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Courtesy is our Business
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Created Mar 2014
The focus of the group is centered around helping people seek customers while still maintaining a personal and friendly atmosphere. We also help advertise people seeking someone to commission for all kinds of projects and artwork. We accept ALL types of commission artwork.
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Created Aug 2010
Where artists and buyers can meet and make deals. Artists who want to commission their artwork can display their product, for Paypal, points, or whatever it may be. Everyone welcome!
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Created Feb 2013
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Created Jul 2011
It'll be a big (or not so big but we will try to make it GROW GROW GROW) group for all deviants who want to commission something and be commissioned.
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Created Jun 2011
Want someone to commission you !!!?
Want to commission someone to commission?!
than this is the place for you !!!!
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Created Apr 2014
Group of tight knit community who does a drawing every month for one specific group member. This might or might not be shut down, depending on if everyone has a deviantart and such. It's mainly for us to train on doing a commission for a person. The times are gonna be tighter and tighter till they are down to once a week or so.
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Created Jan 2012
This is a club for everyone that's doing commissions to show off what they have to offer. Spam the comments with your commission information when ever you please.
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Created Nov 2012
A group to post commission IDs, share commission examples. Good for commissioners who want to be noticed and for artists shopping for their perfect match. I respectfully turn away Adoptables.
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Created Jan 2012
group dedicated to orders and journals of all kinds of commission
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Created Nov 2012
This group is made for people who want to buy a commission, to find people doing commissions or just promote their art or Ad.
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