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Join the revolution
1,769 Watchers
Created Nov 2009
Join the revolution of
G.U.N.D.A.M. fans who are always active and share the news of new Gunpla, gundam animes/manga, special edition gundam collections and upcoming expo's or events the minute we hear about them.

We share the art and expertise of gundam fans. All are welcome to submit art and blogs.
Recent Blog: Gundam Duel Company (free to play!), submitted 23 weeks ago
Show What You Can Do
315 Watchers
Created Jan 2011
For all the Mobile suites and Gundam Designers ^^
Recent Blog: Deviously Deviant Journal to Notify, submitted 76 weeks ago
Superior Defender Gundam Fans!
76 Watchers
Created Feb 2008
We are a fan-based organization dedicated to the shows and games of Superior Defender Gundam Force, a show about chibi robots that must stop the Dark Axis from taking over!
gundam cosplay
287 Watchers
Created May 2010
:bulletpurple:Cosplayers who cosplay from Gundam.:bulletpurple:

:bulletred:Any type of Gundam from the original Mobile Suit Gundam all the way to the most Recent Gundam Unicorn.:bulletred:
Recent Blog: 2 New Series Folders!, submitted 38 weeks ago
gundam wing maniacs fanclub
199 Watchers
Created Mar 2012
A true Gundam Wing fan? If so, then join this group, contribute your art and show your true appreciation of the best Gundam series ever! Oh, and please! No Yaoi! Thank You!
gundam seed destiny fan group !
436 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
A fan group of gundam seed and seed destiny
Recent Blog: new gundams groupe's <333, submitted 242 weeks ago
Gundam Custom Customizer
77 Watchers
Created Nov 2010
For everyone who likes to make his Gundam look different from others. It's for amateurs, newbies and wanna-be customizers as for those, who customize them professionaly. If you want to show your Custom Gundam, sign in!
This is no Zaku boy...
119 Watchers
Created Apr 2010
Anything U.C. time line gundam goes. It's all about the mobile suits! But we do WELCOME ALL types of Gundam art here. We were created to bring active Gundam fans together to share our art, cosplays, models, stories, and more!
Recent Blog: Its October!, submitted 222 weeks ago
SD Gundam Fancharacters!
29 Watchers
Created Dec 2011
A group specially made for sharing artwork of fancharacters from the SD Gundam franchise!
Recent Blog: Welcome!, submitted 161 weeks ago
A Gundam RP
19 Watchers
Created Mar 2010
A group for #ShadowGundamRP on dAmn.

It's a Gundam RP!…

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