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we all aim to succes[2 cool 4 yo
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Created Nov 2014
anyone can join ,just press the join button and bring your friends too

our theme songs…………

make art ,have fun,make friends,

i allow any type of art ,like antro ,screenshot or anything that you want

anyone can join ,i hope you have fun and aim to success

people who don't have art
you don't need art to be apart of this group

people who love mature content

we want it

we just want anything that you got

furries hell yes we want

MLP,hell yeah

FAN ART, yeah

ANYTHING, HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Closed for Revamp
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Created Jul 2014
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Our strikes are as cold as snow
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Created Nov 2013
SnowyClan is a fanbased clan from Warrior Cats, a series from Erin Hunter. We originated from TTO, but are now in TTR. If you would like to join, please note, xxxSnowystarxxx or Seaflighters. Also, read our rules before considering to join.
Our strikes are as cold as snow, forgetful of mercy. You may sense our presence of very few, binding together like the falling snow. Respect, loyalty, the key of the secret promises made within every cat that enters. But just like snowflakes, some don't make it to the see the bright side of entering such a world. Very few get to understand such a saying, a saying that sums up the meaning of Snowyclan.<font>
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Our search for freedom
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Created Oct 2011
This a group for the graphic novel, 'White Space' by AbnormallyNice

Here you can read the comic, submit fanart and be up to date with news on the story and characters!

Updates twice a week!

Other places to find White Space:
Official WS website |ComicFury | Patreon | Facebook | Twitter
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TsukuProductionTeam Super
Production Team
58 Watchers
Created Nov 2010
As the name implies we are a production team, meaning we produce things. It's a lot of fun to do this. We're are looking for more members and/or fans all the time.
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Gin and Hazama FTW!!!
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Created Jul 2011
A group for fans of Gin Ichimaru and Hazama/Yuki Terumi
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Where Dream and DA Unite!
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Created Sep 2013
Welcome to the Theater!
Formerly two groups, WorldDreamers and N-A-D-S, we are now the consolidated group that represents Dream Theater on DeviantArt! By showcasing your fanart and art inspired by the incredible music of DT, we will keep spreading the word and showing our love for the music that has touched our lives!
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SuG's Adorable Drummer~
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Created Sep 2010
This is for SuG's new drummer Shinpei!!
I hope you all enjoy this group~!
Please, nothing gross, mean.
Well i guess that is it.
Pace Desu~!
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Created Nov 2014
Hi, people :D

This group was specially created to people that love manga stuff ( like me ;P )

If you are interested, please enter :tighthug:
Elementary, my dear dawson!
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Created Jul 2012
This fancub is for basil the great mouse detective.
well, the disney movie, the best movie ever.
It was made in 1986 and based on the books by eve titus. I can't remember their last name :XD:
But seriously I :heart: this movie, it's been my favorite movie since I was a little kid :la:
I also founded a ratigan fanclub for the villain of this movie, who I find, basically, seriously under-rated. Check it out if you want or have the time, but for now, just enjoy a generally upbeat GMD fanclub.
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