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Life Is Your Creation...Of Art!
4,313 Watchers
Created Nov 2013
One, art was made for us humans to create. Two we need more art in the world! Art prevents things from happening. Come on, give us your master piece!
Recent Blog: Time To Get To Work!, submitted 29 weeks ago
All Art Without Limits and Waits
21,960 Watchers
Created Nov 2013
For All Deviants, and Their Art, WELCOME ALL!!!!!!
Recent Blog: PLEASE!, submitted 12 hours ago
Showcasing art
20,635 Watchers
Created Nov 2013
Showcase your art! All art including digital, traditional, anime/manga, literature, artisan crafts, photography are accepted. Everyone from beginners to advanced artists are welcome to join and share their art with other members.

We also hold weekly giveaways and features to get our members promote their work, so join today!
Recent Blog: 500 Point Giveaway #17: Aug, submitted 18 weeks ago
Digital-CreeD Super
Photomanipulation Only
1,599 Watchers
Created Oct 2013
Welcome to this starting group specially for the art of Photomanipulation
Recent Blog: Feature affiliates contests #3, submitted 1 week ago
Promoting Unseen artist !
5,062 Watchers
Created Oct 2013
This group is for people to make the most of life, people who support others to live life to the fullest, conservation people, anyone who lives instead of just existing. keep living. :)
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MyLittleBButtons Super
Belly Buttons are Magic!
2,207 Watchers
Created Oct 2013
A MLP:FiM community dedicated to gathering and creating art of, appreciating artists who depict, and promoting the idea of ponies having navels/belly buttons! Whether pony, anthro, human or otherwise, as long as the pony has a visible navel/belly button, all mediums, styles and mature content levels of visual pony art are welcomed!

Brief: Please note the info/rules on our Home and About Us pages! While an overall My Little Pony fan group/club, we do have a few provisos concerning artwork submissions and a few other group aspects. The biggest examples are:
:bulletred: Belly buttons must be in all submitted artworks
:bulletred: Members must post art to the correct folders
:bulletred: Affiliate groups must also be pony-related

Tags: My Little Pony, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, MLP:FiM, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Mane Six, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Spike, Trixie, Spitfire, Soarin, Vinyl Scratch, Rainbow Blitz, Bubble Berry, background ponies, Rule 63, Equestria, OC pony, brony, fandom trend, anthro, human, clop
Recent Blog: MLBB Xmas Artwork Extravaganza!, submitted 1 week ago
Only human and kemonomimi
1,909 Watchers
Created Sep 2013
This group is focusing on human and kemonomimi adoptables.
Recent Blog: Looking for prizes contributors for next contest, submitted 3 days ago
Nude / Erotic Photography
2,286 Watchers
Created Oct 2013
Nudity, erotic, naked selfies all is welcome.
Nude or erotic photo's of girls / woman / cosplay /
As long as it is Nude or Erotic.

We also accept photo's of models posting their own photo's / amateur photographers, or men posting photo's of their girlfriend/wife.
No professional photographers posting pictures of models! Only models posting their own work.

Male nudity is no longer accepted in this group!

Keywords: naked artistic sexy self erotic selfportraits ladies lady girl boobs tit breast ass butt booty fetish buns woman women sex amateur photography cellphone cosplay pussy vulva selfportrait artistic nude selfie naughty cosplay art nude
Recent Blog: STACEY-CARTER is SPREADING LIES., submitted 5 days ago
Everyone is unique
8,080 Watchers
Created Sep 2013

Did you know that we love all kind of art?

Feel free to add anything you want as much as you can! :)
Photography, digital art, sketches - it doesn't matter!
Recent Blog: Magical Woods CONTEST BEGINS!!!, submitted 1 week ago
Item Adopts
2,229 Watchers
Created Sep 2013
Here you can buy/sell outfit designs for your OC/FC.
Recent Blog: Don't submit CLOSED adopts, submitted 6 weeks ago

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