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A group for all writers!
12,583 Watchers
Created Aug 2009
Welcome to Writers--club!

We are a group for all writers! We welcome prose, poetry, song lyrics, fan fiction, and all other types of literature.

We are focused on literature and dedicated to the growth and development of our authors. If you love reading and writing, then this is the club for you! We are here to support and challenge you to think outside the box and to experiment and grow!
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For the writers and readers
10,334 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
Are you an unnoticed poet or story writer? Join us! This group is for writers who want to show their works off to fellow writers.
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Literature Lovers
7,883 Watchers
Created Aug 2009
Live-Love-Write is a club all about helping the writers here on deviantArt, new and old. Through contests, features and much more, writers are given a chance to express themselves and learn more from others.
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Poetry Feeds Our Souls
5,876 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
Welcome to LooseLacesPoetry, despite our name, we accept other forms of literature as well. We're a group of writers from all over, with different styles and skills, hope you enjoy your stay. Check out our affiliates as well! <3

Click on the links below, hopefully they should help =)


Rules & How To Submit

Affiliates' News

Birthday List

Current Contest
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Only Poetry
6,755 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
To help bring a spotlight to the poets of dA. Open eyes and minds, accepting works of poetry.
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You know you want to join!
3,255 Watchers
Created Mar 2010
We are a writing group for everyone on DeviantART!
Don't be afraid to join us! We accept fanfics and original works.
So please join and enjoy yourself, and then call your friends as well~


P.S. We have one rule. Be nice to your fellow authors. :meow: ~Z
P.P.S. Other than that, no rules. ~hinatakaname.
Cool Cats Who Write
3,509 Watchers
Created Nov 2006
This group is for writers looking for constructive criticism, writing tips, and encouragement. A place for those wanting to improve their skills.

The Writer's Meow showcases everything from fiction and fan fiction, to poetry and songs, to nonfiction articles and essays. Seasoned writers and novices with a dream of writing are encouraged to join.
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writers everywhere
3,580 Watchers
Created Jan 2007
We are a group dedicated to showcasing our member's literature as well as encouraging our members to critique each other's works.
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WritersInk Super
What's your story?
2,178 Watchers
Created Aug 2010
WritersInk is a place for storytellers, writers and poets who want to bring literature out of the ashes. Join us, and help strengthen our community.
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All of your emotions in writing
2,713 Watchers
Created Jun 2010
This group is all about getting your feelings out through poetry and prose. We are looking for your best deviations. As well as giving critiques to always better yourself as a writer so you can convey your emotions even better.
Recent Blog: Poetry Folders Fixed, submitted 27 weeks ago

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