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Get-gud Super
get gud
3,467 Watchers
Created Jul 2015
Lets improve anime and manga art together! Free to post any anime or manga related artwork and questions so that we could GET GUD!
Recent Blog: Who is interested in a Get-gud chatroom?, submitted 1 week ago
An Adopt Group~
729 Watchers
Created Aug 2015
A 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' adoption group.

Sell, buy, and trade open MLP FiM adopts. Your adoptables are always welcome here!
Recent Blog: Super Serious Journal, submitted 4 weeks ago
A place for CP & MH art. ^-^
13 Watchers
Created Sep 2015
Recent Blog: I can't pixel....., submitted 5 weeks ago
Features start on January 8th
9,087 Watchers
Created Sep 2015
We are a group of people who wants to help all the deviants without many followers to get some exposure by showcasing their art to other people. Our objective is to bring popularity to other deviants.
Recent Blog: Contest Winners Announced!, submitted 1 week ago
Skeleton bros
2,950 Watchers
Created Oct 2015
Fanclub of the lovable skeleton brothers, Papyrus and Sans, from the RPG game: "Undertale". Undertale was made by Toby Fox.

Group icon made by putt125
Recent Blog: Folder Explanations!, submitted 1 week ago
Are You a fan of Undertale too?
3,919 Watchers
Created Oct 2015
This is a Fan Club for Undertale. Fans and Supporters of the Game are always welcome.
Recent Blog: Frisk's mother - (Undertale fanfiction), submitted 3 days ago
Submit your Best!
4,095 Watchers
Created Oct 2015
Abstract, Anthro, Digital and Traditional art, Book Cover, Cartoon and Comic, Conceptual, Cosplay, Customization, Fanart, Flash Animation Gif, Fractal Art, Interfaces and Graphic Desighn, Line Art, Manga and Anime.

Photography (Nature, Animals, People, Stil Life, Urban and Rural, etc.)

Stock Recources, Tutorials and Brushes.
Recent Blog: Happy Holidays, submitted 7 weeks ago
We'll have a Skele-TON of fun!
5,570 Watchers
Created Oct 2015
Hello! :D This group is dedicated to Undertale fans!
- Submit art in the right folder
- Ask us anything
- Feel free to join
- Have fun
Recent Blog: ~Undertale Group Main Page Will Change Soon!~, submitted 2 hours ago
2,106 Watchers
Created Oct 2015
🎆Here in this group you can find all Undertale art! 🎆
🎆 Like any group though we have our rules.🎆
#1 No bullying, harassing, hate, bad time giving, etc. will not be accepted and you will be banned! No if, ands or buts!
#2 Please! Pleeeeeaaaassse submit to the right folder. You have no idea how annoying it is to have to go through certain folders and remove certain things that do not go in that specific folder. There are scheduled ' clean up days' where we will be going through the folders to make sure that this rule is implied properly. If your art is removed, its not because of anything bad, it just doesn't go in that folder.
#3 that being said, there are some 'grey areas' for certain folders. First off is the 'Mature folder'. The Mature folder is for deviations that are sexually explicit. If you are not 18+, please don't view these unless the Mature Content is not on. Even then, still be cautious. We will not be responsible for you clicking on a deviation that is in this folder and you saying ' oh I didn't know' or ' oh I don't want to see that'. You had enough warning, don't take your negligence out on us or the artist. ALSO on a huge side note, please by all means keep certain things censored. DA is not a porn site.
Also, anything that can be labeled as 'gore' doesn't go into this folder, it goes into the 'Genocide' folder.
#4 This one should be obvious but we've had troubles in the past. ONLY UNDERTALE ART.
Concerning the ' Featured folder'. The only people that can get their art in the featured folder are the contributers. If you wish to become a contributer, please message us and send us links of your art in the message. Thank you.
Journals: Journals are for group news only.
And that's it I believe. If you have any problems please message me or any of the co-founders. Except for randomsatanist, they won't answer.
Enjoy your stay and eat spaghetti!🍝
Recent Blog: about the folders..., submitted 3 days ago
Where good luck starts
5,063 Watchers
Created Oct 2015
We help you go by doing monthly features if you note us your username. We also do giveaways, unlimited art everyday, also one you get 50 watchers more than you had when you joined, note us to get a random piece of art from your page featured! ;)
Recent Blog: January Artists Features, submitted 3 weeks ago

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