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Serving sweet smiles!
58 Watchers
Created Mar 2017
Original Species | Semi-Open Species | Desserts | Sweets | Sheep | Sundae | Fluffy
Recent Blog: Sundae Sheep Guide, submitted 22 weeks ago
hold on tight to your life.
2 Watchers
Created Mar 2017
BloodClan. A name faintly ringing in the minds of the oldest elders. After the four Clans drove them off and killed their leader, Scourge, nobody heard about BloodClan for moons. But that changed today. The Clans are stuck fighting an old enemy that they though was dead. All medicine cats got a sign from our ancestors.

"After a dead enemy returns, the forest will be stained red."

But the true question is, will the ghosts of the past win the forest?


The Borderlands is a laid back, friendly ARPG based off of the extended book series "Warriors" by Erin Hunter.

We are currently CLOSED to new members.
The true place for adopts
5,471 Watchers
Created Apr 2017
welcome adoptable sellers and buyers of all styles and categories XD
Recent Blog: Promoting You, submitted 5 weeks ago
Under Construction!
34 Watchers
Created Apr 2017
Welcome everyone to Life of Canidae RPG where you play as dogs, wolves or wolf hybrid and learn to survive to the cruel world of mother nature. Start out as a loner and learn how to hunt for prey, make friends and earn pack members. Let your family grow into a large pack and obtain the perfect territory for you and pack. Participate in events, large hunts, rescues and even battles.
Recent Blog: Desperately In need of Admins!!!, submitted 1 month ago
You are LOVED!
1,959 Watchers
Created Jul 2017
No rules.
Everyone is welcome.
(No matter who you are or what you do.)
MAX Submissions. (10 Submissions per day per folder.)
Everything works automatically. (Affiliates, Submissions, etc.)
Forever homes for OCs!
13,167 Watchers
Created Feb 2016
Yet another group for original characters to find their forever homes! Buy and sell adoptable designs, from closed species to clothing, points to paypal! OTA, CYOP, YCH, gacha, auctions, eggs, breedables, lineart, bases, P2U, F2U, we cover it all!
Recent Blog: Mascot Contest! Revote for top 8!, submitted 4 days ago
5 Watchers
Created Mar 2016
Its a rp group of 3 people The Hackers, The civilians, and The FBI its a Slice of life modern day type of group and sci-fi
Recent Blog: Hell's prison, submitted 29 weeks ago
All Female Overwatch characters
5,427 Watchers
Created Apr 2016
This group dedicated to all female characters from the first-person shooter 'Overwatch' by Blizzard Entertaiment.
Welcome and free to join!

:bulletpurple: Amélie Lacroix a.k.a Widowmaker
:bulletorange: Lena Oxton a.k.a Tracer
:bulletblue: Satya Vaswani a.k.a Symmetra
:bulletpink: Aleksandra Zaryanova a.k.a Zarya
:bulletyellow: Angela Ziegler a.k.a Mercy
:bulletblue: Fareeha Amari a.k.a Pharah
:bulletgreen: Mei-Ling Zhou a.k.a Mei
:bulletpurple: Sombra
:bulletpink: Hana Song a.k.a D.Va
:bulletwhite: Ana Amari a.k.a Ana
Recent Blog: Overwatch Summer Games Event 2017, submitted 1 week ago
They'll keep an eye on you.
62 Watchers
Created Jun 2016
This group is dedicated to Oculimps, a closed species by MMXII.
... and morning goes
22 Watchers
Created Aug 2016
and morning goes. A warriors group focused on clan rivalry.

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