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Are you one of us?
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Created Aug 2010
Hidden from everyday society, there are certain people who can transform into Pokemon. These are called Pokeumans. Some want to live in peace and harmony with humanity, while others believe that they are a superior race.

But not all is well. A secret war rages between the Pokeuman and the Pokextinction organizations. The former sees themselves as rebels, hiding from humanity due to fear of persecution or fighting against an oppressive system. The latter, on the other hand, fear the Pokeuman want a world ruled by only Pokeuman and thus, they strive to serve as humanities’ guardians.

You must be one of them. What's your name?
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A home for writers everywhere!
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Created Aug 2009
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For the writers and readers
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Created Dec 2009
Are you an unnoticed poet or story writer? Join us! This group is for writers who want to show their works off to fellow writers.
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Where Writers Find Writing
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Created Jan 2010
Doesn't it ever seem that the expansiveness of deviantArt comes with the cost that it becomes harder to find good art—and for your own art to be found as well? And it's even harder for us writers, since "art" is something visual to so many people.
But WriterArt is a mini-community within the big world that is deviantArt, where writers can focus their audience to just a specific group of people who are more likely to discover and comment on each other's literature.
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theWrittenRevolution Super
The words are the spark.
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Created Dec 2009
[the written] revolution |ˌrevəˈlo͞oSHən|
1. a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people's ideas about it.
2. an auspicious movement dedicated to the evolution of writers and their various distinct crafts through a cycle of community-based motivation, critique and improvement.

theWrittenRevolution is a literature group centred on critique - we want our members to grow as writers, and help others grow! To keep the flame of creativity alive, we help you through writing prompts, chat events, workshops and publishing opportunities! We also share contests and events from the Lit community to help you keep track of everything going on around here. (:

So pick up your pen and ignite your paper with creativity and inspiration!

Anyone is welcome – whether you love writing, critiquing or just reading, you can be a part of the writing phenomenon that is rocking the DeviantArt world.
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Literature Lovers
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Created Aug 2009
Live-Love-Write is a club all about helping the writers here on deviantArt, new and old. Through contests, features and much more, writers are given a chance to express themselves and learn more from others.
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You know you want to join!
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Created Mar 2010
We are a writing group for everyone on DeviantART!
Don't be afraid to join us! We accept fanfics and original works.
So please join and enjoy yourself, and then call your friends as well~


P.S. We have one rule. Be nice to your fellow authors. :meow: ~Z
P.P.S. Other than that, no rules. ~hinatakaname.
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Only Poetry
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Created Dec 2009
To help bring a spotlight to the poets of dA. Open eyes and minds, accepting works of poetry.
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Poetry Feeds Our Souls
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Created Jan 2010
Welcome to LooseLacesPoetry, despite our name, we accept other forms of literature as well. We're a group of writers from all over, with different styles and skills, hope you enjoy your stay. Check out our affiliates as well! <3

Click on the links below, hopefully they should help =)


Rules & How To Submit

Affiliates' News

Birthday List

Current Contest
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brainstorm theory
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Created Oct 2011
This group is like any other hetalia fan-fiction group, with contests, and the lot of it!
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