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Created May 2013
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Created Jul 2012
English: This group is focused on art created by fans of anime series/manga/videogames/comics. We accept all kind of art (fan art, drawings, cosplays, wallpapers, gifs, etc). Please read our rules before joining the group.

Español: Este grupo se centra en arte creado por fans del anime/manga/videojuegos/comics. Aceptamos todo tipo de arte (fan art, dibujos, cosplays, wallpapers, gifs, etc). Por favor lee nuestras reglas antes de unirte al grupo.
Recent Blog: Rules / Reglas, submitted 27 weeks ago
We create our own pokemon
3,855 Watchers
Created Feb 2010
All fakemon creators are welcome! if you design your own pokemons join our group ^^
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Deviants Brasileiros!
11,464 Watchers
Created Nov 2002
O brasil representa a comunidade brasileira no deviantART. É onde brasileiros e amigos do nosso Brasil podem interagir, participar, fazer novas amizades e acima de tudo: expor seus diversos talentos artístico.

brasil is home to the Brazilian community on deviantART. It is a place where Brazilians and friends of Brazil can interact, participate, make new friends, and above all: expose their diverse artistic talents.
Recent Blog: O Melhor do Grupo BrasilART #146, submitted 2 weeks ago
Share your creativity!!!
10,402 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
Join the group and submit "Creative DigitalArt" here.
Either digital painting or photo-manipulation or any digital work.
Recent Blog: For all members, submitted 202 weeks ago
Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts
3,385 Watchers
Created Nov 2014
Our focus here is being one of the biggest Final Fantasy groups on deviantart. We accept all kind of art (fan art, drawings, wallpapers, icons, gifs, signatures, cosplays, etc). We accept art related to Kingdom Hearts too!

Rules: No fighting, no stealing and no trolling. Joining the group, submitting your works and leaving immediately afterwards, will get you banned and your works will be removed from the gallery.

Nuestro enfoque aquí es ser uno de los más grandes grupos de Final Fantasy en deviantart. Aceptamos todo tipo de arte (fan art, dibujos, wallpapers, íconos, gifs, firmas, cosplays, etc). ¡Aceptamos arte relacionado con Kingdom Hearts también!

Reglas: No pelear, no robar y no trollear. Si te unes, subes tus trabajos y dejas el grupo inmediatamente después, serás baneado y tus trabajos serán removidos de la galería.
Recent Blog: Guide for submissions / Guia del grupo, submitted 5 days ago
A Casa dos Tutoriais
5,525 Watchers
Created Jul 2010
Tutorial House.
A Casa dos Tutoriais. Aqui estarão disponíveis tutoriais em Português e Inglês, colecionados dentro da comunidade do deviantArt e fora dela também.
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O(^_^)O welcome
3,073 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
This group is for all Brazilians who really love to be Brazilian lol
A Place for All Brazilians
2,938 Watchers
Created Aug 2011
Um grupo criado para os Brasileiros divulgarem seus trabalhos, se inspirarem e também fazerem novas amizades com outros artistas da mesma nação.
Para mais informações leia o informativo ao lado.

If you aren't brazilian watch the group for stay tuned on the galleries submissions.
Recent Blog: ArtistasBRASIL no Discord, submitted 4 weeks ago
Celestia needs more love.
1,203 Watchers
Created Feb 2012
As some of you kids might already know, Princess Celestia is apparently the most hated/disliked/disregarded pony character in MLP:FIM and suffers bigger and worse false characterization and abuse by the fandom than any other MLP:FIM character. This group is a "response" to these facts.

You may join if you really love Princess Celestia for the kind-hearted, benevolent ruler she is, or if you're just sick and tired of all the trollestia/molestia stuff.

Recent Blog: Upcoming Celestia Luna comic from IDW, submitted 12 weeks ago

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