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Look beyond the art
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Created Dec 2014
A group dedicated to helping our members by accepting all kinds of art, and providing publicity through features and other means.
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Ever-growing Adopts!
2,666 Watchers
Created Dec 2014
A group for adopts C:
No recolors, steals, or anything violating dA's rules.
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Where Imagination is Limitless!
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Created Dec 2014
This group is called, ' Fantasy Legends ' but in truth, It's about Imagination and the limitless nature of it. Whether from photo-manipulations of fantasy based themes to the full headed monsters of the demons, gods and angels, lurking in the ancestry of our fantasy world, you'll find it here! From the small fantasy creatures lurking in the forests to the high mountains of rock monsters, you'll find incredible beasts of art in here! Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Comedy, Mature Works of all flavors...Everything that comes from within the Realm of Imagination! So, go ahead and explore FantasyLegends!

You are allowed to submit ten(10) pieces of art, per-folder,. per-category,. per-day.

***CONTEST FOLDERS Are For Contest Entries Only! Any deviation submitted to a Contest Folder that has Nothing to do with the Current Contest Will Be Declined and you will be asked to resubmit. Repeated attempts to submit irrelavent deviations to a Contest Folder could result in a Ban from the group!***

Rules, Guidelines, Notices and Punishments:

1). If your art contains work from another artist without their prior knowledge and/or consent, you will be removed from the group. Your work will also be removed, you will be blocked and the original artist will be notified so they can file a DMCA report. Stolen artwork is not tolerated in this group. As long as you have permission from the original artist, you shall have permission to submit.

2). If your art was created based on a tutorial, reference, idea, other etc. then please respectively say so in the description of your art. This is just a courtesy really, but it would be nice too help and spread the words-of-wisdom if any, that helped in the making of your art.

3). If you have art and are not sure where to place it, send a NOTE to the group or one of the Administrators requesting assistance and they will get back to you with a suggested folder.

4). If you have a question/problem/other, about anything such as:

-a). You have a complaint, /issue..
-b). Your art doesn't have a category/folder..
-c). Someone is bothering me, /making fun of me..
-d). Something else, not listed here, /other..

Then please contact an Administrator via NOTE or if it is more serious, please contact someone from DeviantART Staff! Links can be provided should you need them.
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Created Jan 2015
:iconsatisfiedyet: has 10-30 point commissions open:iconsatisfiedyet: has 10-30 point commissions open:iconsatisfiedyet: has 10-30 point commissions open

She also designs adopts.………
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Created Jan 2015
The group for the most deviant.
4,327 Watchers
Created Jan 2015
We allow any mature content which follows DA's rules. If your deviations follows the rules, please join us, and submit your stuff!
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Not to offend anyone ^^
11,727 Watchers
Created Feb 2015
This group is not to offend people, but to help them. We put artwork into a bigger audience of people to get the exposure and attention that someone's artwork deserves.

For starters, in case you're curious on the group's name, the group was meant for "the freaks" and "weirdos" of DA :3 Because I'm one myself and I'm proud of it. It was based off this group:… It then became an art group.. After a difficult day or two.. People accepted it as an art group and not a hate group. I learned how to organize it, etc. So, for a summary: This group is to expose people's art into a bigger community of people giving that artwork the exposure and attention it should get.

Next: To upload artwork you follow these easy steps:

1. Go to the group Gallery

2. Look for the folder you would want to put your artwork into.

3. Once found, click the little + next to it and it'll bring up two options: "Submit a new Deviation" or "Contribute an Existing Deviation"

4. Click on "Contribute and Existing Deviation" and it should bring you up to a screen with your artwork on it.

5. Select the artwork you'd like and click submit.

If this doesn't work, you must've messed up on something. You'll know you've submitted because the artwork will turn green and say: "You Artwork Has Been Submitted"

I hope this helps :3


Founder - Mezelznha

Current Owner - EricNyx
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Buy/Sell Quality Works!
10,641 Watchers
Created Dec 2013
Are you working with Paypal but you don't have commissionists or you don't find a great commissioner for your ideas? This is your place!
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Created Dec 2013
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Show your deviance to the world!
3,737 Watchers
Created Dec 2013
Banner made by Konui . Go tell him how awesome it looks.

New member? Click here:…

On Steam? Come join our group:…

English, by wariodude128:

This is a group for any and all kinds of art. From Anthro to Fan Art. From Macabre to Body art. From Portraits to Scenery. If you have it, we want it. If we don't want it yet, give it time.

