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Adopt Commission Art
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Created Jan 2017
This group was made to sell and buy adopts, share commissions and art.
Everyone is allowed to join, all affiliates are accepted.
Please read the rules and have fun~!
Gotta Adopt Em All!
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Created Feb 2017
Needing to give your adoptable a new home? come join us here in a paradise filled with adopts where anyone can come, share, advertise or giveaway their creations!
Smash that join button and slowly but surely, we'll become the best, most active adoptable group ever!
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Where fantasy meets art!
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Created Feb 2017
Formerly at Fantasy-Arts !
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Come advertise!
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Created Mar 2017
A place for people to advertise their adoptables, commission infos, raffles, contests, and so on!
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hentai, sexy,yuri,yaoi,hotgirls
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Created Mar 2017
Hentai, Yuri, Yaoi, Futa, Ecchi, all sexy stuff and more
All are welcome!
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The true place for adopts
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Created Apr 2017
03/March/2018 - a new DTA, OTA YCH folder has been created.
03/February/2018 - a Journals folder has been created.
03/February/2018 - a Comissions folder has been created.
03/February/2018 - a new set prices folder has been created.
15/January/2018 - a raffles folder has been created.
07/December/2017 - a new auction folder has been created.
26/November/2017 - a new set prices folder has been created.
17/October/2017 - a new DTA, OTA YCH folder has been created.
21/July/2017 - a new set prices folder has been created.
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ThoseWhoWentMissing Super
🌱grow with us 🌿
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Created May 2017
Those Who Went Missing is a collaborative world-building game based on the Esk species and their world.
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All RWBY Media HERE!
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Created Jun 2017
Hello, friends! Welcome to the RWBYGreatest group! A group for TRUE RWBY Fans everywhere! RWBY is created by montyoum from RoosterTeeth.

This is for fans EVERYWHERE!

This Group is for ANY FAN of RWBY Artist, Writer, Cosplay, MMD, or just a Viewer. What ever type of user you are of RWBY You are Welcome Here! :)

Never seen RWBY? Check it out here!

For all are Updated on RWBY Cosplay Please Check out are Cosplay Group Here:… !

You like Weiss? Well go check out… !

You like Neo? Well go check out… !

You like Branwen Twins/Family? Well go check out…

You like being hungry for power like Cinder? Well Go Check this…

Also we have are own Chat Room now… !


:bulletred: Sexually explicit art/mature works of minors having sex and what not will not be accepted, Mature works is ok but it depend on the contents.
:bulletwhite: Screenshots (including demotivational posters) will not be accepted.
:bulletblack: Please submit things into their correct folders. Ask if you're unsure!
:bulletyellow: Be kind and courteous to fellow group members.

:bulletyellow: Submissions to this group MUST be clean, no anything nudity of nature ARE NOT allowed in the group.
:bulletpink: Keep it as if this group was rated PG13. Ask if you're unsure!
:bulletorange: Fan Service is ok as long as she and or he is clean.
:bulletgreen: Please listen to admins.

:bulletgreen: Don't Submit things a week ahead of time if you see RWBY Episodes from being a 1st Member during RWBY Volume Season until we post are RWBY Episode Discussion Post we don't wanted SPOILER this is for artwork,reviews, blogs, etc.!

:bulletpurple: If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to message us!
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You are LOVED!
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Created Jul 2017
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Write the way to her heart!
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Created Oct 2017
Fan group for doki doki literature club, a free VN! Will you write the way to her heart?
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