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pray for a better year
2,010 Watchers
Created May 2013
You love art, me too!
Your life is falling apart bc of cartoons? SO DO I!
Come my friends, come ~
Recent Blog: Emergency Commission! Help an artist out!, submitted 40 weeks ago
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Created Dec 2009
This group comprises of Indian designers and painters
Recent Blog: URGENT openings for mid level Concept Artists, submitted 227 weeks ago
charcoal, graphite, group
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Created May 2010
We are here as a lover of art!

This group only accepts graphites and charcoals art only.this group was the best place to show off your most prized black-white artworks! We are a group that hopes to capture and collect art from the wonderful traditional drawing artists all around DeviantArt world.

Please keep the documentation of your work, at a high quality! Avoid background objects and WIP utensils :)

Thank you
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The Pinoy Painters
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Created Apr 2010
A Traditional Painter group for Filipinos is finally online!
We can showcase the best our countrymen can deliver from oils - pastels - watercolors - or anything that is hand made non CG or computer generated

What is "Pintor-PH"?

Pintor-PH means

traditional artist group

We are a group of Filipino Artists dedicated to the practice and appreciation of Traditional Painting.

Our main goal is to gather all Pinoy Artists, Oil Painters, Watercolorist and Sculptors - etc, here in DA. We're here also to show off the genius works of our fellow Pinoy deviants, particularly Traditional Painters. All Pinoy Deviant Artists across the world are invited to join!

If your an aspiring amateur, here's where you can find inspiration "closer to home".
Here you can find Filipino Artists whom you can ask for tips, & tricks, & etc etc.

Before you submit your artworks, we recommend you to read this first please:

:groups: How to Join:
:bulletgreen: Click "JOIN THIS GROUP", choose Member
:bulletgreen: Invite fellow artist to join the group by clicking "Invite a Friend"

:devart: For the list of members open for commission, check the COMMISSION DIRECTORY

:deviation: Directions for all contributors and members about submissions of artworks, please read RULES FOR SUBMITTING AND SUBMISSION INSTRUCTION
All deviations submitted by members may be subject to approval.

:star-half: To all members and watchers, if you seek for an expert's advice, opinion or CRITIQUE REQUEST for an artwork, just leave a note. We'll take it as our responsibility to help other aspiring trad painters to improve.

:note: Feel free to NOTE the group for any comments, suggestion, opinions, negative reactions, and love letters.
Recent Blog: PLS don't approve DIGITAL WORKS, submitted 279 weeks ago
The Indian Dragon Horse
17 Watchers
Created Jul 2016
A group to host the made-up Nagashva breed of Indian dragon horses.
Recent Blog: Nagashva Ageing, submitted 116 weeks ago
Warhollmagz, Digital Magazine,
98 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
Warhollmagz is an digital magazine of design from Indonesia, that contains all things about the design and the creative world. Digital format make this magazine more flexible. Whether for marketing, publicity, and manufacture. We tried to present the content with a local touch and did not rule with a little sweetener from the works from the outside. The magazine is published once in 2 months have different themes. We invite all creative beings, both connoisseurs and creative actors to join us. Submit your best work or downloading warhollmagz edition (free).

Warhollmagz adalah sebuah majalah digital desain dari Indonesia, yang berisi segala sesuatu tentang desain dan dunia kreatif. Format digital membuat majalah ini lebih fleksibel. Baik untuk pemasaran, publikasi, dan industri. Kami mencoba untuk menyajikan konten dengan sentuhan lokal dan tidak menutup kemungkinan dengan sedikit pemanis dari luar. Majalah ini terbit tiap 2 bulan sekali, memiliki tema yang berbeda. Kami mengundang semua manusia kreatif, baik para pecinta desain dan pelaku kreatif untuk bergabung dengan kami. Submit karya terbaik Anda atau men-download edisi warhollmagz (gratis).

Recent Blog: THANKS FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION, submitted 428 weeks ago
Filipinos rule!
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Created Aug 2012
This is a place only for Filipinos. If you want your art to get critiques, comments, promotions then this is a right place for you! :D
Recent Blog: PROUD PINOY ~(^-^)~, submitted 330 weeks ago
need an icon OTL
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Created Jul 2014
. . .
Pinoy Art Team!
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Created Jun 2011
For Filipinos who loves art! Let's go Team Philippines!
1,840 Watchers
Created Aug 2013
Xin chào ^~^ Nơi đây tổng hợp tất cả các upload của V-designers (tính cả newbie) . Các bạn có thể upload art của mình lên group để mọi người xem và nhận xét . ONLY V-DESIGNER!

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