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Created Apr 2014
TreeClans Warriors Warrior cats cat Clan roleplay roleplaying kitty kitten LindenClan WillowClan BirchClan PineClan Trees tree Clans leader leaders deputy deputies medicine apprentice kit queen elder
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Because sexy is from Venus
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Created Oct 2012
(Pronounced SHEE-raw-ti-kuh, not SHUHR-aw-ti-kuh just so you get that this is "she erotica," not "Sherlock erotica")

The content shown in this group depicts unbelievably extreme amounts of female sexuality and nudity and is not, I repeat, IS NOT, suitable for the workplace, children, or the faint of heart. Viewer discretion is advised, especially if you are easily offended by pornographic content.

Long ago, there was a group called #HotYuriClub, which vanished into nonexistence due to several problems, including a significant decrease in time to manage the now-forgotten group, and, also, another one, #We-Dont-Decline, which only stayed active for 5 days until lack of interest turned it into a ruinous mess and caused it to cease operations far too soon, and from their ashes rose a new "erotic female" group, #Sherotica (not to be confused with "Sherlock Erotica;" please excuse the misleading and incomprehensible group name and what little resources we currently have), for all "erotic female" artists, writers, photographers, 3D modelers, and obsessors to enjoy - no profits made from our group's "erotic female" image, which is intended to be presented here, because you know damn well that sexy is from Venus!

You're tempted not to take your eyes off the sensual and seductive side of women - a side of women no young child should ever see, depicted in all forms of hot, erotic, not-safe-for-work art not intended for viewing by anyone under the age of 18 or who doesn't like looking at porn or naked women, as they strip away all inhibitions and get hot and horny! Get ready for the new generation of erotic groups, because your place for uninhibited perversion and dirty, naughty fun that can't be tamed is here in the wild world of Sherotica, at the home of all female sexiness, a group created for that purpose, because we love it, and it shows. If you do, then I guarantee you pervy horndogs you will experience the shamelessly powerful passion and allure those sexy beauties with powerful curves and smooth, touchable skin deliver! So, why conform to the inhibitions that bind them when these lovely ladies can fall under rule number 34 of the Internet: "If it exists, there is porn of it, no exceptions," and get hot, wild, kinky, naughty and erotic like their genetic codes intended?

For those of you who don't get the "Sherotica" group name, it's a portmanteau of "she" and "erotica."

Please help us in any possible way you can (such as new members, watchers, or affiliates), and don't hate! Also, read the "Where is the love?" and "Everything COMPLETELY wrong with #Sherotica" journal entries for information on the recent under-appreciation for our largely-ignored group and the limited success we have enjoyed!

Important FAQs to read and understand before submitting to our group gallery or favorites (you'll also need to read "Submission rules and guidelines" and "Content that should not be submitted to this group"):
FAQ #305: Is posting "Adult" oriented artwork alright if I censor it first?
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of "pornographic imagery"; what do you consider this to be?
FAQ #251: You prohibit the submission of "pornographic literature"; what do you consider this to be?
FAQ #248: Are there restrictions on art using children or teenagers (fictional or otherwise)?
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Pathfinder Paizo Fantasy RPG
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Created Apr 2014
We are both fans of role-playing Pathfinder. This group was born from the work done in Fantasy-NPC group. We would appreciate all the artists who have made official art and find new talent, offering many contests to those who want to experiment and try to make illustrations inspired by Pathfinder. There will be folders devoted to illustrations of all the original characters created by many Pathfinders.

Paizo "pathfinder Paizo" "Pathfinder Society" "Pathfinder tales""Pathfinder art" "Pathfinder NPC" "Pathfinder PC" "Pathfinder OC" "Illustrazioni pathfinder" "Fantasy group" "Pathfinder illustrations" Alluria Dynamite "legendary games" Character NPC OC PC PNG "Illustrazioni PNG" Portrait Barbarian Bard Cleric Priest Druid Fighter Warrior Monk Paladin Ranger Rogue Thief Sorcerer Wizard Alchemist Antipaladin Cavalier Knight Gunslinger Inquisitor Magus Oracle Summoner Witch Assasin Ninja Samurai Warlock Pirate Inn Tavern King Queen Party Monster bestiary zombie lich dragon demon devil angel orc ogre goblin Kobold vampire undead bodak elemental lycanthrope werewolf ghoul ghost gnoll aberration aboleth naga mimic otyugh roper construct golem wyvern fey "Baba yaga" dryad faun gremlin leprechaun nymph pixie redcap satyr humanoid bugbear giant troll cyclop "Magical beast" basilisk chimera griffon kraken leucrotta manticore pegasus owlbear siren sphinx roc unicorn worg gargoyle hag medusa minotaur yeti treant banshee ghul mummy poltergeist shadow skeleton spectre wight wraith dwarf dwarven elf elven drow gnome "half-elf" "half-orc" aasimar tielfling halfling hobbit human race Castle Tower Underdark Azatoth Hastur Tsathoggua "Yog-Sothoth" spell magic mage ritual dark mistery battle duel war siege trap Cartography literature landscape city "Black & White" "Book Cover" "Comic Art" Horror "Digital Art" "Drawing Art" "Painting Art" Traditional "Fantasy Art" "Illustration Art" Scenery
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MichaElsa ~ Love
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Created Mar 2014
This is the official group dedicated to the relationship of Elsa the Snow Queen (Disney's Frozen) and Michael GoldenHeart (Galactic Guardians Book Series).

Michael GoldenHeart is a jedi knight. He's twenty years old and wields a yellow lightsaber. On his travels, he visited Arendelle and helped save the kingdom. Over time, he and Elsa grew very close, eventually marrying. Let's make this beautiful Star Wars/Disney crossover a reality. All artists are welcome to draw this couple!
Where Siyan is The Best!!!
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Created Apr 2014
Where Siyan The Mystic Cat is the Best!!!
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Everyone is welcome! :)
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Created Apr 2014
We're a bunch of Sonic obsessed fans that are obsessed with drawing Sonic art. All Sonic art is allowed HOWEVER...

No stolen content to be uploaded under any circumstances! This will result in immediate user ban.

All Art must be submitted into the correct folders.

All users must be friendly with one another. Abuse directed at any members will not be tolerated!

No explicit content - eg. pornographic material violent imagery or offensive content.

Most Important Rule - Have Fun!!! :D

I look forward to seeing all the awesome artwork from the Sonic community. :)

Trying to Upgrade to Super Group! :)
May your prayers be answered...
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Created Apr 2014
A RP/roleplay group inspired and based off the game series, Rune Factory.
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BETA : Needed more members first
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Created Apr 2014
【 AccumulateThingsBETA 】

I need to make a better Icon//shot
After joining, wait only for a journal entitled "AccumulateThings BETA".
The introduction. ; w ;

♠ Note : I couldn't accept members who already have over 1,000 watchers.

Joining is the first thing to accumulate faves, comments and especially watches.
But to get them you'll also have to give.
It'll take me a while to figure out how to give member's achievements.

; v ;

Tags : Accumulate, Achieve, Get, Watch, Watches, Watchers, Comments, Faves, Featured.
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Anime Lovers Club!
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Created Apr 2010
This is a group for all peeps who love Anime like me and this group will rock dudes
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Created Apr 2014
Do you like or know about Kagura Mashita?
Well here's the right place for you!
Fanart and collabs are accepted o3o



Photobucket: <-- Got permission from owner

all Naruto pictures Belong to (c) Masashi Kishimoto
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