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fella Super
Being devious is srs bsns
5,662 Watchers
Created Dec 2001
fella aims to be a welcoming space, primarily for new members, providing useful resources and practical assistance from friendly, approachable deviants, leading to easier navigation of the site and an enjoyable, positive deviantART experience.
Recent Blog: #Deviant365 2016 Week 21, submitted 19 hours ago
Deviants Brasileiros!
11,146 Watchers
Created Nov 2002
O brasil representa a comunidade brasileira no deviantART. É onde brasileiros e amigos do nosso Brasil podem interagir, participar, fazer novas amizades e acima de tudo: expor seus diversos talentos artístico.

brasil is home to the Brazilian community on deviantART. It is a place where Brazilians and friends of Brazil can interact, participate, make new friends, and above all: expose their diverse artistic talents.
Recent Blog: O Melhor do Grupo BrasilART #138, submitted 13 weeks ago
Republik Indonesia
10,199 Watchers
Created Mar 2003
Hello, you have just arrived at the deviant page of the Republic of Indonesia. In here you can see anything related to Indonesia.
The best place if you want to know more about Indonesia and our cute members.
Recent Blog: 70th Independence Day!, submitted 40 weeks ago
sonic-club Super
:: Sonic Fans United
10,191 Watchers
Created Apr 2003
Recent Blog: Interested in Meeting Other Sonic Fans?, submitted 137 weeks ago
Connecting Europe on dA!
15,349 Watchers
Created Apr 2003
europeans: connecting Europe on deviantART. We aim to create a closely knit European community, with contests, devMEETs, featured chats, bloggers, and much more! Are you European? Don't hesitate to join today!
Recent Blog: Thank you x 15000, submitted 15 weeks ago
Anthro Club
5,302 Watchers
Created Apr 2003
We support Human like Animals/Creatures, Plants, and Inanimate objects known as anthropomorphism!
As a group, we collect this art here for you and everyone to see and enjoy.
Recent Blog: NEW UPDATE THINGS YEAH, submitted 38 weeks ago
hq Super
deviantART Headquarters
131,269 Watchers
Created Jul 2000
This is the Official Home for the staff of Expect updates and announcements regarding deviantART to be released from here! Thanks for watching #hq!
Recent Blog: You Better Not Cry: Krampus, the Yuletide Bad Cop, submitted 4 weeks ago
Nintendo Fan Club
13,523 Watchers
Created May 2003
The biggest, longest lasting Nintendo fan club on the site.
Join today and save a princess!
Recent Blog: Massive Zelda Collaboration - Sign up HERE!, submitted 4 weeks ago
The deviantART Yoshi Group
841 Watchers
Created Jun 2003
Are you a Yoshi fan? Do you have a Yoshi fan-character? Then this is the place for you! Here we show our admiration for Mario's little green dinosaur friend, as well as his rainbow assortment of cousins!
Recent Blog: Just some friendly reminders!, submitted 285 weeks ago
Quality Stock and Resources
32,469 Watchers
Created Jul 2003
Resurgere is a group that shares the resources of its team on Deviant Art, our focus is on producing stock which is unique and of high quality. Our resources are distributed under Resurgere's Terms of Use in convenient Packages, and is freely given for the noncommercial use of all artists.
Recent Blog: Concerning Affiliation,, submitted 329 weeks ago

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