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...treacle tart.
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Created Feb 2017
HP RP IN PROGRESS??? Under construction for a long time sobbing noises
Recent Blog: : O. W. L. S :, submitted 1 day ago
Ninja Community with More #'s
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Created Feb 2017
We're pretty much a Naruto World, except with more of a video game quality to it.
We create Naruto OC's, level them up, interact, and fight.
We have alliances, battles, and a store to gain extra equipment, etc
Honestly, you don't even need to fight to be part of this group.
Submitting art, creating your own Ninja-Duels business, randomly fangirl-ing in the comments below, and even creating a bounty office is also allowed. (Please note us for funding and making your naruto business official)
Under Construction 45%
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Created Feb 2017
Story-centered mystery/survival RP group based around the crew of a crashed ship, following their lives as they try to survive on an unknown alien world while also trying to find a lost colony ship that came before them.
Recent Blog: [ C U R R E N C Y . A N D . S T O R E ], submitted 1 day ago
Under Construction | 10%
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Created Feb 2017
With our grounds connected as one, an era of change has commenced. Governments within Pangaea have organized hooded soldiers to guard the public's safety against violent out lashes from the rebels of the underground cities. As the rebels aim to expose the governments conspiracy behind the hooded soldiers, a group of terrorist from a mysterious city in the Bermuda Triangle have other ideas.
Recent Blog: // R E S E R V A T I O N //, submitted 1 day ago
Under Construction.........20%
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Created Feb 2017
Spooky,Horror, Monsters, Creates, Supernatural, Macabre, Dark Humour themed roleplay group!
Recent Blog: Species List, submitted 22 hours ago
¡Reservas Abiertas!
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Created Feb 2017
Recent Blog: 19. Puntos de Batalla, submitted 1 day ago
Under Construction
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Created Feb 2017
Warrior cat inspired roleplay group
Apocalyptic World
Recent Blog: | History |, submitted 2 days ago
Open for Applications
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Created Feb 2017
You are a human Child/Teenager in a dystopian society, who was mysteriously delivered the tools to Hack into and change the code world. Beware though, the oppressive government has its eye on you in the real world, dont get caught by them in the Code world. Work with or against others to make your name in both the Real and Code worlds, and subdue the Big Government. But do you destroy it? or Subdue it to your will?
Recent Blog: Anouncement Journal - Applications Are Open, submitted 43 minutes ago
You can never be too Hetalian!
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Created Feb 2017
Kon'nichuwa! This is the group for the Hetalia X Project. Hetalia X is a completely fanmade series, that includes OCs, other AUs, and any Hetalian out there wiling to help!
Recent Blog: PROJECT 1.1: CLOSING SONG, submitted 52 minutes ago
woops ur bean is now in the tree
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Created Feb 2017
|| RP / semi-casual / harry potter / hogwarts ||

We are a semi-casual Hogwarts based roleplaying group, with a focus on character development and plot based events which we hope you'll find fun.
Recent Blog: Rules, submitted 1 day ago

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