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Where anyone can help everyone
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Created Apr 2013
Hi there. DIGITAL Artists and buyers are welcome here.
Artists who want to commission their artwork can display their product for Points or Real Money!
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Courtesy is our Business
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Created Mar 2014
The focus of the group is centered around helping people seek customers while still maintaining a personal and friendly atmosphere. We also help advertise people seeking someone to commission for all kinds of projects and artwork. We accept ALL types of commission artwork.
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Created Jul 2011
It'll be a big (or not so big but we will try to make it GROW GROW GROW) group for all deviants who want to commission something and be commissioned.
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Created Aug 2010
Where artists and buyers can meet and make deals. Artists who want to commission their artwork can display their product, for Paypal, points, or whatever it may be. Everyone welcome!
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Only canines!
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Created Aug 2013
This group is for all canine artist, where you can show your wonderful wolf or dog art.


- Don't be rude.
- Submit to the right folder.
- No sexual themes.
- Violence and Strong language must be marked with a mature contents.
- You can advertise yourself in the comment section, but only canine artist!
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Created Aug 2015
Commission Resource is a group for artists and clients alike. You read that right! For everyone! Artists can showcase commissions, or just their art, Post commission journals, advertisements, etc and potential buyers can post seeking ads/wanted ads, browse the artists, etc. Artists range from Photomanipulation to Digital Drawing, Digital Painting, Traditional Drawing, Tradition Painting, Literature & Jack-of-all-Trades, if we've missed anything let us know! We'll add it as well. A community helping each other find what they need.
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Get cosplay commisions
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Created Dec 2010
This group is to help cosplayers find commissioners to make cosplay related items.
Cosplayer-Commission will be a directory for cosplayers looking for all kinds of commissioned items: costumes, props, accessories, jewellery, wigs etc.
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Created Nov 2012
This group is made for people who want to buy a commission, to find people doing commissions or just promote their art or Ad.
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Created Jun 2011
Want someone to commission you !!!?
Want to commission someone to commission?!
than this is the place for you !!!!
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Created Feb 2013
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