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Every artist is important.
544 Watchers
Created Oct 2016
All art is welcome- the goal of this group is create a fun, safe environment for artists and to help fellow deviants showcase their art to the world. All art skill levels are welcome. Please be respectful of one another. ;P
Recent Blog: --ATTENTION FELLOW WORLD CLASS ARTISTS--, submitted 1 week ago
Always open!
332 Watchers
Created Nov 2016
A small group for the closed species of bunbranches.
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Lets have a DesBEARing time!
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Created Apr 2014
Dangan Ronplay, short for Dangan Ronpa Roleplay. This group is home of every Dangan Ronpa related roleplay out there, plus the fan art of the rp. Here in this group you can find, stories, art, roleplay request, oc's, and the story of which the group is named after.

We accept all oc's, and we don't bite so ask us some questions. ^^
Recent Blog: CANON CHARACTERS NEEDED (and oc's)!! [ O P E N ], submitted 1 day ago
HopesPeakAcademy Super
401 Watchers
Created Jun 2013
We are a roleplay group based on Dangan Ronpa.

Upon arrival, your student finds themselves inside the precincts of an institution under lockdown. If one wishes to escape, they must murder five consecutive times without getting caught.
Recent Blog: [RP] Trials and Body Discovery [PHASE 2 END], submitted 1 day ago
Everything Tutorials!!!
101 Watchers
Created Jul 2013
Do you love digital drawing, traditional art and/or anime. Do you want to strengthen your art skills, so you can draw you favorite character, but you're struggeling? Are you not sure where to start or what to search for? Then you're at the right place at the right time, you should wear your swim suit, get your tablet or pencil and paper and dive into this awesome, perfectly sorted resources and tutorials.
Heart is where the home is
343 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
We are a group dedicated to guinea pigs and their caring owners!
Recent Blog: Gallery contest...keep it comin'!!! =], submitted 307 weeks ago
Every Puzzle Has an Answer
269 Watchers
Created May 2010
If you love Professor Layton (and I know I do), then this is the place for you. Donate art, fan fiction, pretty much anything. You can even make cheesy comments like this one :D
Recent Blog: ^^,, submitted 312 weeks ago
It's a loud house!
795 Watchers
Created Oct 2015
Welcome to The Loud House Club! All kinds of fan art of Lincoln and his sisters are available here!
Recent Blog: my friend needs help., submitted 1 month ago
When Art meets Fanfictions
374 Watchers
Created Oct 2010
You write a story and you want to illustrate it? You like both art and fanfictions? You are writing a fanfiction? You want to read fanfictions and appreciate the artwork displayed for them? You have FCs but no official story? You have OCs, simply? Then this group is made for you!
Recent Blog: Lilith Fanclub Contest!, submitted 155 weeks ago
Let's make the MMDC great again!
130 Watchers
Created Nov 2016
This group is dedicated to defending modelers and model editors for the program MikuMikuDance.
Many of these talented people are disrespected. We want to stop that, even if it means only helping one person. This community will always have rule-breakers, but our goal is to try and make these rule-breakers more noticeable. Simply leaving a comment, or sharing a journal about one can help.

Huge thanks to :iconsilverdreamyrose: for the idea of this group being created!
(Also credit to her for the title, icon, and a lot of the work done in this group!)

If you are a member or a watcher, please share what is posted in this group.

Group rules:

-Do not attack anyone mentioned. Please be polite about it.
-Be respectful of everyone.
-This must only be an issue related to MMD and MMD users.
-Please provide proof for your claim, if you would like to submit an issue.
-No model downloads (It is nice to find a nice Yandere Sim models but I am not allowing that)
-Motions are fine, if you want to redistribute the motion on this group then you need to speak to an admin first
-MMD Pictures are Always allowed as long as it is appropriate
-Non-Downloadable models are allowed. There are requirements for it be on the group.
~If any rules are broken then you can post it in the non-downloadable folder
~You must have a reason why you are posting this on the group
~Must be approved by a admin

It seems that you have a RuleBreaker Problem... But Don't worry, I'll help you!
Recent Blog: Members, submitted 1 week ago

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