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Discover Art / Show Art
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Created Feb 2018
Welcome to the group where you can show your art to everyone.
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More scare more flare!
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Created May 2018
Just a heads up this group is a long way from being completed, developments are being made though! Scarecats are a closed species made by Shrimpsroamwild ! Scarecats are cheeky, energetic and fun little creatures, more information about them will be published soon!
29 Watchers
Created Sep 2018
This is the first (that I know of) dA community for anti-contact non-offending MAPs, as in, minor attracted people who know children can't consent and aren't seeking relationships with them. Its goal is to provide help and support, spread scientific facts and seek out for new members for the anti-contact cause.

Points you must agree on if you want to be accepted here:

- Children can't consent. No "ifs" no "buts", no "when society changes".

- Child porn usage is a sexual offense. It doesn't matter that you're not touching them, you're still fueling cp market.

- Low age of consent in developing countries is a crime, not a respectable tradition.

- No age of attraction is better than another.
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Where Art is a Pleasure
10,040 Watchers
Created Dec 2016
Welcome to the Drawing-Club02 where all art is accepted (Please use Mature Content filter). We don't just accept art, we accepted literature, photography, etc.

This group has many contests, try and enter one if you have time ;) Our admins are flexible and respond to notes and comments all the time!
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adopts with tlc!
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Created Dec 2016
Everyone is welcome! Please join our large and great group. We also accept ychs and bases!
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welcome welcome!
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Created Jan 2017
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Gotta Adopt Em All!
7,009 Watchers
Created Feb 2017
Needing to give your adoptable a new home? come join us here in a paradise filled with adopts where anyone can come, share, advertise or giveaway their creations!
Smash that join button and slowly but surely, we'll become the best, most active adoptable group ever!
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The true place for adopts
13,255 Watchers
Created Apr 2017
03/March/2018 - a new DTA, OTA YCH folder has been created.
03/February/2018 - a Journals folder has been created.
03/February/2018 - a Comissions folder has been created.
03/February/2018 - a new set prices folder has been created.
15/January/2018 - a raffles folder has been created.
07/December/2017 - a new auction folder has been created.
26/November/2017 - a new set prices folder has been created.
17/October/2017 - a new DTA, OTA YCH folder has been created.
21/July/2017 - a new set prices folder has been created.
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ThoseWhoWentMissing Super
🌱grow with us 🌿
2,873 Watchers
Created May 2017
Those Who Went Missing is a collaborative world-building game based on the Esk species and their world.
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Come to hell. We have pancakes.
267 Watchers
Created May 2017
Hey there fellow SAD follower! Are you tired of Nick ruining all your pancake fun? Well, here, in the Cult of Pancake Satan, that will no longer happen! Come on in; we have pancakes!
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