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Art for all to see.
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Created Sep 2018
This group is the group where you can show your art to everyone. We're a club aimed at bringing together, promoting, and sharing skills between all artists and artisans of any style and levels of ability. This group is not just a collection of pictures. Rather, it is a feature of outstanding artworks made in various styles by various people from across the globe.
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MantakitBay Super
Step Ashore!
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Created Sep 2018
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Created Sep 2018
Konichis are small fluffy mammals who love clinging to whoever may find themselves bonding with one! They come in many shapes and varients, no two are alike!

They are a semi-closed species! MYO coming soon!
ChristianCreatives Super
Christian Artists / Diverse Art
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Created Sep 2018
Christian Creatives is a group in which Christians from all denominations can gather to share their art and writing. We are similar to the official Christians group in that we require all members to read and agree to our statement of faith, but we differ from them in that we accept almost any submission from each Christian artist who joins us rather than accepting only Christ-centered art. Feel free to join our community!
Manga Greenlit
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Created Sep 2018
This is a closed group solely run by the Absolute God of Subspace Tabuu. This will be the site of the future Super Smash Bros. manga, THE FINAL WARS. There's only one person in charge. It's closed off the public, so therefore, you can only view (nothing). Manga coming in 2019. Anime adaptation in 20 years time.
Witchcraft Only
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Created Sep 2018
This group is my personal collection of witchcraft - related graphics that I've personally created, photographs taken of witchcraft and items, and other projects related to that effect.
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Created Sep 2018
This group was created so everyone can post their artworks featuring Bowsette or "Lady Bowser".
All kind of art is allowed as long as it shows Bowsette.
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Created Sep 2018
We are a group who made christmas sister location models last year xd
now we remade the team for update the models and it went pretty great
hope people can watch us cuz I'm hella proud of what our members just done uwu
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Created Sep 2018
~ This group was created to solely bring Bunny-Roll owners Together!~


Bunny-Rolls are bunny-like creatures that live in urban-based society. They each have unique passions and are very social about them!
Every Bunny-Roll has a unique coat and sense of style. Bunny-Rolls can wear clothes, but it isn't unusual to see undressed Bunny-Rolls every now and then. Most Bunny-Rolls have a theme they stick to, based on their coat design!
They are averagely sized, being about 4'7 to 5'4 ft. tall. All Bunny-Rolls have a rolled up tail, mostly resembling a cinnamon-roll. They also have droopy ears, but these ears can be put into ponytails and buns.

More information will be made soon!
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Created Sep 2018
Does your oc feel stressed or tired. Join Teddyverse where your oc can have the ultimate relaxation in there rooms.
How to join.
Draw a room and an oc that you want to relax (they'll get some powder to come to Teddyverse). Then i'll draw the TeddyBearafied of the oc and then i can draw the scenes as the relax!!! Join if you want.

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