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DeviantsGallery Super
Worldwide Dedication to Art
56,923 Watchers
Created Aug 2011
DeviantsGallery is a group dedicated to showcasing the works of e v e r y o n e. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this is the place where you can get your art noticed! Join today and get more exposure. :peace:
Recent Blog: Feature Time!, submitted 6 days ago
Bronies Super
Everypony welcome!
32,722 Watchers
Created May 2011
Everypony is welcome. This is a group for all fans of My Little Pony, male and female. We also have a chatroom called bronies on deviantart message network.

It can be found Here.

Enjoy your time here and have fun making fun art, as well as getting to know fellow Bronies. We are a loving caring sharing community, and are looking forward to you being a part of it. :)
Recent Blog: New MLP episodes., submitted 20 weeks ago
MLP-VectorClub Super
Infinitely scalable ponies
7,162 Watchers
Created Apr 2011
This group promotes artists who do vector work in relation to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
It brings more of the true style and nature of the show to life. This group also works as a ground for collecting different vectors in one big gallery for easy browsing. This makes it easy for anyone who wants to use high-quality transparent images for comics, videos, t-shirts, posters, wallpapers, and so much more.
Recent Blog: S4E22: Trade Ya - Vector Reservations, submitted 2 days ago
dA's largest MLP community!
29,988 Watchers
Created Feb 2011
A fan-club that is dedicated to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Recent Blog: New Folders! Feedback!, submitted 17 weeks ago
Anime Cosplay Art
8,088 Watchers
Created Nov 2010
This group is for the anime obsessed.. Can't get enough of it? We have plenty!
Anime is a Japanese comic style of art that is used for cartoons or movies & illustrated books called Manga!
Anyone can join, as long as you'll be a active and proud member of this group.

Please tell you friends about us to!
MLPFriendshipIsMagic Super
The Original MLP:FiM Group!
25,020 Watchers
Created Oct 2010
A fan group dedicated towards My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (MLP FiM)
Recent Blog: BronyCAN Drawing Contest! Massive prizes and more!, submitted 2 weeks ago
Any Adoptables, Any Time!
12,381 Watchers
Created Oct 2010
All AFFILIATES are accepted.
Recent Blog: Feature Journal #4, submitted 22 weeks ago
1/day instantly accepted!
21,787 Watchers
Created Sep 2010
You can submit everything you want to this group!

Submission limit: 1 artwork per day. Automatically accepted.

It can be digital art, photography, traditional art and drawings, flash, literature, fan art and everything else... :)

If you have any questions, this might help. Or just send a note to the group.
Recent Blog: New Gallery Folders, submitted 3 days ago
MMD-Mall Super
The one and original
6,091 Watchers
Created Sep 2010
Need something to make your models sparkle?
Recent Blog: March MotM Winner + Theme for April, submitted 1 week ago
Creation-Inspiration Super
Spread and share at CI
39,215 Watchers
Created Aug 2010
CI is a group that accepts all forms of art however
(if you look for a group to submit sketches,line arts,and W.I.P.S join our sister group DoodleCreation
we the crew of CI works hard and tries to get all members art NOTICE
by holding month featuring that's not all we are a group that give away Pm's to members!
if you are interested feel free to check our group out and to join our big family :D
Recent Blog: CI Pm Give away(Help needed) ends 20 May, submitted 15 hours ago

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