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Created Aug 2010
Hidden from everyday society, there are certain people who can transform into Pokemon. These are called Pokeumans. Some want to live in peace and harmony with humanity, while others believe that they are a superior race.

But not all is well. A secret war rages between the Pokeuman and the Pokextinction organizations. The former sees themselves as rebels, hiding from humanity due to fear of persecution or fighting against an oppressive system. The latter, on the other hand, fear the Pokeuman want a world ruled by only Pokeuman and thus, they strive to serve as humanities’ guardians.

You must be one of them. What's your name?
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Helping hone skills to shine!
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Created Aug 2014
Do you enjoy reading or writing superb poetry and prose? This group is for showcasing excellent works, and improving our writing skills. Submitted pieces are moderated, and we are looking for a few more admins to help fulfill this task!

:star: Members may submit 1 piece per folder per day, subject to vote.
:star: Members may recommend 1 piece to the favorites gallery per day — please don't recommend your own work!
:star: Members of affiliates may submit 1 piece per folder per week, subject to vote — to encourage membership.
:star: Affiliate requests are subject to vote — give us a reason to say yes!
:star: Submissions: No bigotry or deliberately offensive material. Mature is fine, with tags. Controversial is fine.
:star: Etiquette: Play nicely. We're here to support each other. :heart:

Lovely to meet you,

:heart: Roc, Copper, & Bunny
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There's no such thing as The End
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Created May 2014
We don't care whether you write original fiction, fanfiction, fact-fiction (if there even is such a thing), it's all welcome here. We host challenges for you to push your writing skills as well.
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Calling all Originals!
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Created Mar 2011
It's a literature group, for all types of writers. Poetry, short stories, chapters in books, anything written is allowed here. We want people to speak their hearts through their words, though they can't be heard by voice, but by ink and a pen.

-be respectful to the other members and staff
-Mature content is allowed, as long as you have the filter on it.
-works must be original, plagiarism is frowned upon here and not allowed. (This includes rearranging lyrics/words NOT made by you)
-Comments on other members work is recommended! This group is for finding new writers, and helping them improve!
-follow the rules placed for contests!
-most of all, HAVE FUN!
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Writing till the end of time!!
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Created Apr 2011
This group is for any writer who enjoys getting critique, comments, and suggestions from other other terms, an inspirational pool of pure awesomeness (in writing form) You can submit fanfictions, poetry, and original stories--it's all up to you, at writing-4-life.
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Moving. See journal.
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Created Jan 2010
Author's Escape is a group for authors of any type of literature, be it novel, short story, or poem. We work to promote literature here on deviantART, so if you're an author - especially one who's not commonly seen - please, feel free to join!
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My heart is ever at your service
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Created May 2010
RomanceforEveryone - A toasty hub for writers, poets and artists of the romance genre. Whether you write poetry or prose, original work or fanfiction, you'll find somewhere to put it here. All standards of writing are welcome, because we simply love love.

Tag line quote established from William Shakespeare's Timon of Athens.
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The group for Pokemon Writers!
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Created Nov 2010
We're a group dedicated to make Pokemon Stories, Poems, or the such.
Any kind of Literature is allowed here, as long as it is Pokemon Literature!

Pokemon is copyright Nintendo and Gamefreak.
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Cool Cats Who Write
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Created Nov 2006
This group is for writers looking for constructive criticism, writing tips, and encouragement. A place for those wanting to improve their skills.

The Writer's Meow showcases everything from fiction and fan fiction, to poetry and songs, to nonfiction articles and essays. Seasoned writers and novices with a dream of writing are encouraged to join.
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Write, write, write.
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Created Nov 2012
Writing-Commissions is the first deviantART group focused on literary commissions. Created by KaixChan on November 20th, 2012, the group was formed with one dream: To be a place where writers can join, spread their commission information, and get their names out there in the commissioning scene.

Writing-Commissions has expanded over the years; we have two admins besides the founder, imaginary-rose and newest admin x-chaoticdawn-x. imaginary-rose has been an invaluable help with expanding and getting the group to where it is today, and we're sure x-chaoticdawn-x will be a valuable asset as well!

Thanks for checking us out!
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