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Never stop dreaming!
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Created Aug 2012
This group is dedicated to all digital artists that are not afraid to dream. Our mission is to connect and inspire digital artists, providing a place for all the gentle souls and lost dreamers.
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Puts the Deviant in DeviantArt
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Created Oct 2011
We are dedicated to the Perverted.
Showcasing the most Erotic Photography and Illustrations that Deviant Art has to offer.
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3D Nude Fantasy Women
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Created Jul 2010
Selection of digital art depicting beautiful 3D nude fantasy women warriors, elves, slaves, fairies and other awe-inspiring scenes.
Folder 'Full 3D Nude' works must be digital, 3D, full nude women, elves, fairies etc. Strictly 3D images and no animations.

Full Nude, Full Nude 3DII:
Due to the size of the group, we need to abide by the rules. It must be obvious there is no covering on breasts and genitalia. Even if fully clothed and a nipple and genitalia are not covered, it will be accepted. It can be visible or subtle, but obviously not covered. No panties or g-strings that cover the genitalia.

Partial 3D Nude:
Must have no covering over at least 1 body part - nipple or genitalia.

Non-nude - Just Beautiful 3D:
Female, fairies, elves - any 3D work that is beautiful, sensuous, non-nude and immensely pleasurable to the eye.

In all cases:

No male genitalia is allowed.
Works must be in the category Digital Art / 3-Dimensional Art /.
Must be female, human/human-like or resembling human (beautiful aliens, beautiful cyborgs).
No cross-overs - I reserve the judgement to decide. I.e. a woman that has morphed completely or almost completely into an animal will be rejected.

This group has grown quite large. thank you! :-) But this also means I do not have time to explain all rejections. If your's was rejected, please double check the rules. If you think I missed something, let me know. If it's clear why, then no need. Examples: 1) I receive numerous non-3D works. 2) There are numerous head shots. 3) non-nude works are submitted to full 3d nude.
Doll Bases of all kinds!!
4,211 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
Al kinds of bases will be brought into this club.
Doll Base Makers deserve to be noticed too!!!!
Used Pixel bases will also be accepted
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Digital Paintings R Us!
10,290 Watchers
Created Feb 2010
This group is for digital painting and tutorials on digital painting. It does not matter what program was used or if the lines was made with traditional media just as long as it was painted digitally. The group is for everyone who wants a place where the galleries have quality digital paintings only and no other media.
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Enter the world of 3D Pinups!
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Created May 2010
This group is dedicated to 3D pinups only.
Join Us...
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Created May 2010
A club for all digital artists!
23,120 Watchers
Created Oct 2005
DigitalArtNetwork first saw the light in 2005 (we're old! lol). We welcome all types of digital art and our aim is to bring together digital artists and help them showcase their art.

To submit your art, please refer to our guidelines :above: above :above:
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for everything cute!
11,481 Watchers
Created Apr 2009
The Moe Club is a group for anime/manga fans who like the "moe" style of anime/manga art
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United Chibi Fans of DeviantArt
13,183 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
Group for people who love chibi characters! Dedicated both to those who draw chibis and want to share their works and those who'd like to learn (you'll find tutorials here!). Chibi fans are welcome too!

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