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Created Apr 2010
this is a clean naruto-tastic group no yaoi, yuri or mature content. come join we would love to have you :)
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Luv Naruto and Luv Gaara.
2,393 Watchers
Created Aug 2011
I love Naruto and so should you. If you do then join :D
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Naruto OC allied forces.
723 Watchers
Created Dec 2012
A group where Naruto OCs can join forces and work together!
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Naruto is uke - BELIEVE IT
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Created Aug 2010
Naruto is the number one uke in all the animes~ <3
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Naruto OCs Unite!
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Created May 2013
were a group were you can share your amazing naruto OCs
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Naruto Shippuden
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Created Nov 2010
Para los que son fan de serie naruto
agan cosplay cualquier personaje de esa serie tambien shippuden .
Genderbend Naruto Characters!!!
73 Watchers
Created May 2011
Now, this is not just some group where we feature the girls in Naruto. No! In this group, we submit pictures of the GUYS as girls! If you have good picture of the female Naruto/Sasuke/Gaara/Itachi/Kiba, etc! Join this group!
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Naruto Addiction!
5,510 Watchers
Created Sep 2009
We are group of Naruto addicts!
Love Naruto? Join!
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Created Dec 2011
~Real People Naruto Role Play~
Everyone gets thier own Naruto Character. OC's Allowed (Must make a Biography page first, and, please, if you can, wait till all the places are filled up)
First come, first serve.
Pre-Shippuuden and Post Shippuuden Characters allowed ONLY! [EX. Naruto (Age 12) and Naruto (Age 15)] Unless you request for others
Examples of the Exceptions: Anbu Kakashi, Jounnin Tsunade/Jiraiya/Orochimaru
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For all of your Naruto O.Cs!~
188 Watchers
Created Sep 2013
Hey everyone!
Welcome to the group!
We're here to promote all of the incredible Naruto characters you have created.~
We accept every Naruto O.C!
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