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Kiseki Magazine 奇跡
1,413 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
Kiseki is the one and only Australian born manga magazine for Australian artists and fans who love their manga . It is a professional magazine released bi-monthly and aims to bring the very best of manga.

This group is for people to have a look at the pieces that the Kiseki artists create that are non-Kiseki related and also to contribute their own art as well of course! For original Kiseki magazine art though, please visit our growing deviantart

Buy and sell adoptables here!
1,262 Watchers
Created Feb 2015
We are a group that gathers adoptables of all kinds to help sellers and buyers alike. Come in, have a cup of tea, and trade your adoptables~!
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Submit And Read Love Literature
790 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
We want you to submit your literature about love, so you can show the world and see others for help or resources.
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aust australia
217 Watchers
Created Jan 2011
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Homeworld of the Verpardi
5 Watchers
Created Dec 2016
A personal group created for my original world of Vaelidius and the inhabitants of this planet and many more within the same galaxy, pretty much inspired by Ace Hardlight of Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator - with a huge dose of my creativity :-)
Oh Lovely.
93 Watchers
Created Feb 2010
We Love

Illustration, Music, Photography, Fashion, Lomography,
long live dragons in our hearts
215 Watchers
Created Oct 2013
for people and dragons alike
just for people who absolutely love dragons and also for people who just want to join the group:D
this avatar was done by :iconsaraais:
The Golden Sunspirit by Saraais
Somewhere in the Woods by Saraais
these are just two of her awesome dragons
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take a photo, make it last
569 Watchers
Created Mar 2010
No. Its a way of life and a mode of music, itsa form of inspiration and a way of thinking. And this group is dedicated to showing that indie isnt just a fashion statement.
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Premium New Zealand Landscapes
257 Watchers
Created Jul 2010

This group has been created to showcase the beautiful Landscapes and Waterscapes of New Zealand.

Please submit or suggest only the best photographs of NZ.
Please keep signatures, watermarks and man made objects to a minimum.

Recent Blog: New Folder - Man in Nature Scapes, submitted 411 weeks ago
Photography Themes
32 Watchers
Created Feb 2013
This group is for anyone who loves photography, doesnt matter if it isnt perfect, it could be simply or completely crazy the only thing...
It has to be with the theme of the week. Every week a new theme folder is updated and all those week's photos will put uploaded into there. Its a bit of fun that I like to have so join in and upload them.


1) With a new theme every week it will always be changed, so your photos must be about that theme. However if you have a photo to do with an old weeks theme you can upload it to the folder if you so wish.

2) No picking on anyone else's photos, some people might be really good others might not be but it doesnt matter, this isnt about judging other peoples work it is about having a little fun with photography.

3) The photo can be of anything as long as you can see what the theme is so for example, if the theme is blue you can have a picture full of other colours as long as you can see blue in the photo. It's easy.

4) Last but not least have some fun with these photos, let your imagination go crazy and create something awesome.
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