits. We support the deeply rooted meaning of art itself: personal expression. We also support artists of any skill level! We especially support new artists!

*Playing an active and beneficial role in dA's online community, both as a group and as individuals.
Recent Blog: Maybe you'd wanna check out my personal journal?, submitted 10 hours ago
Life Is Your Creation...Of Art!
4,195 Watchers
Created Nov 2013
One, art was made for us humans to create. Two we need more art in the world! Art prevents things from happening. Come on, give us your master piece!
Recent Blog: Time To Get To Work!, submitted 25 weeks ago
All Art Without Limits and Waits
21,578 Watchers
Created Nov 2013
For All Deviants, and Their Art, WELCOME ALL!!!!!!
Recent Blog: 1600 points Giveaway!, submitted 2 weeks ago
Showcasing art
20,465 Watchers
Created Nov 2013
Showcase your art! All art including digital, traditional, anime/manga, literature, artisan crafts, photography are accepted. Everyone from beginners to advanced artists are welcome to join and share their art with other members.

We also hold weekly giveaways and features to get our members promote their work, so join today!
Recent Blog: 500 Point Giveaway #17: Aug, submitted 14 weeks ago
Promoting Unseen artist !
5,044 Watchers
Created Oct 2013
This group is for people to make the most of life, people who support others to live life to the fullest, conservation people, anyone who lives instead of just existing. keep living. :)

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