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Renata is here!
100 Watchers
Created Jun 2012
Hello and welcome to the official group of Project Renata (we suppose so), comic by Angelus19. Here you can find all the information of Project Renata. We hope you can find all you need to know about it.

Hola y bienvenidos al grupo oficial de Project Renata (o eso suponemos), cómic creado por la deviant Angelus19. Aquí encontrarás todo lo relacionado con Project Renata. Esperamos que encuentres todo lo necesario sobre tal historia.
Recent Blog: Long time no seen!/ Mucho tiempo sin vernos!, submitted 177 weeks ago
The Home of HQ MMD Edits
757 Watchers
Created Aug 2013
Welcome to HDMMD (HighDefinitionMMD)!

This is an exclusive group for only the best MMD edits DeviantArt has to offer. Invitations will be given out to those that have uploaded at least 3 HQ MMD edits in their gallery, and have those edits available for download.

All deviations (except for those in the WIP folder) need to have a working download link included.
►Customizers Unite◄
928 Watchers
Created Apr 2012
We are the group of deviants who love to collect Best quality Customization stuff !
Recent Blog: Dream for windows 10 1803, submitted 11 weeks ago
Where deviants share their own~
609 Watchers
Created Jul 2016
This group is where all deviants share their artwork . All art are ACCEPT !
You can share journals,pictures,icons,stamps,...
Join now to be a member , request to be admin ? sent note to :iconcyatus:
Recent Blog: Say hello to the admin !!, submitted 75 weeks ago
Berliner Club
248 Watchers
Created May 2007
Berlin, Berlin.

This is a club dedicated to Berlin :la:
Recent Blog: Neuer Order. // New folder., submitted 143 weeks ago
Every MMD picture is welcome
907 Watchers
Created Jun 2012
All pictures made with MMD are welcome at this group . Have fun !!! :squee:
Group icon picture by Professional-Hater
Recent Blog: MMD-Art Battle week 4, submitted 298 weeks ago
A Group for the Uncommon
375 Watchers
Created Jan 2011
Lesser Known Fantasy
Recent Blog: MONTHLY CHALLENGE 17 - Kamadeva, submitted 305 weeks ago
Women of Legends and Gaming
368 Watchers
Created Jan 2016
Welcome to MLGG! Here we celebrate the greatest Gals from the world of Games, From Princess Peach to Tifa Lockhart to Lara Croft to Princess Zelda(you get the idea), we appreciate the Iconic, greatly beloved,and/or most recognizable Women of the Gaming World!
Recent Blog: Group Slow down, submitted 65 weeks ago
Fit in by standing out
593 Watchers
Created Feb 2012
This group is about high quality animal artwork that stands out!
We accept all media except from Photomanipulations!
Recent Blog: Feature of December January February, submitted 249 weeks ago
~Wolf manips and photos <3 ~
379 Watchers
Created Apr 2012
Dedicated to collecting all your canine photomanipulations~!
Recent Blog: DARK Features~!, submitted 283 weeks ago

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