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Cute and sweet!
18 Watchers
Created Jun 2018
From Ych, to Bases, all the way to Gachas and Mystery! Ice-Cream-Adopts has it all!
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Who says cats don't show love?
3 Watchers
Created Jun 2018
Cats--big or small--being affectionate with people!
A heaven for rodent photography
1 Watchers
Created Jul 2018
Brodents is made to spread love for rodents, and to have the purpose of a big photo collection. Any rodents are welcome.
Semi-open Species
9 Watchers
Created Jul 2018
Group for the Furelemins, which are semi-open species made by erinnyuuu.
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Stay High ❤
11 Watchers
Created Jun 2018
oh thank god this group doesnt exist yet. fucking bless
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Where nature's jewelry belongs.
3 Watchers
Created Jul 2018
Gemstones Collection is a group for people who loved collecting gemstones, jewels, minerals, rocks, and stones. Gemstones have special abilities for bringing lucks, healing emotions, and go well together with other minerals out there in our world. If you are interested in joining this group, please send the Group Founder (BleachForFirstPerson) for the permission, as long as the request is a specific reason.
the dark side of The Mario games
1 Watchers
Created Jun 2018
pretty self explanatory. it's a dark twist on the otherwise innocent Mario Brothers series
I like blue turtles
7 Watchers
Created Jul 2018
draw fanart or something here I guess ://////////////////////////////
If the title was misleading and you just like the colour blue you can just submit blue themed art lmaoo
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Pocket Dragons!
2 Watchers
Created Jul 2018
This is a nice lil group for an original species, Pocket dragons! Anyone is allowed to join, however making one you need, A: permission, or B: an adopt. Just ask for perms :D

Pocket dragons are small dragons with the most notable features being the variations in tails, head spikes, size, and accessories.
Pocket dragons do not reproduce as they lay eggs on the odd occasion that the place and time are just right, on average they lay about 5 eggs a batch every 2 years, your Pocket Dragon can even have babies! but make sure they are at the correct age or the eggs may be born infertile (as in without a shike (baby pocket dragon) inside) when looking to have baby dragons you must ask an admin to allow/disallow babies, you are allowed to do whatever you want with babies (adoptables, keep, or just get rid of them)
Pocket dragons are very adaptable to diffrent climates and habitats, some Pocket Dragons are even know'n to grow wings or fins!
Pocket dragons eat fruit and flowers, they do not need to drink water because they actually absorb moisture through the air.
If a Pocket Dragon is living in a very harsh enviorment (bottom of the sea/volcano) they may actually change their state of matter (somewhat), some pocket dragons turn into lava rock when living in volcanos, some Pocket dragons turn into extreamly conpressed water.

Thats all you really need to know about them!
Surat Photography Group
1 Watchers
Created Jul 2018
Our group is dedicated to supporting the activities of Fine arts, Drawings, and Photography.
Bringing together friends, fans and collectors of photoshoot and photography and photo-arts.
We wish to remain a vibrant, creative, and vital part of the art community but we can’t do it without you. Please consider joining today.

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