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What will your destiny be?
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Created Jan 2017
Crested-Emblems is a Fire Emblem group loosely based around FE:13 & FE:14. Will you choose a country and side with them?
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Destined for Greatness!
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Created Jan 2017
House of Cards is a series that shows friendship, conflict, and struggle between 4 houses; the Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades.
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Join us, we don't bite.
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Created Jan 2017
We are a fan group about the horror game series Five Nights at Freddy's! Everyone can join us!
Group Rules:
Our group icon has made the great hexEncoder!
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Created Jan 2017
We're a spanish roleplay group for humans with floral manifestations. We enjoy that.
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OC/Fandomless Characters only
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Created Jan 2017
This is a group mostly dedicated to those who have Fandomless characters that need more recognition and love. If you are having trouble getting your creations noticed then please do feel free to join, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time showing off your amazing ideas! Have fun~!
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>Under Construction.....
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Created Jan 2017
flomies are just a pet. They Have a tie to flowers and plants.
When a flower like of these have was hurt they was hurts too.
Flomies are a type of pet.
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Keep the cringe away, please!
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Created Jan 2017
||Hello! If you're here reading this, then you are most definitely a Sonic Fan. Judging by the group name, you're hopefully not a cringe worthy one. We understand that the Sonic Fanbase is a terrible place. [Why we're still here? No idea.]
With all the unoriginal characters, recolors, effortless art, fetishes, diehard sonamy fans [Nothing against you all, but sonamy fans get really offended just by someone who doesn't agree with the ship.] and overall bad vibe that this fandom gives off in general. ||

Here, we understand that we are NOT those types of people, and want to stay away from them. We aren't recolors, furries, or into strange fetishes. Like they make EVERYONE else in the fandom seem so.

The rules are are quite strict, but it's for the best.
We do NOT accept:

Recolors or stolen art of ANY kind.
Microsoft Paint drawings (These are usually TERRIBLY drawn. If you are a good artist, of course it will be accepted.)
Fetishes (such as vore, inflation, feet, farting, giantess )
Bases (Unless they're really detailed, and you don't usually use them.)
Anthro style
Oversexualized Characters
Anything edgy (things such as self harm)
Illiterate People

We DO accept:
Creative, Imaginative oc's
Tons of effort and thoughtfulness amongst deviations
shippings of any kind (only canon x canon, or oc x oc. Yaoi and Yuri is acceptable.)
Semi-lookalike characters and genderbends
Conversations amongst fans of their favorite game, character, own oc's i.e (If you're non cringeworthy, you won't get triggered over someone having a different opinion than you.)
Canon characters and oc's
Roleplay (Literate only.)
Fanfiction of any kind. (Again, literate only.)
Crossovers of any kind

There are still some decent Sonic fans out there. This is us.
28 Watchers
Created Jan 2017
Grupo basado en el roleplay entre entrenadores pokémon en español.
Recent Blog: [ Sistemas de Experiencia ], submitted 5 hours ago
~Still Here~
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Created Jan 2017
A (Non/Sorta) FNAF AU Created By The Wonderful CaramelCraze Herself!~

If You Love HatefulWonderland Then Join Now!~ =D
Under Construction - 10%
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Created Jan 2017
The Grand Curieux Hotel is an old hotel that is revered for its age, luxury, style, and mysteries. Patrons from around the world come to visit for different reasons - why are you here?
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