If you're wondering if you should join this group, you only need to ask yourself the question: Do I want to be a part of something bigger than myself? If the answer is yes, then come on in and join. You won't regret it.

French, by stevie-wydder. Edited by SuBWaReZ:

Voici un groupe pour tous et pour tout types d'art. De l'anthro au fan art. Du macabre à l'art corporel. Du portrait au paysage.
Si vous en avez, nous sommes preneurs. Si nous n'en voulons pas pour l'instant, laissez-nous le temps.
Si vous vous demandez si vous devez rejoindre ce groupe, posez-vous la question: est-ce que je veux participer à quelque chose de plus grand que moi-même? Si la réponse est oui, alors rejoignez-nous, vous ne le regretterez pas.

Spanish, by Ullamaliztli:

Este es un grupo para todo tipo de arte. Desde anthro hasta fan art. De lo macabro al arte corporal. De retratos a escenarios. Si lo tienes, nosotros lo queremos. Si no lo tienes aún, dale tiempo.
Si te estás preguntando cómo puedes unirte a este grupo, sólo tienes que preguntarte a tí mismo: ¿Realmente quiero ser parte de algo más grande que yo mismo?
Si la respuesta es sí, ven y únetennos. No te arrepentirás.

Italian, by emmagucci:

Questo è un gruppo per qualunque e tutti i tipi di arte. Dagli Anthro alle Fan Art. Dal Macabro al Body art. Dai ritratti agli Scenari. Se ce l'hai, noi la vogliamo. Se ancora non la vogliamo, dacci del tempo.

Se ti stai chiedendo se dovresti entrare in questo gruppo, dovresti farti una domanda: Voglio essere parte di un qualcosa più grande di me? Se la risposta è sì, allora vieni e unisciti a noi. Non te ne pentirai.

Portuguese, by giovanna-71, edited by Zeryuo

Este é um grupo para todo e qualquer tipo de arte. De anthro à fan art. Do macabro à arte corporal. De retratos a cenários. Se você tem isso, nós o queremos. Se nós ainda não o queremos, seja paciente.
Se você está se questionando se deve se juntar a este grupo, você só precisa perguntar isso a si mesmo: Será que eu quero ser parte de algo maior do que eu? Se a resposta for sim, então venha e junte-se. Você não vai se arrepender.

Romanian, by lorrena97:

Acesta este un grup pentru oricare si toate tipurile de arta. De la Anthro pana la Fan Art. De la macabru pana la arta corpului.De la portrete la peisaje. Daca tu le ai, noi le vrem.Daca noi nu il vrem, acorda-ne timp.

Daca te gandesti sa te alaturi acestui grup, ar trebui sa te intrebi : Vreau sa fac parte din ceva mai mare decat eu insami? Daca raspunsul este da, atunci vina si alatura-te. Nu vei regreta.

Greek, by geosis093:

Αυτό είναι ενα group για κάθε ειδους τέχνη.Απο Anthro μέχρι fan art.Απο Μacabre μέχρι Body art.Απο Portraits μέχρι Scenery.Αν το έχετε,τοτε το θέλουμε.Αν δεν το θέλουμε τώρα,δώστε του λίγο χρονο.

Αν αναρωτιεστε αν πρεπει να μπείτε στο group,ρωτηστε τον εαυτό σας:Θέλω να είμαι μέρος κάτι μεγαλύτερου απο μένα;Αν η απάντηση είναι ναι,τοτε ελάτε και κάντε join.
Δεν θα το μετά νιώσετε.

German, by FeliFee:

Dies ist eine Gruppe für alle Arten von Kunst. Von Anthro bis Fan Art. Von makaber bis Körperschmuck. Von Portraits bis Szenerie. Wenn Ihr diese habt, würden wir diese gerne hier zeigen. Wenn es erst nicht freigeschaltet wird ,bitten wir um Geduld die Uploads zu prüfen.

Wenn Sie sich fragen, ob Sie bei dieser Gruppe teilnehmen möchten, müssen Sie sich nur selbst die Frage stellen: Will ich ein Teil von etwas größerem als ich selbst sein? Wenn die Antwort ja ist, dann herzlich willkommen. Sie werden es nicht bereuen!

Dutch, by lux69aeterna:

Dit is een groep voor alle soorten kunst. Van Anthro tot Fan Art, van Macabre tot Body Art en van portretten tot landschappen. Als jij het hebt, willen we het. Als we het nog niet willen, geef het wat tijd.

Als jij je afvraagt of je lid van deze groep wilt worden, stel jezelf eerst de vraag: wil ik een deel worden van iets dat groter is dan mezelf? Als het antwoord ja is, zal je het zeker niet betreuren!

