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Created Mar 2011
I believe in the afterlife.
My belief is that after death our souls live on.
There are many who have had paranormal experiences, you may have the photographs images of different phenomena - an inexplicable fog, a light phenomenon, a "ghost" - this group is right for you.

Are you a manipulator and make these kind of pictures?, then you are welcome to this group.
Macabre pictures is not accepted though. The purpose of this group are paranormal things and NOT DARK art in general.

So if you have any pictures, click the "Join our Group" and send them to this group, so everyone can see them and marvel at life's unknown mysteries.

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Artistas brasileiros com orgulho
941 Watchers
Created Jun 2010
:groups: Esse grupo foi criado para os Brasileiros que querem mostrar seus talentos como bons desenhistas de Mangá e Anime.
:groups: This is a group for brazilian members only. If you're foreign feel free to watch the group and follow our works. Thank you so much!
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Brazilians Artists
126 Watchers
Created May 2013
Um grupo para desenhistas Brasileiros do estilo anime/manga, e para aqueles que curtem o estilo. '-'v
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Created Feb 2015
:heart:Este grupo es para las todas las personas que les guste el arte tradicional y quieran
compartirlo aqui pueden hacerlo,no hay problema todos son aceptados.
Solo no pongan nada malito :hug:
& asegurense de ponerlos en el folder adecuado.
También se aceptan journals,no hay problema :huggle:
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design reflection
298 Watchers
Created Apr 2012
Grupo dedicado a nuestro foro de diseņo y rol. Agrega tutoriales, recursos, fanarts, etc.
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Join if you love art
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Created Mar 2013
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Your cosplay is the star!
420 Watchers
Created Jan 2012
We are a group dedicated to all cosplayers and cosplay photographers around the world!
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resources and editions.
1,337 Watchers
Created Feb 2011
es un grupo en el cual podran poner sus mejores ediciones, se pueden unir sin problemas & yo mandare tambien solicitudes de miembros y ediciones o recursos.
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Created Jul 2012
Galeria para todos os artistas brasileiros - Brasil.
Recent Blog: Melhores da Semana, submitted 83 weeks ago
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Created Apr 2013
For a Furry Friends, the Intensofox brazilian furry!
Recent Blog: Tudo Agora!, submitted 80 weeks ago

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