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autodesk-sketchbook Super
1,652 Watchers
Created Apr 2013
Autodesk SketchBook is the award-winning application for everyone who loves to draw. Share art, tips, tutorials, and brushes for SketchBook!
Recent Blog: WIP Wednesday / iPad Photo Tutorial, submitted 6 days ago
AllArtWorld Super
Better art. Best friends.
19,904 Watchers
Created Apr 2013
We want your art! Like the name says, Everyone is welcome! Deviants from all over the world are welcome to come here and share their art.

Submit here and get more feedback, exposure and rewards.


#AllArtWorld is a group designed to help get artists noticed by featuring and advertising their works. Also, we have a random contest where we choose members and reward them with points and llamas!

All you have to do is join and you could win!
Recent Blog: social media for art campaign project, help needed, submitted 6 days ago
Everything About Art
11,466 Watchers
Created Feb 2013
This is a group for everything, meaning anyone can join.
Join this group to get more exposure for your Artwork! :gallery:


1. Put art in the right places.
2. No stealing art.
3. No mature content.
Recent Blog: Celebrations!, submitted 33 weeks ago
all arts is welcome.
4,285 Watchers
Created Feb 2013 can submit your art but you most know
about what you can submit.

:bulletblue: if you want to submit anything anime related you most choose the right folder for it
:bulletblue: the submit must be by you even if just an edits
:bulletblue:you can submit any thing you like the group is for
anime and cartoon and manga in the first place
but you can submit other things ether so feel free
to submit
:bulletblue: the submission limit is unlimited XD
:bulletblue: you can join the group any time you wont just
in the top you will find the join request button and the request is accepted in no time
if you want to be a co-founder you can till
me and i will see about that XD
Recent Blog: co-founders wanted!, submitted 22 weeks ago
Will you survive the WILD?
935 Watchers
Created Feb 2013
This is a hroup about ARVEN92's newest webcomic, AFRICA!

1.Only submit AFRICA related art.
2.Any arguments within the group will lead to you being blocked.Serious arguments will result to being reported.
Recent Blog: Africa Contest - Results!, submitted 34 weeks ago
Hiccup, Jack, Merida, Rapunzel
2,201 Watchers
Created Jan 2013
:bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletred::bulletpink:The-Big-Four is a group dedicated to the friendship between animated heroes Hiccup, Jack, Merida, and Rapunzel!:bulletpink::bulletred::bulletblue::bulletgreen:
Recent Blog: Update on Rules!, submitted 1 week ago
The Deviant Who Keeps Giving
5 Watchers
Created Dec 2012
We are all givers in some ways whether it be helping the community, poor people, or just about anybody everywhere. Help us all and keep giving to the community!
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A Cosplay Community
3,476 Watchers
Created Dec 2012
:bulletpurple::bulletblack:A place for people to come and post pictures of their hard work and show off their amazing cosplay. Anything is accepted as long as it is cosplay related, FanArt will have a little section but this is mainly for cosplay.:bulletblack::bulletpurple:

:star:Submitting Rules:star:

:bulletpurple:Anything that has to deal with cosplay. Ex] Tutorials, Groups, single anything really. Just have fun.

:bulletblack:If we don't have a folder for the series that your character is from please do ask for me to make a folder, I don't mind at all.

:bulletpurple:Please do respect each other, don't try to put down anyones cosplay

:bulletblack:Have fun, Let's make this a fun place for people to show off their hard work.
Recent Blog: Two New Folders!, submitted 2 days ago
We-Want-Your-Art Super
Art is the triumph over chaos.
30,359 Watchers
Created Nov 2012
We want your art!! Automatic approval for join requests! Monthly submissions!!! All forms of Art are welcomed. Display your work here for the DeviantArt Community to see and enjoy. We have one of the best collections of artwork on DeviantArt. We have a certain standard to uphold in regards to the "quality" of the works submitted. So, please submit your better or best works because we really do want your art! :)
Recent Blog: Still In Search Of..., submitted 16 hours ago
17,294 Watchers
Created Dec 2012
You can submit as much art whenever and no limitations whatsoever. Enjoy it all. REMEMBER TO LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE'S ART!! EVERYONE NEEDS SUPPORT!

Immediate approval for all members! If you find yourself not immediately approved, you must have accidently chose Contributor!

Now we're doing monthly themes to promote action in the group, dA community, and people around you that you know.

:star: :star: :star:

1. Put art in the right places.
2. Don't hate or troll on the group or the art.
3. No stealing art.
Recent Blog: Devious Journal Entry, submitted 4 hours ago

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