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Stop and Think
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Created Dec 2016
:police: :iconand-plz: :iconthinkplz:

Stop & Think

Welcome to Drawing--Club! Where all drawings are accepted. Please use Mature Content! :)

:police:Don't post closed adoptables, closed raffles/contests, or Mature Content 18+:police:

:iconand-plz:Be kind to everyone and stay fabulous:iconand-plz:

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What will your destiny be?
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Created Jan 2017
Crested-Emblems is a Fire Emblem group loosely based around FE:13 & FE:14. Will you choose a country and side with them?
Recent Blog: Journal Hub, submitted 19 hours ago
-OPEN 16 Jan - 16 Feb -
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Created Dec 2016
-Magical School based RP Group-

If you walk down the raining Hydrangea path hidden in Japan's mountains, you will arrive at the School for the magically gifted.

Are you Mahou Shoujo? A witch? perhaps a fairy?

We welcome you to our school!
Recent Blog: - ENROLMENT OPEN ! -, submitted 1 day ago
progress: 70%
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Created Dec 2016
Slice of life, high school RP group based in rural Japan.
Recent Blog: - updates -, submitted 4 hours ago
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Created Jan 2017
A warrior cats roleplay group that is not related to clans from the books
Recent Blog: Sunclan Information, submitted 12 hours ago
Destined for Greatness!
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Created Jan 2017
House of Cards is a series that shows friendship, conflict, and struggle between 4 houses; the Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades.
Recent Blog: House of Cards - An Introduction, submitted 1 day ago
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Created Jan 2017
This group is for people who share the same love for the anime/Manga Dragon ball !
Recent Blog: Dragon Ball Great Saiyan Warriors Contest OPEN, submitted 10 hours ago
Join us, we don't bite.
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Created Jan 2017
We are a fan group about the horror game series Five Nights at Freddy's! Everyone can join us!
Group Rules:
Our group icon has made the great hexEncoder!
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C L A I R E & C H R I S
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Created Dec 2016
This group is dedicated to two lovely Resident Evil characters. Claire Redfield and Chris Redfield. This group does not focus strictly on pairing Chirs and Claire it's just a fun group where people can submit any type of art of the RE characters here. Also Other Resident Evil characters are welcome just submit them in the "Other" folder. I hope you enjoy this group!

Tags: Claire x Chris, Chris x Claire, Claire Redfield x Chris Redfield, incest, romance, couples, couple, relationships, Resident Evil, Resident Evil Fans, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil Revelations 2.
Hello cuties ^^
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Created Dec 2016
Recent Blog: Clearance characters, submitted 22 hours ago

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