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Promoting YOUR adoptables~
6,312 Watchers
Created May 2013
Delightful-Adopts is an adoptable group that is here to promote and advertise your adoptables! We accept both feral (animal), furry and humanoid adoptables as well as original species. Join requests are automatically accepted so don't hesitate to come check us out!
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point cash trade offer auction..
4,132 Watchers
Created Jan 2013
Points, cash, draw2adopt, auctions, trades, offers, pallet adopts, eggs, humans, kemonomimi, anthro, canine, avian, reptiles, ponies/horses, original species, mixed adopts, raffle or give away, free and adoptable bases....all welcome!
The right group for you!
5,600 Watchers
Created Feb 2013
Adopt-Commish-Shop is a group dedicated to being a place where people can post their Commission info, finished commissions, and adoptables to sell. We hope that you will enjoy your time here. If you need any help, please contact one of the admins. Have a wonderful day!
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Digitalists Super
Digital Art HQ
2,621 Watchers
Created Feb 2013
Home of the DeviantArt Digital Art volunteer team. This group is a hub for art, news, contests, announcements and activities regarding Digital Art.
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Auction Adopts Here!
5,056 Watchers
Created Apr 2013
A group only for auctioning adoptables! Come join to have your artwork be discovered! If you are looking for that one special auction adoptable, here is the place to find it!
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Only the Cutest and the Best!
8,061 Watchers
Created Jun 2012
Here's a group dedicated to collecting the cutest and highest-quality DeviantArt adoptables out there!
Accepting All Adopts!
3,409 Watchers
Created Sep 2012
We-Adopt is a group where you are able to buy and sell your adoptable designs.
DazzlingDecorations Super
Everyone loves a Personal Touch~
3,043 Watchers
Created Nov 2012
A resource group to help collect and share wonderful graphics of all media types that is meant to be used as a decoration for your profile and/or journal! Here you will not only find arts for this purpose but how-to's with code examples and samples on some of these wonders being put to use!
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Join the fun!
6,686 Watchers
Created Feb 2012
Interested in adopts?
Then feel free to join our group.
We will try our best to help everyone in selling their adopts!
And if you are interesting in adopting one, we are guarantee that you will be able to find an adopt in this group that's just for you.

Thanks y'all for joining!
Wait, what do you mean you haven't joined yet?
Well, what are you waiting for?
Come join the family!
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3,247 Watchers
Created Mar 2012
This is an Adoption Group!
This group is for adoptable makers, owners, buyers & sellers!
Joining adoption groups is a great way to promote your adoptables and get them noticed by others C:
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