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Anime-Commission Super
Welcome :)
2,393 Watchers
Created Feb 2015
We will help you make your commission known in the anime world.
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Commission/Adopt Community!
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Created Dec 2015
A brand new commission/adopt group run by one smol bean (for now)!
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Commissions right for everyone!
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Created Dec 2011
Our group specializes in getting your commission prices, adopts, raffles, contests, art works and more out to the right people. We have fast working ready to help staff on hand and our goal is to make sure you can contact the right audience for your commissions! If you need any help of have any questions, feel free to note us as it is the best way to contact the staff and we will help you the best we can.

Current founder: :iconalphaacrest:

Former founder's: :iconskitterkins: :iconwtfmoments:
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Created Nov 2012
Please read!

This group is designed for people to request and accept geeky commissions of different varieties. Be it plush, jewelries, clothing, ect. This is the place to go to find people who want to give or receive commissions!

There are a few rules to keep in mind before taking on commissions or seeking out the commissioners, and I'll go through them right now! Press "more" to read on!

Be nice to other users! I know it doesn't seem like much, but if you're either a rude commissioner or a rude person to work with, you're going to have trouble finding people to work with.

Our Group is dedicated to keeping the group clear of any scammers or neglectful commissioners, but of course if something like this were to happen, please send any complaints to :icongarrenn: with legitimate and provable offenses. Depending on the severity of the complaint, the correct measures will be taken in place to stop it.

Keep in mind that this group is not held responsible for the actions of either the commissioners or those wanting commissions. Again, we will do our best to keep that out, but just keep that in mind. This is merely a group to gather resources.

Only submit crafts that you yourself have made! If you didn't make that Pikachu by hand, then do not send it in!

Group Icon by :iconaudill:
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4,671 Watchers
Created Jul 2011
It'll be a big (or not so big but we will try to make it GROW GROW GROW) group for all deviants who want to commission something and be commissioned.
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For Artists & Commissioners
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Created Sep 2015
A place for both Hobbyist & Professional Artists of ALL skill levels to submit their Art Commission Information as well as pieces they have been commissioned to make. Even if you do not offer Commissions at this time, or even if you do not draw, you are still welcome to join the Group.

Tips & Tricks for Artists taking Art Commissions. ex. How to Price your work. How to use the dA Commission Widget to make points into real life earnings.

Public Alerts of suspicious Job Offers / Projects by users that have previously scammed Artists, or users that are conducting their offer unfairly, to alert Artists and offer ways to approach said offers more safely if wanting to still apply for the gigs. (:
Recent Blog: Commission Alert! Be Cautious of these Offers!, submitted 22 weeks ago
Get cosplay commisions
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Created Dec 2010
This group is to help cosplayers find commissioners to make cosplay related items.
Cosplayer-Commission will be a directory for cosplayers looking for all kinds of commissioned items: costumes, props, accessories, jewellery, wigs etc.
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2,242 Watchers
Created Nov 2012
This group is made for people who want to buy a commission, to find people doing commissions or just promote their art or Ad.
4,609 Watchers
Created Aug 2010
Where artists and buyers can meet and make deals. Artists who want to commission their artwork can display their product, for Paypal, points, or whatever it may be. Everyone welcome!
Recent Blog: F U L L B O D I E S :: 15$ COMMISSIONS, submitted 2 weeks ago
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Created Apr 2015
UNLIMITED SUBMISSIONS! Commission works, Commission ID, Commission Cause Journals. Everything about Commissions.
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