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Star Trek, OC, adoptable, FanFic
17 Watchers
Created Jan 2014
This is a Star Trek Group where you can post any and off of your Star trek OC related writings and art works. Even adopts!
Windfall-Valley Super
[ Under Construction ]
23 Watchers
Created May 2015
A sandbox pokegijinka roleplay group based on principles of Feudal Japan :: Edo Era.
Recent Blog: [ Introduction ], submitted 3 days ago
Open to high ranks
12 Watchers
Created Apr 2015
we are a warrior cat roleplaying group. based on the original warrior cat series
Recent Blog: New application sheet!, submitted 2 hours ago
are you sure you're alive?
81 Watchers
Created Jan 2015
Come with me, I'll tell you my dream.
Recent Blog: looking for co-founders!, submitted 1 day ago
Onmyou Taisenki
30 Watchers
Created Feb 2011
Kogenta: My name is Kogenta,Byakko No Kogenta.This is a Onmyou Taisenki Fan Club.If you have art of any shikigami, please join the club and submit your art.
Recent Blog: Onmyou Taisenki 2 Manga?, submitted 12 weeks ago
The Right Place for Writers!
45 Watchers
Created Jul 2015
If you're looking for the lit community you've come to The Write Place. (See what we did there?)
Recent Blog: 7.29.2015, submitted 8 hours ago
Under Construction~
17 Watchers
Created Jun 2015
An utopian society. An ancient tradition. A murder most foul. Fight to survive and find the killer among us!
Reservas Abiertas
73 Watchers
Created May 2015
Aquí es donde las frutas tienen vida :000
tu debes elegir que fruta será la tuya, también hay agrias/asidas♥♥
Recent Blog: URGENTE!!, submitted 12 hours ago
Let The Games Begin
20 Watchers
Created Apr 2015
This is basically a role-play group. Anyone is free to join and make an OC. Please do join and spread the word!
Recent Blog: Update Complete, submitted 3 days ago
51 Watchers
Created Mar 2015
Set in an almost apocalyptic future, where the human race has dominated our planet and wrapped it in a cement shell, our species is running out of food and water.

There seems to be nowhere else to turn to but the legendary 'Sacred Lands', a haven for mythological and natural creatures to live in safety, away from the grabbing hands of humankind.

The peace is shattered when the humans decide that it's either take the last natural place, or go extinct, and all countries send in their troops.

But they aren't the only ones making a move for domination; two long hidden organisations have decided to make their move as well; the all-monster East Rebellion, an organization devoted to destroying the human world, and the A:Karr, a mixed-species group that believes they are the ultimate power, and could lead the world a lot better. A fifth group has now risen to answer the call of the ancient monster, Nidhogg. Their only goal is complete destruction of the planet's defiant lifeforms.

Choose a side; but remember to pick wisely.
Recent Blog: God Contest - 1 WEEK LEFT, submitted 1 day ago

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