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Don't ask, just join!
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Created Jan 2015
We draw when we are bored, we draw when we are sad, we draw every day, but sometimes, the most sloppiest art work comes out and we think it is fabulous! No one will make fun of it, we accept any work, beginners to professionals! We don't mind mature, just put that content. Features are like it all the time, you can submit all your favourites and your art you have made, we will allow it.

That's why you should join the Drawing--Club today!
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The-Art-Universe Super
A group for all art! Welcome!!^^
7,312 Watchers
Created Jan 2015
We accept every artist, every piece of art, and we can't wait for you to join our community! ^^
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Beyond-The-Art Super
Listen to the Wind
3,329 Watchers
Created Dec 2014
BTA is a world wide group. This group is art friendly. No rejection. No discrimination. Respect at all times. Why the name Beyond The Art because it will ask of the members to understand and respect all forms of art. To make the members LOOK further into the mind of the Artist.

Art is not only about creating. It is about perception, knowledge, and being able to captivate the idea beyond the art. Take a piece from Picasso and ask yourself what was he thinking when he drew that piece...what was he trying to tell his viewers...what is the message?

This said I Welcome you to what will be a most entertaining, overwhelming and captivating group on DA.
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SurfaceArtGroup Super
6,091 Watchers
Created Sep 2014
This is the official group for those creating and enjoying digital art on Surface! Join us if you want to connect with other Deviants using Surface.
Recent Blog: Week 4 Bottom, submitted 35 weeks ago
art create
21,060 Watchers
Created Jun 2014
We accept absolutely any art!

  You can add any number of your any works in available folder. Content of your work is free.
Recent Blog: New Art 10, submitted 7 weeks ago
Anime Legacy ART-TEEEST
6,215 Watchers
Created Apr 2014
Recent Blog: New Admins !! :D, submitted 3 weeks ago
Animazing-Art Super
An ANIME Art Group
2,533 Watchers
Created Jan 2014
The focus of this group is anime/manga style art. So this group is ONLY for anime/manga style art. We accept both traditional and digital art work. Our art varies fan art to original art.
Recent Blog: Happy New Year!, submitted 21 weeks ago
PKMNation Super
The freedom to play
1,510 Watchers
Created Jan 2014
A fun and interactive pokemon training and breeding community that caters to the needs of our members.
Recent Blog: News! :: [Updated May 21th], submitted 55 weeks ago
Any Deviant welcome
14,724 Watchers
Created Jan 2014
Hello and welcome to World-Deviants. Our mission is to dedicate this group to all artists around the world. We accept all art and only decline certain things. We accept any type of art and any skill level whatever it may be. We don't judge, we're here to help artists showcase their art to the DeviantArt community
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HentaiAnonymous Super
Hentai ;-) need I say more
2,765 Watchers
Created Dec 2013
I created this group to be a very open adult group which focuses on Hentai.
Recent Blog: 17 DAYS LEFT OF HA SUPER GROUP STATUS!!!!, submitted 1 week ago

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