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Created Jan 2016
The focus is on artwork of all kinds depicting cartoon characters in peril and deathtrap types of situations involving bondage, torture, pain, death and other keywords I am trying to think of as I type this. You get the idea.
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All Pony vectors welcome!
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Created Apr 2013
FiM Vectors is a group dedicated to showing off many of the awesome vectors that Bronies make!
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Created Feb 2011
People! with K9, wolf, fox, hyena ....ect (dog like characters) this is the place for you! we love seeing your characters up in are group! so if you have a dog or dog like character then come and join!
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The most beautiful redheads
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Created Jun 2013
Nothing else is needed, wanted or desired.
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Created Nov 2014
A male counterpart to the various female gas groups on DA.

:bulletgreen:Submit to the correct folder.

:bulletgreen:Don't submit to 'Featured', unless you're really confused on where to put it. Your stuff will be relocated.

:bulletgreen:Human, anthro, and feral accepted.

:bulletgreen:As long as a gassy guy is present in the same work, gassy girls are fine too.

:bulletgreen:Original pieces only - no reposts.

:bulletgreen:No purposefully bad/joke art.

:bulletgreen:Be nice.

These are subject to change and I'll probably add more as the group grows.

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Love 2 Party!
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Created Mar 2017
Welcome to The-Anime-Paradise! A place where you can settle back and enjoy yourself as you scout through wonderful art created by the fans!
When life gives us lemons......
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Created May 2012
When life gives us lemons, we make sure the lemons aren't poisoned before we start an international lemonade chain store!

We're a bunch of art and lemon loving deviants! New members, contributors, and watchers are always welcome with open arms. As long as you bring lemons, and art of course.

Rules? Try to keep it PG-13, but f-bombs are excepted. If you're a contributor, contribute. That means voting on submissions, and posting your own art at least once a month. I'm pretty lax about enforcing rules, so don't worry. I only kick people who are inactive for more than six months, or those who have offended others (so play nice).

Above all else, enjoy the group. This group was founded to share art, and for lesser known artists to showcase their stuff amidst the millions of deviants.

So stay devious, and welcome to Fallen Worlds,
Iris Emma (aka asianplatypus6).
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Created Mar 2012
A group for all robot-battle loving, vehicle motor pumping, war-machine running art and deviants to have a home. A great, mechanical home.

We accept anything at least semi-mechanical, including (but not limited to) robots, weapons, cyborgs, vehicles, and [mechanized] armor suits.

- Anything at least semi-mechanical WILL be accepted
- Organic beings included with mechanicals WILL be accepted

- No pieces tagged for nudity/sexual themes
- Nothing that requires a mature tag, but does not have one will not be accepted (for mature tag guidelines, visit this page:…)

Members, please use proper folders when submitting.
Cant Help But Love Them All!
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Created Jul 2013
Welcome... to our happy group of amazing artists and art itself! This here is a place where you can happily enjoy a few, if not a large number of your favorite fandoms within the meanings of artwork! We allow Pokemon, MLP, South Park, Naruto, and Danganronpa just to name a few. So why not join us, and scout around?

~*𝕃𝕚𝕤𝕥 𝕠𝕗 ℂ𝕣𝕒𝕫𝕚𝕖 ℝ𝕦𝕝𝕖𝕫*~

:bulletblue: We only allow a special selection of fandoms. Checkign out the gallery is a good way to figure at what we allow.

:bulletgreen: We do not allow cosplay, figures, etc.

:bulletyellow: We expect the art here to look nice without always being "perfect". Low quality art such as poorly scanned or photos of art will never be allowed.

:bulletpurple: You aren't expected to enjoy all the fandoms, but please don't bring us all down if you don't agree with something.

:bulletpink: Feel free to give us your ideas on what to add to our fandoms and folders in the comment section!

:bulletblue: Our 'Crossover' folder can be a bit tricky to understand, but here is how it is: Only art that supports our selection of fandoms will be permitted. Simply, if we allow it generally, then yes.

:bulletgreen: Make it a point to place the right art in the correct folder.

:bulletyellow: We only affiliate with supporting groups.
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A deviantART Club
630 Watchers
Created Jun 2006
The Goal is to Collect all TG art on DA, and Connect the TG Community
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