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All Things Polar
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Created Jul 2010
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:bulletblue: About:
    NC was first created in 2010 to feature the artwork of the Arctic and Antarctic habitats. Eventually, this expanded into high mountain spotlights (eg: the Himalayas') and alpine climates. The name Nanurtalik was originally taken from the founders favourite novel, yet is also an alt. spelling to the town of Nanortalik. Both names have a translation of "Place of Polar Bears" or "Place Where the Polar Bears Go."
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UMadeBro? Deal with it ;)
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Created Feb 2013
Well Hello!
Im poppy :D
Welcome to my group :3
This place is for me and my best friends... Join if you want :D
Your all welcome to submit your own art if you want... :D
Well hope you join luv ju all :D
Oh Btw Dont beg for admin because you wont get it >;3
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Created Oct 2012
Boys-Exchange is a group that is about giving to people on each fun holidays. The group focuses around artists who love to draw boys, have boys characters, or like cartoon boy characters. The group is artists giving other artists gifts and to make friends to last to many years to come.
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Created Nov 2011
No public group.
a departure from reality
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Created Sep 2011
This group is for everything Abstract. Whether you are a traditional, digital artist and even maybe a Abstract photographer or a little bit of everything.

There is only one rule, anything and everything is welcomed as long as its a form of Abstract art. nothing more nothing less.

The main goal to this whole group is to create the biggest and best collection of Abstract art and artists on deviantART, kind of like a digital museum. All available to anyone and everyone just from a single mouse click.
art the kouta way
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Created Jul 2016
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Created Feb 2017
This is a group dedicated to spreading Pokémon art to all of DA
Please keep all art in this group clean and submit to the correct folders!
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Created Jan 2015
The Disputed Land is a continent of the fantasy world Aurelia, created by TheFlyingSniper, 11george11, and Mattymodo, with the help of some others too. This world has a veeeery long history. The Elven Era saw the first humans enslaved by the elves on the Elven Isles - another continent. The humans eventually rose up and sailed across the crossed sea (hence the name) to what became known as the Disputed Land. They sailed up the enormous Jyk river and settled in the heart of the continent, at Men's Landing. The First King, who led them, has been revered ever since. Thus begins the Human Era, and the Age of the Kingdom which lasted for 5000 years until the Strife. The Strife began the Age of Unrest; a millenia in which the Kingdom split up into several different warring states and gods began to meddle in the affairs of men. This age was then replaced by the period of the Ogre Wars, from 5983-6247 HE. This time is comparable to the Hundred Years War or the Crusades, and was when the Humans first encountered the Bryony-worshipping creatures of the Vale. The Humans eventually forced the creatures back into the Vale and built Thommeth's Castle to keep it that way. So began the Age of Exploration, when Humans expanded South, West, and Northwards to found yet more Kingdoms. Then came the Middle Age from 7700-10013 HE in which the areas of The Disputed Land truly founded their own identities and cultures. This age also saw the Rise of the sub-human Dwarves of Amea and the Dodo's who founded the desert state of Dodonia. Towards the end of this age there were also several Elven attempts to invade the Disputed Land. This age gave way to the great War Against Her where a physical-bodied Bryony led enormous Vale, Dodonian, Lever and Cassian forces to conquer the realms of good. When Bryony was eventually forced into a portal, and her forces were defeated in 10026 HE the New Age began. This age of industrial enlightenment saw the empires of Jyklund, Cassia, Dodonia, and Storm Rock emerge as new world powers, whilst new states began to emerge in the previously inhospitable Great Forest. The Second War Against Her 11192-11224 HE put an end to this age and the Human Era altogether. Civilisation was completely destroyed; the old countries were completely forgotten, and almost half the population was wiped out. The Third Era begins with isolated communities fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Then, just as all seemed lost, a fallen God, the Caliph, founded the Caliphate to encompass all races and all civilisations. He massacred his fellow gods that had abandoned civilisation and fought off the new Elven and Mattanian empires that now conquered the Disputed Land. Though he planned to merely guide the races of the world, the war with the Elves made him see that they could not be trusted with their own prosperity, and so he ruled over the Caliphate with a benevolent iron fist. Soon he went further; conquering the Elven Isles, wiping out the proud Elves but encompassing their slaves into his society. However, after his failed invasion of the East the Caliph was murdered and a new total apocalypse began the Fourth Era. Such Sad :'(
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Created Aug 2010
This is a group set up to bring together digital artists of all genres, for constructive criticism, and a helping hand no matter what skill level you are.
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Created Apr 2017
Collection your Neosaurs !
have it good a never my fanart
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