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Every monster is allowed!
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Created Jun 2012
Recent Blog: Scary Camp 2014, submitted 237 weeks ago
photography all
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Created Mar 2015
photographers, welcome home!!! :hug:
Recent Blog: Picture of Take-in-on!!!, submitted 193 weeks ago
Hetalia Reader Inserts
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Created Aug 2012

This group is for Hetalia Reader-Inserts only. Please click 'more' to read the rules.

:bulletblue:Reader-Insert means that the Reader is an elementary part of the writing.
:bulletblue:No OC-Insert stories.
:bulletwhite:No CountryxCountry, or if you do it, the reader has to be an important part in that story.
:bulletwhite:Reader-Insert means 2.Person PoV; not 1.Person or 3.Person. (Though we'd probably still accept 3.Person)
:bulletred:Please put a warning on your mature work.
:bulletred:Contribute to the right folder, dearies. Please.

:bulletblack:Oh, and I will gladly accept volunteers as admins, just note me and I'll consider you.

:bulletblack:We will eventually hold contests, so look forward to that~!

:bulletblack:Also, I'd appreciate if youb don't flame, fight or insult. Get along, alrighty?

:bulletblack:We're always looking for affiliates; so don't be shy!

:bulletblack:There'll be folders for you, too, if you want to ask others for requests or art trades; and there'll be one if you offer requests and art trades, too.

:bulletpurple:Note me for questions~
danny phantom fenton yaoi otp
44 Watchers
Created Jan 2014
This is a group for those couples from Danny Phantom you like ~~
The images used in the banner are from:
♥Caddie Forever♥
53 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
In this club there is a OC called Caddie Fenton (Daughter of DXC), which all able to have known that they are OC's by *Chrissykouhai, as a story for his daughter named Caddie Francess (OC by *Chrissykouhai also),I'm like the story and characters, for is i created this club
Recent Blog: Group closing, submitted 306 weeks ago
RabbitKind lives on
17 Watchers
Created Dec 2014
A Gallery for all to place their Rabbit related Artwork and maybe even RP a bit.

A paradise for all of rabbit kind has sprung up into this world we live. Rabbits can live peacefully in paradise.
Recent Blog: A Shop in the Making: lets build! Mini Prompt, submitted 199 weeks ago
Don't get burned
10 Watchers
Created Apr 2010
A group of artists & writers who created an ensemble of comic book heroines for the 21st century! We are The Fire Hazard: Red Flare, Ghost Scream, Mari, Disco Dame, and Cyberspark.
Recent Blog: Grand Opening, submitted 451 weeks ago
The base for Digimon rivals
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Created Jun 2012
This is a group about the sidekick, known as lonewolf/rival/lancer, in Digimon series. If you like them more than the goggle boy/leader, this is the right place for you to join.

Let's share our interest in Digimon lonewolf characters!
Recent Blog: Welcome Note+Rules, submitted 339 weeks ago
Star Twins
53 Watchers
Created Mar 2014
A group dedicated to Rareware's bug splattering third-person shooter, Jet Force Gemini.
Nude Wet Soapy
86 Watchers
Created Feb 2016
What is better than a beautiful nude female body? Beautiful nude female body wet and covered with soap bubbles. This group is for all kinds of erotic art depicting beautiful women nude and wet.
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