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Here to inspire and share art
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Created Oct 2014
Hello people. Welcome to Comunity4Imagination! This is a group of designers, animators and writers authors who wants to spread his ideas and stories for the world!
Some of them are Brazilians, so his stories would be in Portuguese.

Olá pessoas. Bem vindos a Comunity4Imagination! Este é um grupo de designers , animadores e escritores autores que quer difundir suas idéias e histórias para o mundo!
Recent Blog: Thank You and enjoy the group., submitted 14 hours ago
Seed of Alfheim
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Created Aug 2013
AnimeMultiRift Seed of Alfheim MMO game Dev team

We need (Anime artiests)(MMD->FBX Model makers/Animators )(Other Model makers/Animators )(programmers that know how work on Unity3D)(Join us if u got free time two make game)
Recent Blog: Donate We need Assets For thes projekt, submitted 61 weeks ago
Yowling at the moon
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Created Oct 2011
Many moons ago it was a dark time for the tribes. The time when the tribes no longer followed their ancestors and our ancestors turned their backs on us. A curious she-cat named Luna was tired of living in fear of the other tribes so she and her best friend Flick set out to find a miracle. The two she-cats travelled for many moon and when they could go no further they collapsed in a cave. When they awoke there stood the five first tribe leaders: Satinos of The tibe of rising fire, Breeze of The tribe of Distant wind, Boros of The tribe of endless night, Splash of The tribe of flowing water and Alora of The tribe of falling leaves. The leaders showed the two she-cats the future of the tribes and what happened when they were gone. Then the ancestors gave Luna and Flick Aubry the strogest power in the world. The she-cats retured and restored the peace when Aubry was no longer needed Luna hid the power in the cave. The she-cats stopped anyone who sought Aubry and kept it hidden one day Aubry was stolen and the cat who stolke died because of Aubry's power. Together Luna, Flick and Aubry all disappeared. Now a prophecy has been revealed. The darkness is coming and only the spirit of Luna can tame Aubry and restore the peace once again.
Ichigo x Orihime is LOVE ya!
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Created May 2014
This is a group for Ichigo x Orihime shippers! We're crazy about IchiHime! Well, in the fun way, of course XD Please come and join the group if you're a hardcore IchiHime shipper! No bashing on other pairings and shippers allowed! Let's be mature people!
Recent Blog: ((I CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD)), submitted 67 weeks ago
Suiren and Alindrah Domination
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Created Feb 2009
We are a club dedicated to the OC's of SweetYuya, Suiren sur Bashere and Alindrah; characters that play a key part in her FanFiction, The Color of Trust. It is a blend of Tite Kubo's manga series, Bleach, and the late Robert Jordan's famous novel series, The Wheel of Time.

Here, we happily feature any and all fan-art of either Suiren or Alindrah, and also post updates on new story chapters. Show your support and join today!
Recent Blog: Suiren-Alindrah Club: Welcome!, submitted 257 weeks ago
Grab your passports!
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Created Sep 2015
DeviantArt presents: The Ridonculous Race!
Recent Blog: dA: The Ridonculous Race Cast Revealed!, submitted 1 day ago
spill your guts out!
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Created Oct 2014
A group about a growing species. Adopt and draw!!!!
Recent Blog: MYO zippercats contest, submitted 1 week ago
The Cradle of Life
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Created Jun 2013
An group of enthusiasts of the Forgotten Realms. Whether you're from; Anchorome, Faerûn, Kara-Tur, Katashaka, Lapongo, Numibia, Maztica, Osse or Zakhara, all are welcome! Open to all who play the games, read the books or just enjoy the races, creature and lore of Abeir-Toril.
Recent Blog: CONTEST: Over at The-Motley-Mayhem!, submitted 54 weeks ago
Any and all Naruto Fans welcome
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Created Feb 2014
As long as you're a fan of Naruto you can join. So come and join.
This group is to bring all Naruto Fans into one area.
Recent Blog: New Contest., submitted 71 weeks ago
Still alive, are we?
20 Watchers
Created Nov 2013
For people who are fans of the online Path of Exile, and for those who enjoy roleplaying! Anyone can join and contribute their art. c:
Recent Blog: Commissions and Contests from Fellow Deviants!, submitted 82 weeks ago

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