Norwegian, by sHavYpus:

Dette er en gruppe for alle typer kunst. Alt fra Anthro til Fan-art. Fra Makaber kunst til Kropps-kunst. Fra Portretter til Landskap. Hvis du har det, vil vi ha det. Hvis vi ikke vil ha det enda, så gi det litt tid.

Dersom du lurer på om du skal bli med i denne gruppen, trenger du kun å stille deg selv et spørsmål: Vil jeg være en del av noe som er større en meg selv? Hvis svaret er ja, så bli med da vel. Du kommer ikke til å angre på det.

Polish, by MsSoara:

Ta grupa powstała dla wszystkich rodzajów sztuki. Od Anthro po Fan Arty. Od makabry po Body art. Od portretów po pejzaże. Jeżeli masz któreś z powyższych, zgłoś się do nas. Jeżeli nie odpowiemy, zachowaj cierpliwość.

Jeśli zastanawiasz się, czy chcesz dołączyć do naszej grupy, najpierw odpowiedz sobie na jedno pytanie: Czy naprawdę chcę być częścią czegoś większego? Jeśli Twoja odpowiedź brzmi tak, dołącz do nas. Nie będziesz żałować.

Czech, by Aquiliris:

Toto je skupina pro všechny druhy umění. Od anthro po fan art. Od macabre po body-art. Od portrétu po scenérii. Pokud to máte, chceme to. Pokud to ještě nechceme, dejte tomu čas.

Jestli si říkáte, zda byste se měli připojit k této skupině, potřebujete se jen zeptat sami sebe: "Chci být součástí něčeho většího, než jsem já sám?" Pokud je odpověď "ano", pak pojďte a přidejte se. Nebudete litovat.

Croatian, by WilliamTheEarth:

Ovo je grupa za bilo koje i sve vrste umjetnosti. Od antropologije do Fan Arta. Od sablasnog rada do body arta. Od portreta do pejzaža. Ako ga imate, mi to želimo. Ako mi to ne želimo još, dajte joj vremena.

Ako se pitate da li ćete pridružiti ovoj grupi, samo trebate pitati sebe pitanje: Da li želim biti dio nečega većeg od sebe? Ako je odgovor da, onda uđi i pridruži se. Nećete požaliti!

Slovene, by YumikoStarlight:

To je skupina za vse vrste umetnosti. Od anthro slik do fan arta. Od temačne tematike do telesne umetnosti. Od portretov do scenskih slikarij. Če imate talent za karkoli od omenjenega, ga bomo z veseljem sprejeli. Če ga še ne sprejmemo, mu posvetite le še nekaj časa.

Če se sprašujete ali naj se pridružite tej skupini ali ne, se morate vprašati le eno samo vprašanje – ali želite biti del nečesa več? Če je vaš odgovor da, potem se nam pridružite. Ne bo vam žal.

Belarusian, by ANeDe:

Гэтая група прызначана для ўсіх вiдау мастацтва. Ад антропоморфізму да фан-арту. Ад макабры да бодзі-арту. Ад партрэту да пейзажу. Калі ў вас гэта ёсць, мы жадаем гэтага ў нашай галерэі. Калi мы яшчэ не жадаем гэтага, пачакайце трохi.

Калi вы яшчэ абмяркоўвайце, павiнны вы ўступіць у групу цi не. Вам трэба задаць сабе адно пытанне: цi хачу я быць часткай чагосьці большага, чым я сам? Калі адказ - так, тады заходзьце і далучайцесь. Вы не пашкадуеце аб гэтым.

Ukrainian, by Lora-Vysotskaya:

Це група створена для преставлення будь-якого і усіх видів мистецтва. Від Антропоморфізму до Фан-Арту. Від Хоррору до Бодиарту. Від портретів до пейзажів. Якщо у вас це є, ми цього хочемо. Якщо ми ще не хочемо, ми просто доки не знаємо про цей вид мистецтва.

Якщо ви досі міркуєте, чи повинні ви приєднатися до цієї групи, вам потрібно тільки задати собі питання: чи хочу я бути частиною чогось більшого, ніж я сам? Якщо відповідь так, то негайно приєднуйтесь до нас. Ви не пошкодуєте.

Russian, by crystaljaw:

Эта группа создана для всех видов и проявлений исскуства, будь то Антропоморфизм, Фан-арт, Макабр, Бодиарт, Портрет или Пейзаж. Мы нуждаемся в Вашем искусстве, а если нет - значит мы еще не готовы к нему.
Если же Вы всё ещё задаётесь вопросом, должны ли Вы вступать в нашу группу, задайтесь вопросом: "Хочу ли я быть частью чего-нибудь большого?". Если ответ утвердителен - милости просим, Вы не пожалеете.

