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Check Your Cameras
4,784 Watchers
Created Aug 2014
Fanclub for the new game called "5 Nights At Freddy's"!

Come on in and check it out if you're a fan of this game! ^-^
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Helping artists through sharing.
1,078 Watchers
Created Jul 2014
The group 3DShe-YouTube is a group which accepts deviations from many different artist styles. Giving ideas and pointers for improvement if necessary. The group is focused on making unknown artists feel welcome on deviantArt.

FAQ #407: How do I remove my deviations from a group?
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Every sort of art is welcome :D
6,322 Watchers
Created Feb 2014
:bulletgreen: This is a group for everyone !

:bulletgreen: We want to help every artist to get the attention that he/she deserves !


:bulletyellow: 5 submission per folder per day [You dont have to upload 5 pics per day]

:bulletred: For the beginning i accept every deviation , but make you really sure what you will show in the group

:bulletred: Photos which includes nudity are not allowed !

:bulletblack: Please try to submit in the right folder [If youre picture was declined, you uploaded it to the wrong folder , so please dont ask why we have declined it]

:bulletblack: The most failures in the submition process is, that people upload every picture to the adoptables folder, but in adoptables we are just accept adoptable auctions and pictures that are selled as print

:bulletorange: Send us a note if you have a question, dont use the comment section

:bulletyellow: We are open for ideas and suggestions, just send me a note

:bulletgreen: We choose 5 deviations every 2 weeks for the featured folder, every second week we choose 5 new one ( Next 8.11.14 )
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Everyone is unique
7,806 Watchers
Created Sep 2013

Did you know that we love all kind of art?

Feel free to add anything you want as much as you can! :)
Photography, digital art, sketches - it doesn't matter!
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3,833 Watchers
Created Aug 2013
A collection of one-shots and series featuring the amazingly hot characters of Attack on Titan [Shingeki no Kyojin]!
Art is from the soul!
5,115 Watchers
Created Jun 2013
This group is for those truly passionate about art. Those who put their heart and soul into their work. All art has a soul. Each peace can reach out and move you! Also gain Watches, Llamas, Faves, and Friends!
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Adopt for All, All for Adopt
4,534 Watchers
Created Jun 2013
:new: The One Stop Adopt Shop :new:
Adoptables here, Adoptables there, Adoptables everywhere...
Looking for adoptables or looking for buyers??
This is the place for you!! We want to help anyone in selling their adoptables or in finding the right adoptables for them...
So, what are you waiting for?? Join now :D
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Movies Cosplayers Create Making
1,391 Watchers
Created Jun 2013

In this Group cosplayers can create movies using their cosplays or using their own normal clothes(New Original Characters).

This group likes cosplayer's works, so we create a folder every 3~6 days to place photos requests.

And for special cosplayers we have a special folder named "Featured". That folder is featured in our group's home page. All photos in that folder were submitted exclusively by their own owners. (Maximum 1 photo per Day).

Read our Journal to have more information.

FAQ #510: What is a bot, and how can I get one?
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Kill the titans!
6,951 Watchers
Created May 2013
So like many of you know, there is an EPIC anime out there called Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese). Let us gather all the Attack on Titan fans here and share the love and awesomeness of this anime together!
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MLP-FIM-Union Super
Union for everypony
5,082 Watchers
Created May 2013

International group designed to unite all fans of MLP FIM series!
We accept all kinds of MLP FIM art from all corners of the earth!
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