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Join us! - Lord Fizz B)
89 Watchers
Created Jun 2015
This group is for a closed species, SodaKitsunes!

Founder/Species Owner: Echy0w0
Recent Blog: V O T E | Vote For SodaKitsune Of The Month!, submitted 15 hours ago
Kujaros Super
Giant ferret mounts!
57 Watchers
Created Feb 2015
ARPG group for SunnyCreekRanch's fantasy rideable species, the kujaro.

Creator, owner & admin:

Admin/bot/import and resource uploader account:
Recent Blog: Minimal White, submitted 4 days ago
Its the points that matters!
81 Watchers
Created Dec 2014
Hello this is deviantobject87 aka this guy ->:icondeviantobject87: so this is my camp battle for points where you will be competing for....well points.We will need 24 contestants to compete for this.Sign up now and donate to :icondeviantobject87: please.Challenge one will start when there is enough people for this camp
Recent Blog: Challenge 0, submitted 10 hours ago
Chamierians, here for you. <3
20 Watchers
Created Aug 2015
** This is a new horse breed under construction! **
Recent Blog: FREE Starter CUSTOMS!, submitted 10 hours ago
Now a book :D
29 Watchers
Created Jun 2012
.. Follow the group and my account (the founder) to find out how the Tribes came to be. <3
Recent Blog: [#] Mutated Cats, submitted 43 weeks ago
The place for OCs of all kinds~
51 Watchers
Created Aug 2015
OC-Castle is a place that welcomes all OCs from everywhere~ Whether they be human, anthro, animals, anyone and everyone is welcome here!
Nothing is Impossible for US
10 Watchers
Created Nov 2010
Ever wanted the Impossible things in life to happen? This series is for you.

[book has yet to be published]
Recent Blog: And the countdown begins..., submitted 221 weeks ago
World War I & II
99 Watchers
Created Jun 2013
This group is all about the First and Second World War. We take all types of art relating to the wars, and also alternate history. Another thing is the "Speculative" folder, where we are trying to create new designs. (Think: Luft 46'). Please join if you can, as this is a very new group and we need all the members we can get. We accept any type of art relating to the subject: We want your stuff!
Reito-Ju Super
May Aigami be with you.
35 Watchers
Created Aug 2015
This group focuses on a species known as Reito-Ju. They are a variant of Demon or Kaiju that reside on the island of Japan.
Recent Blog: News Updates, submitted 1 hour ago
63 Watchers
Created Jun 2013
A group dedicated to redheads, near-redheads, redhead lovers and red in general.
Recent Blog: New Co-Founder / Re-open for business., submitted 1 week ago

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