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Look beyond the art
6,673 Watchers
Created Dec 2014
A group dedicated to helping our members by accepting all kinds of art, and providing publicity through features and other means.
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Heroes never Die!
5,365 Watchers
Created Nov 2014
Will you answer the call?
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Where Imagination is Limitless!
7,816 Watchers
Created Dec 2014
This group is called, ' Fantasy Legends ' but in truth, It's about Imagination and the limitless nature of it. Whether from photo-manipulations of fantasy based themes to the full headed monsters of the demons, gods and angels, lurking in the ancestry of our fantasy world, you'll find it here! From the small fantasy creatures lurking in the forests to the high mountains of rock monsters, you'll find incredible beasts of art in here! Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Comedy, Mature Works of all flavors...Everything that comes from within the Realm of Imagination! So, go ahead and explore FantasyLegends!

You are allowed to submit ten(10) pieces of art, per-folder,. per-category,. per-day.

***CONTEST FOLDERS Are For Contest Entries Only! Any deviation submitted to a Contest Folder that has Nothing to do with the Current Contest Will Be Declined and you will be asked to resubmit. Repeated attempts to submit irrelavent deviations to a Contest Folder could result in a Ban from the group!***

Rules, Guidelines, Notices and Punishments:

1). If your art contains work from another artist without their prior knowledge and/or consent, you will be removed from the group. Your work will also be removed, you will be blocked and the original artist will be notified so they can file a DMCA report. Stolen artwork is not tolerated in this group. As long as you have permission from the original artist, you shall have permission to submit.

2). If your art was created based on a tutorial, reference, idea, other etc. then please respectively say so in the description of your art. This is just a courtesy really, but it would be nice too help and spread the words-of-wisdom if any, that helped in the making of your art.

3). If you have art and are not sure where to place it, send a NOTE to the group or one of the Administrators requesting assistance and they will get back to you with a suggested folder.

4). If you have a question/problem/other, about anything such as:

-a). You have a complaint, /issue..
-b). Your art doesn't have a category/folder..
-c). Someone is bothering me, /making fun of me..
-d). Something else, not listed here, /other..

Then please contact an Administrator via NOTE or if it is more serious, please contact someone from DeviantART Staff! Links can be provided should you need them.
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7,378 Watchers
Created Jan 2015
:iconsatisfiedyet: has 10-30 point commissions open:iconsatisfiedyet: has 10-30 point commissions open:iconsatisfiedyet: has 10-30 point commissions open

She also designs adopts.………
The group for the most deviant.
4,207 Watchers
Created Jan 2015
We allow any mature content which follows DA's rules. If your deviations follows the rules, please join us, and submit your stuff!
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NudeTrees Super
Dryads, Faes, Humans, Au Naturel
1,923 Watchers
Created Jan 2014
Recent Blog: Nude Trees Daily Deviations, submitted 16 hours ago
Any and all Deviants are welcome
3,722 Watchers
Created Feb 2014
Recent Blog: A good cause, submitted 35 weeks ago
Buy, sell, trade - all in one.
5,731 Watchers
Created Jun 2014
Addicted to adoptables? Yeah, us too. You can post your adopts here, browse the gallery for sales and auctions, even apply to get your work featured for a week on the front page.
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Art, quality, active group
6,398 Watchers
Created Jun 2013
This group is for those truly passionate about art. Those who put their heart and soul into their work. All art has a soul. Each peace can reach out and move you! Also gain Watches, Llamas, Faves, and Friends!
Recent Blog: Undiscovered Gems , submitted 25 weeks ago
It fills you with determination.
8,509 Watchers
Created Jun 2013
UnderTale fan group dedicated to collecting art for the indie game, UnderTale created by Toby Fox.
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