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The Next Anything-BFDI
69 Watchers
Created Sep 2018
It’s about anything objects and we like anything objects or object shows like bfb and inanimate insanity
Art for all to see.
29 Watchers
Created Sep 2018
This group is the group where you can show your art to everyone. We're a club aimed at bringing together, promoting, and sharing skills between all artists and artisans of any style and levels of ability. This group is not just a collection of pictures. Rather, it is a feature of outstanding artworks made in various styles by various people from across the globe.
Recent Blog: Welcome to The-Art-Connection!, submitted 3 days ago
The Only Disney TF Group on DA
12 Watchers
Created Sep 2018
We are fans of both Disney and Transformation Fetish. If you ever liked the Donkey Transformation scene in Pinnochio, the Black Magic Scene in The Three Caballeros, or if you even have a kink that Disney hasn't made yet, then this is the group for you.
-En Construcción-
4 Watchers
Created Sep 2018
Grupo de Poke-Gijinkas en un mundo de Fantasía Medieval, en donde participarán con una mecánica especializada y exclusiva para este modo de rol. Únicamente para personas invitadas por parte del administrador.
MantakitBay Super
Step Ashore!
6 Watchers
Created Sep 2018
5 Watchers
Created Sep 2018
Konichis are small fluffy mammals who love clinging to whoever may find themselves bonding with one! They come in many shapes and varients, no two are alike!

They are a semi-closed species! MYO coming soon!
3 Watchers
Created Sep 2018
The goal of this blog is to gather up resources that can be used in the making of projects built using the program Ren'Py and keep track of them in the posts on here, to make it easier for creators to find.

We are "UnOfficial" -- which means we are not endorsed or affiliated with Ren'py, the program, and/or it's website. However, we are affiliated with the Ren'Py group here on deviantART.
270 Watchers
Created Aug 2018
There are very few active poetry groups. So why not make one?
Recent Blog: 250+ members, submitted 2 days ago
7 Watchers
Created Sep 2018
This Group is kinda still under construction,
Please be patient.
ChristianCreatives Super
Christian Artists / Diverse Art
12 Watchers
Created Sep 2018
Christian Creatives is a group in which Christians from all denominations can gather to share their art and writing. We are similar to the official Christians group in that we require all members to read and agree to our statement of faith, but we differ from them in that we accept almost any submission from each Christian artist who joins us rather than accepting only Christ-centered art. Feel free to join our community!

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