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Closed Species
21 Watchers
Created Apr 2019
Elefu is a closed specie made by Jesi-Jess about elemental based creatures with the ability to use magic!
Recent Blog: Elefu MYO Event (OPEN), submitted 1 day ago
DrawShare Super
Happy Drawing
8 Watchers
Created Apr 2019
Welcome to DrawShare!

Share your art with the rest of the world!

Have A Good Day And Happy Drawing!
Proud parody of Punch Out
4 Watchers
Created Apr 2019
This is a parody of Punch Out and it's good to be!
Recent Blog: Jobs, submitted 3 days ago
3 Watchers
Created Apr 2019
Camp ABO stands for Anything But Objects
as it's name suggests it's a camp for those with mainly non-object characters!!
Recent Blog: Camp ABO signups!, submitted 6 days ago
Spreading care a step at a time
14 Watchers
Created Apr 2019
The Care Project is dedicated to getting artists of all skill levels noticed, as well as random acts of kindness! Everyone is welcome, and there are few rules to follow here!

Join requests are auto-accepted!

Group mascots are Leeloo the Colorian (reference currently a WIP) and Monoggle the Care Package! Other characters associated with this group are Mossy the Slime Bat, Sunny Floria the Sunflower, Pompa the Clown Sheep, and Meringue the Unicorn Imp! Yes, you may draw them if you would like, as long as you keep these drawings uplifting and SFW!

1. Do not harass members. Harassment includes stealing someone else's artwork, destructive criticism, witch-hunting, and other behaviors intended to hurt another. You will be banned from the group on the spot.
2. Please make sure you submit everything into the right folders!
3. NSFW is allowed since we don't want to turn anyone away as it's already difficult for NSFW artists to advertise their works as it is; just make sure it's censored according to DeviantArt rules to be mindful of the young ones!
4. Encourage a warm, uplifting, and safe environment!
5. Have fun!

Special thanks to :iconsheep--skin: for the group icon!
Hold on a sec... | WIP
7 Watchers
Created Apr 2019
Gachi-Bon Remix is a roleplay group based on the lore of Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Taking place in it's future and following the story of the Tweenklings, we take a good look of what kinds of critters inhabit the dizzying neon-washed city of Flash Flood.
Currently under construction!
10 Watchers
Created Apr 2019
Welcome to the Realm of Serpents! RoS is a world populated by sentient dragons, some of which are from the BlessedIsles group.
4 Watchers
Created Apr 2019
Entering a world surrounded by horses that have a connection the freshwater and that of ancient worlds. Come with us and find out what this group is all about
13 Watchers
Created Apr 2019
In the alleyways of a mysterious city, lies three different types of fierce animals, one which are exceptionally different.
They hold metal bats and silver rods which they spend their days hunting and preying on the people they set their eyes on.

Are they humans?

No, they are simply animals in the form of a human.
They whom different to others have the power beyond human ability, indeed, a power of an animal.
31 Watchers
Created Apr 2019
Welcome to the Rogheery Clan. Enjoy your stay!

I hope you have a pleasant time here <3

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