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FiveNightsAtFreddys Super
7,289 Watchers
Created Aug 2014
Hey! This Is a Group For Five Nights at Freddy's fans! FNAF Freddy Fazbear, Toy Bonnie Chica Foxy Mangle Puppet Balloon Boy comics fanfiction etc
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Created Aug 2014
Fanclub for the new game called "5 Nights At Freddy's"!

Come on in and check it out if you're a fan of this game! ^-^
Learn draw traditional & digital
1,838 Watchers
Created Aug 2014
IN THIS GROUP, many many categories for :

manga, anime, photoshop, sai, illustratotr, inskcape, vampire, western, drawing, drawings, tutorials, watercolor, traditionnal art, acrylic, scanning, comics, cartoon, realistic, superhero, and more and more, more, more stuf...

drawing tutorial
drawings tutorials
draw tutorial
learn drawiing
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Created Aug 2014
for all fans of all characters of the game Five Nights at Freddys
Without limits, without waits!
4,096 Watchers
Created Aug 2014
Art without limits and without having to wait for acceptance ~
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Can you survive? >:)
3,333 Watchers
Created Aug 2014
A group for fans of the terrifying game Five Nights at Freddy's! All artwork relating to the game is allowed.

Maybe XReaders of the characters too~
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Helping artists through sharing.
23,351 Watchers
Created Jul 2014

Okay About this group...

"Helping artists through sharing."
(please click the button 'more')

The group 3DShe-YouTube is a group which accepts deviations from many different artist styles. The group is focused on making artists feel welcome on deviantArt.

FAQ #407: How do I remove my deviations from a group?


-> Join Daily Artists Season 5!

-> Subscribe group youtube (5k did!)

-> All Episodes of Daily Artists.

-> Honor Roll.

-> :new: Let's play!

-> All featured youtube channels!

-> Rules and answered questions.

-> Find requested artwork.

-> Remove art from group.

Unlike most groups, our theme is a little different. We focus around an idea rather than a single fandom, art style, or media type. So what is this idea? Well, it just so happens to be the idea of 'sharing'.

You're asking how on earth we could base a group on something as vague as an idea. Well, let us explain as it's not as strange as you think.

Firstly, deviantART was formed around the same idea. They wanted a website were people could share art in a safe and happy community. They wanted a place where people could swap tips and trick. We want the exact same thing.

:dalogo: So, what exactly is this group about?:

Well, in short, our group is made to help artists gain exposure by sharing their pieces.

The second way we help our artists is by showcasing their pieces on our youtube channel. However, we ONLY do this upon specific request from the piece's artist. This way you don't have to worry pieces being taken of DA without your permission. If you want a piece of yours on youtube all you have to do is submit the piece you want showcased into this folder ->… .

So, when you're ready just go on and click our little "join" button. We'll be waiting to add you to our big happy artist family!

>>Press here<<  to help us get 8000 subscribers! Thank you!

But wait! We do other type of video series! 1 for literature, and another serie for new manga pages narrated:)

:dalogo: Other Helpful Links

  • Send a note to 3DShe if you wish to not receive any requests. To undo this just send another note telling us to feel free to continue.

:dalogo: Other Special Folders! Each one with its own "effect":
Before submiting any artwork into any of these 3 folders make sure you know what will happen.
  1. :dalogo:Give a Critique get a Critique! - If you submit your artwork to this folder you are telling people to comment in your artwork... And that you will critique 1 of their artwork back. (If you received too many critiques you can remore your artwork from this folder.)
  2. :new::dalogo: Literature that will be in our videos! The ONLY way for you to have your literature featured in our videos is to submit your literature to this folder! (You will receive a note when your literature is in any of our videos).
  3. :new::dalogo: Artworks that will be in our videos! The ONLY way for you to have your artwork featured in our videos is to submit your artwork to this folder! (You will receive a note when your artwork is in any of our videos).
  4. :dalogo: Deviantart Admins' ARTWORKS In this folder you will find only artworks made by DeviantART's Admins!
  5. :dalogo: Thanks for your Art dedicated to our group! In this folder you will find only artworks made dedicated to our group.

Thank you! :hug:
(Now you can click the button 'Less')
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Welcome to the UE Clan!
3,421 Watchers
Created Jul 2014
This group is to help fellow deviants expose their artwork. Whether its drawing to stamps it will be accepted! Also uimited submissions!!! Also contests that will award you premium accounts will begin soon!
Those who submit their art to the feature folder I want to let you know that I SELECT which art goes in the featured folder. Now you can submit your art into the other folders as much as you want but in the featured folder you only get to select five pics for me to look over and if I like them I put them on the featured folder.
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We accept all kind of art~
2,037 Watchers
Created Jun 2014
Do you love art as much as we do? Then this is the group for you. Here you can find all kinds of art and submit your own. Show your love for art here~
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Advertise your art!
4,516 Watchers
Created Jul 2014
RULE ADDITIONS: comms-and-requests.deviantart.…
A group for people to advertise for commissions and requests!

Rules/things to know:
:bulletred: Submit to the correct folder
:bulletyellow: You can advertise in the comments as much as you like
:bulletorange: You can submit your journals with commissions/request info, artwork, etc.
:bulletgreen: Giveaways? Contests? We have a folder for that too!
:bulletpurple: ANYONE can join!
:bulletblue: Have fun advertising your art! :D
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