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~ tutorials for everyone ~
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Created Apr 2005
photoshop-tutorials has been around for quite some time, trying to bring great tutorials to the attention of our watchers. We try to hold ourselves to a certain standard, not only when it comes to the quality of techniques taught, but also on their presentation.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE read our Submission Guidelines before you submit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quality over Quantity!
There are what feels like thousands of groups on dA that accept a broad range of resources and quality levels, but this is not one of these groups.
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Discover The World Of Tutorials
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Created May 2009
Tutorials For You is a group for all tutorial lovers. It doesn't matter if you want to learn something, post a tutorial or do both, you are still welcome. Tutorials For You wants to collect all the best tutorials here in DeviantART to help out our fellow deviants.
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Collects any and all tutorials
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Created Dec 2010
This group is simply dedicated to collecting together tutorials, how-to's and other miscellaneous to help artists of any capability improve. The group is free to join, watch or just browse for any helpful information.
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Tutorials befitting a deity!
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Created Apr 2010
Yet another tutorial group - but with a twist! Not only are we dedicated to collecting the best tutorials DeviantArt has to offer, we'll also take requests! So whether you're looking for an awesome avatar tutorial, or just a photomanipulation tutorial, we're here to help.
Get Your Tutorials Here!
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Created Jan 2015
This group accepts artists of ALL skill levels. Our main focus is to provide you with tutorials to improve your art, photography, and/or literature.
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-Paint Tool SAI Tutorials.
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Created Dec 2015
Paint Tool SAI, SAI, Art, Tutorials, Sai Tutorials, references, resources, help, etc.
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Created Apr 2012
Well, this is a group for tutorials that everyone can make, so, upload here any tutorial you'd like! :D
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Tutorials of sumo paint
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Created Jun 2012
A group on tutorials for the program of Sumo Paint.
We like all tutorials and welcome people.
This group is dedicated to sumo paint.
We love Shading Tutorials!
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Created Mar 2013
Welcome to out Group! We search and will found some awesome Shading Tutorials!
Dont be shy, just join!
Global Tutorials Project !
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Created Nov 2009
The place you go when YOU need to find a tutorial in your language !

We are actually looking for translators, all languages are welcome!
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