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MaleReader-Inserts Super
Biggest M!Reader group on DA!
4,290 Watchers
Created Jul 2013
Hi! This is a group for male!reader inserts. Anyone is welcome to join or add their male/gender neutral!reader fanfictions!

We're the biggest M!Reader group on DA and proud of it! Come join us and have a part in growing our little community of readers!

Our Admins are always ready to help if you ever need anything, so don't be afraid to ask questions if you're hesitant about joining the group!

Thanks, and have an awesome day!
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Where YOU are part of the story!
7,355 Watchers
Created Jun 2011
This is a group for anyone to submit whatever reader-insert they want. Any fandom, show, book etc. is accepted. They may seem silly to some but reader-inserts are fun to read and get the reader involved. Active reading can be fun and keeps the reader interested. Anyone can join! No need to put in your reasons, just click the "Join" button and welcome! Have fun, and be courteous! =^● ⋏ ●^=

If you want to make a folder suggestion, feel free to leave a group comment or note us!
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Be a Part of Different Worlds~!
3,879 Watchers
Created Jul 2013

Everyone and anyone is accepted! There are just a few important rules.

For some clearer guides, here are the:
Folder List:
A Guide For Those Who Submit:
A Guide For New Members (Mandatory):

-All readers inserts based on anime, vocaloids, and even games (such as Kingdom Hearts, Mad Father, Ib, Misao,etc.) are gladly accepted of course! And anything that is remotely close to the anime art style is welcomed too (like Voltron or Avatar)!

-This is a group for READER INSERTS and FANFICTION, NO FANART!!!!! I'M SERIOUS!!! (unless that's part of your story)

-Lemons are very much allowed ^o^ (BUT PLEASE LABEL IT AS SO)

-Even ____ x OC are allowed. Just make sure to submit your work in the proper folder, please~!

-Story does NOT have to be in second person POV

-Reader Inserts for both male and female readers are accepted. Just be aware that there are specific folders for the gender so PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TURN IT IN TO THE CORRECT ONE~!!!

-Be nice! Just think about your comment before you post it (Pretty simple stuff ^-^)

-Please have fairly good grammar in your work! It doesn't have to be completely perfect! We wont criticize for a few misspells or missing punctuation and grammar, but please don't let it be completely not understandable!

- If you don't see a folder you need, just ask! It's as simple as that! (but make sure you check we don't have one!) HOWEVER! When you ask for a folder please give me the name of the anime and if its for FEM or MALE!
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Support, inspire, encourage.
2,251 Watchers
Created Jan 2012
:writersblock: We are a very active and open community of writers. Though we mainly focus on poetry, this group is dedicated to all literature -- poetry, prose, novels, etc. Our main purpose is to support, inspire, and encourage aspiring poets and authors.

You're invited to become a member today! :email:
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TF stories collection
1,121 Watchers
Created Mar 2014
This is a group intended to collect and share transformation stories which are posted on deviantart.

We are accepting all content, including explicit and rated R stuff.

We also have our own Discord:

Feel free to come and chat!
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TalentedWritersGuild Super
Talented writers, quality lit!
1,050 Watchers
Created Jul 2010
We are a selective literature group; not all submissions make it through, and we ask you to be understanding of this. A declined piece is not a bad piece; it's just not what the judges perceive to be exceptional.

While we welcome open dialogue, harassment or abuse of admins will not be tolerated.
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Biblioteka polskich fanficów
329 Watchers
Created Nov 2012
Biblioteka polskich fanfików.
Kontynuacyjne, poboczne, alternatywne?
To nie ma znaczenia - najważniejsze, że po polsku ♡
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your ever-friendly lit club!
1,981 Watchers
Created Jan 2008
We are a club dedicated to prose and poetry writers of any style, genre, characters, themes, and more. If anyone wants a place to show off their under appreciated literary style for their genre of choice, we welcome him/her with open arms, wide eyes, and great interest.
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Stories featuring female muscle!
637 Watchers
Created Jul 2015
This is a group for Female Muscle Growth stories. Girls who are already strong are welcome too. Writers can share their works, and readers of the genre can find new stories to enjoy!
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Follow Your Imagination
1,618 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
Do you love fantasy? Do you love sci fi? Do you love literature? Then this is the place for you! We are a group where all you fantasy and sci fi authors out there can post your work.

We aim to gain exposure for our wonderful members, and to help them to get and to give reviews on their writing. We have a prompts section for those with writers' block, and a critique folder for those who want more detailed feedback, amongst other features. This is intended to be a comfortable place for fantasty and sci fi authors to showcase their works.
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