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We Love Our OCs!
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Created Feb 2013
A group of artists who trade art of original characters, monthly, via a "Secret Santa" type exchange. Months may have themes to draw by.

Membership is subject to vote by admins. Please thoroughly read the rules before asking to join, we do have requirements for membership submissions!

Please see our list of rules and guidelines here!

:bulletred:This group does have quality control. The majority of our members are working professionals in the art field. Please understand that we are looking for others who are on an intermediate to advanced level to keep things fair for all members.
:bulletred:Please read the guidelines before applying to join!
:bulletred:Feel free to invite your friends!
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Inscriptions ouvertes !
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Created May 2014
Le groupe de jeu de rôle de Figëafee, un univers entièrement imaginé par Vicky-Pandora.
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Rework in Progress!
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Created Feb 2013
Home of the Katala Ratsu, where strength flows through our veins!
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Created Sep 2013
"A Civil War has broken out between the three districts of Debellatio. is there hope of a truce? Or will one side rule all? You decide. Join the military and aid your district to victory today!"
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Created Jun 2013
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Check us out, Tell your friends!
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Created Nov 2013
Do not loiter, state your business. Come on now, what do you need? I do not have the time, nor patience for idle chit-chat. I have much to do. You wish to recruit? Why didn't you say so? Come along, do not stop for a look around. You can do that later on the tour. The faster I can get you registered, the better. My name? It's Axel. I am the Guildmaster.

Hello there, visitor! You have stumbled upon EoS, a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon roleplay group! Come check us out! We're active, and open!
Don't hate, love and tolerate!
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Created Feb 2014
Want to show off your pony art, but are having a lot of trouble trying to actually "show it off"? Having trouble finding pony art? Well here is the place for you! Digital and traditional, everything is welcome! Show off your pony art, and even host some contests! (PLEASE, ADD DEVIATIONS INTO THEIR CORRECT FOLDERS~)
Happy Swimming!
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Created Mar 2011
The Aqrion species is an aquatic sea dragon species with elemental powers. The elements vary widely but each aqrion can only have one element type. The elements consist of:
*Light: Hunter, Guardian, Emotion
*Dark: Shadows, Poisons, Psychic
*Nature: Mender, Healer, Guardian
*Water: Healer, Ice
*Air (rare)
*Earth: Strength, Guardian,
*Fire (rare)
*Energy (rare): Lightning (ultra rare)

Every aqrion is capable of using Sonar (or echolocation) for use in navigation and hunting.

There are 3 main body types of the aqrion species: Resident, Polar, Deep-Sea, and the incredibly rare Rift.

This group is for all the arts and love towards the species as well as any many other sea creatures which may be found on the oceanic planet of Lymphona.

All art mediums are welcome, both traditional, digital, and mixed medias. Including sculptures, poems and stories, even film and animations. Anything your heart desires!

We even have a website for roleplaying if anyone cares to join us. It's not too popular right now but with some effort it could become huge.
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Ready. Start. Battle.
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Created Jun 2014
Three Easy Steps To Join (click links to direct you)

1. Read journals below

Rules and Guidelines
School Rules
Battle/Tourmanent Rules

2. Fill out the application below.

Character Creations Application

3. After completion of app.

Send the link of your o.c. in the comments of Character Creations Application

And that’s it! Thank you for joining!!!
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Art is beyond Limits
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Created Jan 2014
Any striving artist who want more people to view and notice their art can come here for other people to see them.
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