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~ World Signature Makers Power ~
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Created Feb 2010
Our Group Is About Signatures , And All Art Collection .

Have Fun :D
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~ Feel The Power Of The Kings
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Created Feb 2010

Welcome to our world, Signature-Kings is a group which specialized in signatures, here you will feel the real power of the kings and you will enjoy staying with us in this nice group, by the way we also accept the large art like posters, wallpapers, web layouts and styles and muchmore...

photography and designes
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Created Nov 2013
new photography and designes darawing join to group and share them
The Artists of Central Africa
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Created Jun 2013
Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Rwanda, Sao-Tomé-and-Principe - The unique platform on deviantart which aims to attract, unify and promote the artists of Central Africa, included its diaspora.
Angola, Burundi, Cameroun, Gabon, Guinée équatoriale, République centraficaine, République démocratique du Congo, Rwanda, Sao Tomé-et-Principe, Tchad - Le premier espace sur deviantart destiné à encourager, unir et promouvoir les artistes de l'Afrique centrale et sa diaspora.
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Created Apr 2012
- We Make The Art Real :)
Wish You All The Happiness :) <3 <3
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Created Aug 2014
A group for fans of Xiaolin Are available for each group to join them
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Created Jun 2017
Welcome to the MLP-Fun Group,Here we submit Bases FanArt or Traced Base from the show,every Kind of ponies will have a folder(Pegasus Folder,Unicorn Folder etc.

Read the Rules :.
.: Rules :.
-The base has to be Yours,Bases that you Steal are not Allowed.
-MS Paint,PaintToolSAI and Photoshop bases are Great.
-If the base you do is an earth pony DO NOT PUT A HORN OR
WING,Earth ponies will have a folder
- Anyone can join I will see the request and see your bases

.: Enjoy Your Time In The MLP-Fun Group :.
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Created Feb 2014
Welcome to Enchanted-Magix! Come Join and submit your artworks!!
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Created Jul 2010
it's a the place that you can post your new gen OC's
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Created Sep 2011
Worked at Innovation Advertising Agency (Creative Designer) Studies at Faculty of Commerce English Section - Lives in Beni Suef - Born on July 4 1992 .

for more information check up my works !

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