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All Genre Contest Info. and Art
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Created Nov 2012

submit all contest information here.
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Contest Of Darkness COD
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Created Dec 2012
Contests Contests and More Contests!
We aren't themed on anything; everything goes in this contest site fun!
Themes change monthly there is no one type that we enjoy seeing so join the group and submit your best works.
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for traditional artists 13~18
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Created Jun 2010
"Young Artists Contest" is a traditional 2-D visual art contest for deviants aged 13 to 18. The contest is hosted in the hopes to provide a level playing field for young budding artists to gain experience and recognition by competing among peers. Artists have a choice to enter in : Category 1 (age 13 & 14), Category 2 (ages 15 & 16), and Category 3 (ages 17 & 18). First, second, third places, and honorable mentions in each category will be awarded. The grand winner 'Best of Show' will be selected from the three First place winners.
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Created Apr 2010
we are a group, that makes a lot of contests that you guys can join!
you can also start your own contest, and support us by help making prizes.
evry week, there will be a new contest, and evryone can join.
rules: you can only post deviations, if it's for a contest, and for evry contest we make a new folder.

it's very important that people who make (for example) manga/anime, also should join completely diffrent contests, (maybe photografy) and photografers should also join manga/anime contests(for example) BUT you don't HAVE to join a contest, it's YOUR choise if u want to join.^^
well have fun, and get watch by winning contests!!(evryone who wins a contest, will be on the front page from the group for a week!)(and there are other prizes)
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Created Feb 2017
In this group you'll be able to add your art so it will be easier for other people to find!
This way it's easier to connect with other people (:

There will also be weekly contest. Find here inspiration while having an artblock, or just for fun!
The prizes will always be an artwork made by me unless people donate ^^
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1 hour contest
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Created Mar 2009
The one hour contest is a great way to practice your drawing skills and speed. This club is here to keep you up to date with past entries and current contests
Search & Advertise
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Created Jan 2013
Searching for Contests to join or wanna advertise your own?

Then this will be the right group for you :D
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Created Jun 2014
Need a contest, and can't find the right one? Come check out our contest! We will feature contest, and more things like that! Not in the group, but want your contest to be featured? Just note the group, and I will link the journal and make a journal about it!
New Contest in Late 2020
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Created May 2016
For the 2016 Rexigalia Character Contest along with any future contests I'll be holding.

With the current contest having concluded, future activity will be related to the distribution of prizes and preparations for the next contest in late 2020.
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Contests all year round!
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Created Oct 2013
Looking for a contest? Look here! We will advertise your contest as well as host our own.
We will be hosting contests either weekly, monthly, or yearly. Just keep a watch on our blog entries C:
We will host/advertise your contest if it is related to Anime/Manga! FOR EXAMPLE, NARUTO, DBZ, ONE PIECE, DEATH NOTE, FMA, SENGOKU BASARA, DEVIL MAY CRY, AND MANY OTHERS!
Submit to the Featured if you want your art to be noticed as well C:
Have any questions? LEAVE US A NOTE!:note:

Have a nice day!

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