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Created Jan 2015
This is a group for Prince Hans fans. Beware the Frozen heart.
Recent Blog: Prince Hans in Frozen Fever - UPDATE, submitted 2 weeks ago
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Created Dec 2010
Recent Blog: Join Request Problem Fixed, submitted 109 weeks ago
Sgt. Frog & Sailor Moon Club
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Created Dec 2010
Hello. Welcome To The Sgt. Frog & Sailor Moon Club!

This isn't just for my stories and fascination. It's meant for those who also love Sgt. Frog & Sailor Moon. So, post your pics, artwork, stories, and avatars, and join in the fun.
Recent Blog: Every Episode Of Sailor Moon (Viz) Season 1 Here!, submitted 8 weeks ago
"Giving YOU the BEST!"
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Created Nov 2014
Welcome to Visual-Novelty!

Need a new template for your Visual Novel? What about some ideas for themes? Do you need some tips and guides? That's what this group is all about!

We are a small group that hopes to aim for an easier time in Novelty - The Visual Novel Maker. Visual Novels, as I'm sure you know, are interactive, story-based games that capture a player's attention and keeps them wanting more!

With this group, we hope the resources (background images, visual guides, customized characters, and more!) will be easier to create your own story and show it to the world! This group isn't just limited to Visual Novelty, either! Perhaps you're just here for the backgrounds, maybe you just need a new idea - it doesn't matter! We welcome all guests! Get creative and help us become world-known! Share it with your friends, and be sure to check out the Novelty website!

Note: Please read the Rules & Regulations on the "About Us" tab before posting to this group! Thank you!

:bulletblue: Here are other sources that might spark your interest! Hover over the links to see what they're about!

SoundBible | SoundJay | FindSounds | FreeSound

Feel free to contact any of these admins for anything!
:iconafiniwind: :iconninetailsofawesome: :icon8oni: :iconvixeria:
Recent Blog: Brainstorm! ~Visual-Novelty, submitted 4 weeks ago
#1 arianagrande fanclub
49 Watchers
Created Jan 2015
Don't you just love Ariana grande so much then if you do then you should join this group!!
Where Scoutcest lovers unite!
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Created Feb 2014
Welcome to this group Scout-Love! Where Scout love of all kind unites here!

So far, I haven't seen a group like this, hence why I created this group. In the near future, I will be looking for co-founders to help me run the group. There will be some exceptions, but not many.
Basically, as long as you're active. :nod:
Recent Blog: Re-post of the rules, submitted 17 hours ago
Hungarian Comic Artists
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Created Feb 2013
Recent Blog: EpicLiners kepregeny palyazat, submitted 9 weeks ago
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Created Mar 2015
Ravenfall is a friendly community for artists! We have promotions, challenges, galleries for graphics, writing, and coding, tutorials, resources, and a lot more! Feel free to submit your art here; even when you're not a member. This group and the forum are open for new members.

Feel free to visit us here:…
PostRevival Super
{ Post Revival }
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Created Aug 2014
Snail mail is a delight to receive. It's also nice to send but sometimes requires some extra motivation to sit down and create. This group aims to encourage the revival of post.

We encourage any and all possible and current participants to be safe:
Only give your information to people you trust.
Invest in a mail box at a public place such as the local post office or postal center, so you don't have to give out your home address.
Recent Blog: April Potluck Call for Participants, submitted 2 days ago
Crazy,Bloody,and Insane art<3
30 Watchers
Created Jul 2011
This is a group for everyone's furries with guts and gore >:3

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