Serbian, by FalconSketcher:

Ovo je grupa za sve vrste umetnosti. Od Anthro do Fan Art. Od Macabre do Body Art. Od Portreta do Scenaria. Ako posedujes to, onda mi to zelimo. Ako to ne zelimo, daj mu malo vremena.

Ako se pitas da li bi trebalo da se pridruzis ovoj grupi, samo trebas da se zapitas: "Da li ja zelim da budem deo necega veceg od mene?" Ako je odgovor da, onda dodji i pridruzi se. Neces zazaliti.

Indonesian, by cha4os:

Grup ini menerima berbagai macam jenis art, mulai dari anthro hingga fan art, macabre hingga body art, dan potrait serta scenery. Jika kamu punya, maka kita mau (untuk dipublish dalam grup). Jika kita belum mau untuk menerimanya, tetap belajar dan tunggulah saat yang tepat.

Jika kamu bingung apakah mau untuk masuk ke dalam grup ini, kamu hanya perlu bertanya kepada dirimu sendiri: apakah saya mau untuk menjadi suatu bagian yang lebih besar dari diri saya sekarang ini? jika jawabnya "iya", maka datang dan ikutlah. kamu tidak akan menyesalinya.

Bahasa Malaysian (Malay), by K4nK4n:

'Group' (kumpulan) ini adalah untuk semua jenis seni. Dari seni 'anthro' hingga ke seni buatan peminat. Dari seni ngeri hingga ke seni badan. Dari seni potret hingga ke seni pemandangan. Jika kamu ada seni, kami mahukannya. Jika kami belum mahukannya, berikan masa.

Jika kamu berfikir sama ada kamu harus menertai 'group' ini, anda hanya perlu tanya diri sendiri soalan ini: "Adakah saya ingin menjadi sebahagian daripada sesuatu yang lebih besar daripada diri saya sendiri?" Jika jawapannya ialah "ya", marilah sertai kami. Kamu takkan menyesal.

Chinese, by new-redcomic:



Korean, by OakJum9014:

이 그룹은 어떤 종류든 상관 없이 어떤 작품이든 올릴 수 있습니다. 의인화된 동물부터 팬아트까지, 죽음을 연상시키는 호러한 작품에서 바디 페인트까지, 초상화부터 풍경화까지 어떤 것이든 상관없습니다. 당신이 가지고 있는게 무엇이든, 우린 항상 당신의 작품을 보길 원합니다.
이 그룹에 가입할지 말지 망설여진다면, 당신 스스로에게 질문을 해보세요. 나 자신보다 큰 무언가의 일부분이 되길 원하는지. 대답이 '네' 라면, 어서 우리의 일원이 되어주세요. 절대 후회하지 않을 겁니다.

Japanese, by TemeCharo:




Thai, by Red-Romanov:

กลุ่มนี้คือกลุ่มเพื่องงานศิลปะทั้งหมด ตั้งแต่แนวแอนโทรจนไปถึงแฟนอาร์ต ตั้งแต่แนวมืดไปจนถึงบอดี้อาร์ท ทั้งแต่รูปวาดคนไปจนถึงรูปทิวทัศน์ ถ้าคุณมี มาหาเราได้เลยครับ

ถ้ายังสงสัยอยู่ว่าจะเข้าร่วมกลุ่มนี้ไปเพื่ออะไร ขอแค่คุณถามตัวเองว่า อยากจะเป็นส่วนหนึ่งของสิ่งที่ยิ่งใหญ่กว่าคุณไหม ถ้าใช่ มาเข้าร่วมกับเราได้เลย แล้วคุณจะไม่เสียดายครับ

Arabic, by Madam-Shyarly:

هذه المجموعة مجموعة عن أي وجميع أنواع الفن. من عينثرو إلى مروحة الفن. من بشع للفن الجسم. من صور لمشهد. إذا كان لديك، ونحن نريد ذلك. وإذا كنا لا نريد ذلك حتى الآن، واعطائها الوقت.

إذا كنت أتساءل إذا كان يجب أن تنضم إلى هذه المجموعة، ما عليك سوى أن تسأل نفسك هذا السؤال: هل أريد أن أكون جزء من شيء أكبر من نفسي؟ إذا كان الجواب نعم، ثم تأتي في والانضمام. أنت لن نأسف لذلك.
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