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All Things Polar
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Created Jul 2010
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:bulletblue: About:
    NC was first created in 2010 to feature the artwork of the Arctic and Antarctic habitats. Eventually, this expanded into high mountain spotlights (eg: the Himalayas') and alpine climates. The name Nanurtalik was originally taken from the founders favourite novel, yet is also an alt. spelling to the town of Nanortalik. Both names have a translation of "Place of Polar Bears" or "Place Where the Polar Bears Go."
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UMadeBro? Deal with it ;)
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Created Feb 2013
Well Hello!
Im poppy :D
Welcome to my group :3
This place is for me and my best friends... Join if you want :D
Your all welcome to submit your own art if you want... :D
Well hope you join luv ju all :D
Oh Btw Dont beg for admin because you wont get it >;3
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a departure from reality
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Created Sep 2011
This group is for everything Abstract. Whether you are a traditional, digital artist and even maybe a Abstract photographer or a little bit of everything.

There is only one rule, anything and everything is welcomed as long as its a form of Abstract art. nothing more nothing less.

The main goal to this whole group is to create the biggest and best collection of Abstract art and artists on deviantART, kind of like a digital museum. All available to anyone and everyone just from a single mouse click.
art the kouta way
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Created Jul 2016
Created Nov 2011
No public group.
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Created Oct 2012
Boys-Exchange is a group that is about giving to people on each fun holidays. The group focuses around artists who love to draw boys, have boys characters, or like cartoon boy characters. The group is artists giving other artists gifts and to make friends to last to many years to come.
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Created Feb 2012
We Love Pixels As Much As You Do .-................
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Created Feb 2017
This is a group dedicated to spreading Pokémon art to all of DA
Please keep all art in this group clean
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Created Dec 2011

A group dedicated to collecting art from deviantArt subsections: photos, literature, traditional, digital.
While also looking for the unique, simple artwork.

The pieces of art that makes you think and then some...

Why Lucy?

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - The Beatles
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Created Apr 2017
Collection your Neosaurs !
have it good a never my fanart
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