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Drawing Painting Artist Portrait
9,120 Watchers
Created Apr 2010
Welcome to Portraits-Drawings

:star: You could submit or appreciate Traditional/Digital Drawings and Paintings. Special focus of the group is Portrait Drawings.

Submission details are mention at the top right side of the page.. Please be kind enough to read those to avoid disappointments. :)
Recent Blog: :devPortraits-Drawings: ACTIVE AGAIN!!, submitted 29 weeks ago
Artists of Tradition...
12,243 Watchers
Created Jun 2008
We're a club aimed at bringing together, promoting and sharing skills between traditional artists and artisans of all styles and levels of ability. We run contests, games, interviews, news articles and other activities alongside regular submissions and features in the club's gallery.
Traditional Artwork
21,602 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
Traditional-Media strives to feature some of the most inspiring traditional artworks that members submit.
This group is not just a collection of all things traditional. Rather, it is a feature of outstanding traditional artworks made in various styles.
Because pencils are awesome!
12,068 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
Recent Blog: News, submitted 11 weeks ago
Colored Pencil Love!
3,800 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
Currently the largest colored pencil group on DeviantArt! This is a group for people who like to colour or draw with colored pencils. Prismacolors, Polychromos, Derwent, Crayola, or any of your favorite brands of color pencil!
Recent Blog: Founder announcement, submitted 2 weeks ago
Pencil artists are like Gods
3,708 Watchers
Created Jun 2010
Featuring only the most amazing, inspiring pencil artists on deviantART!

This group has nothing to do with any religious God.
A Cross Stitch Community
1,185 Watchers
Created Dec 2006
In the old days there was nothing and often solo Cross Stitchers wandered for months wondering if they were the only ones of deviantART that stitched. Then one day the founders met each other and from there it seemed Stitchers were popping up all over the place and they thought, wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a community? So, from that thought, Stitching Pirates was born and we look forward to providing you with the best community possible. Don't be afraid to ask questions, provide feedback! Without the people a community just wouldn't be what it is.

Why Stitching Pirates?

The name Stitching Pirates grew from the key pirate concepts that X always marks the spot and maps lead to something wonderful. The same applies to Cross Stitch and plus pirates are just awesome. Yargh!

+ Aims & How to join
+ Submission Guidelines
+ Advertisements and Links
Recent Blog: The Looooooooooooong Contest, submitted 22 weeks ago
Prismacolor FaberCastell Derwent
1,626 Watchers
Created Jun 2014
Open to all works of art created using colored pencil. Colored pencil only as the primary medium (no graphite pencil permitted)
Recent Blog: ColoredPencilArt Feature, submitted 85 weeks ago
The DeviantArt Fox Club
1,195 Watchers
Created Aug 2005
We are a group that focusses on Foxes. Anthro foxes, normal foxes fox fan art fox taurs 3D foxes. We take em all we love em all, anything fox related is welcome.
Recent Blog: Mature Content Guidelines, submitted 218 weeks ago
We create our own reality
601 Watchers
Created Feb 2013
This group, as many other on dA, focus on creating a massive collection of traditional art.

Yeah, i focus on traditional art, digital art can give really awesome effects and images, but it just doesn't has the soul of a traditional artwork in which every single line and detail is made out of your very own hand and talent ^^

I love drawing just like many people on deviantART so let's share our work and learn a bit from other artists, that's why we're here after all, to improve our work by watching other people's art :D
Recent Blog: THE WINNERS!!, submitted 231 weeks ago

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