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Desktop Avatars
7,807 Watchers
Created Sep 2010
In this group you will find little mascots that run around your desktop wrecking havoc with your windows.
Recent Blog: La realizacion de un Shimeji version para Windows, submitted 59 weeks ago
Drawing Painting Artist Portrait
8,812 Watchers
Created Apr 2010
Welcome to Portraits-Drawings

:star: You could submit or appreciate Traditional/Digital Drawings and Paintings. Special focus of the group is Portrait Drawings.

Submission details are mention at the top right side of the page.. Please be kind enough to read those to avoid disappointments. :)
Recent Blog: CONTEST almost here!! [ New Update ], submitted 91 weeks ago
· Portrait Artists Communit
12,462 Watchers
Created Jan 2006
This club is for showcasing portraits of any medium; photography, painting, drawing, digital, all are welcome!
Recent Blog: Always open for new voting Co-Founders!, submitted 7 weeks ago
watercolorists Super
All We Need Is U
9,595 Watchers
Created Apr 2006
:wave: We share deviantArt's knowledge and skills of their traditional watercolor users for the enjoyment and inspiration of others.
Group Rules:…
Recent Blog: Monthly Feature: April 2017, submitted 3 weeks ago
Artists of Tradition...
12,213 Watchers
Created Jun 2008
We're a club aimed at bringing together, promoting and sharing skills between traditional artists and artisans of all styles and levels of ability. We run contests, games, interviews, news articles and other activities alongside regular submissions and features in the club's gallery.
Recent Blog: KING KONG AND I CONTEST, submitted 78 weeks ago
Traditional Art Club
7,419 Watchers
Created Jul 2008
This community is meant for traditional art of any and all media - drawings, paintings, sculptures, crafts...

We're open to artists of any level of experience or ability, who want to grow and experiment.
Recent Blog: Slight alteration in our gallery + exchange idea?, submitted 14 weeks ago
Traditional Artwork
21,482 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
Traditional-Media strives to feature some of the most inspiring traditional artworks that members submit.
This group is not just a collection of all things traditional. Rather, it is a feature of outstanding traditional artworks made in various styles.
Recent Blog: In need of new admins, submitted 79 weeks ago
Because pencils are awesome!
11,908 Watchers
Created Dec 2009

If you're unseen, popular or just new
join us and share your art with the world!
Recent Blog: Group reopens!, submitted 2 weeks ago
Artists Using Traditional Paint
9,321 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
:bulletgreen: OVERVIEW: This group is for artists who paint with traditional media. We require submissions to have a significant amount of paint in them. Examples of traditional paint media include oil, acrylic, watercolor, egg tempera, ink, spray paint, et cetera.

:bulletblue: SUBMISSION RULES: One submission per deviant, per week. Full rules are available here. Your work must be categorized as a painting or as mixed media in deviantART's classification system (if mixed media, please indicate media used) OR if it is in another category, include media you used in your artist's comments (gouache, oil, acrylic, etc). The scan or photograph of your painting must be cropped-well and in focus (e.g. no notebook spirals to the side of the image, no blurry images). Works-in-progress are not accepted, only finished paintings. Ensure you've submitted your work to the correct folder in our gallery--read the folder guidelines if in doubt. Mature works are accepted as long as they follow deviantART guidelines.

:bulletred: OUR GROUP MISSION: We're all here to share our paintings. Haters are not welcome, only kind comments or helpful critiques. This group shows that there are still plenty of traditional media painters in a world gone digital :nod:
Recent Blog: Need More Co-Founders :D, submitted 38 weeks ago
Plushie patterns and tutorials!
3,235 Watchers
Created Apr 2011
A collection of free patterns and tutorials for stuffed animals and dolls.
Recent Blog: Submissions, submitted 258 weeks ago

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