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Building the Next Century.
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Created Nov 2018
This group is for fans of Sean McKnight's Second Renaissance world building project. If you have ideas and content set in the world of TSR, or just want to learn more about what this future world could look like, this is the group for you.

For newcomers we suggest you check out the Second Renaissance Wikia:…


* Conduct: Don't be a jerk. We take great pleasure in kicking bullies to the curb, so if you're a fascists, alt-right, "race realist," White Nationalist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist bigot, or just a hateful schmuck please know that this group is not for you and we don't want you watching or contributing.

*Submissions: Content must appear as if it could have existed at some point during the Second Renaissance timeline. If you are working on something that you want to submit to this page and the Wikia, don't hesitate to ask questions from the author.
Recent Blog: Welcome to the Second Renaissance!, submitted 13 hours ago
Under Construction
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Created Nov 2018
Recent Blog: .: RULES + FQA :., submitted 17 hours ago
no fetishes please
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Created Nov 2018
Come on into the GMODShack! We are an expanding group of GMODDers with the aim of making great posters! We are currently accepting any GMOD photos (that are up to par.). Want to submit your posters? The shack's doors are open.
Recent Blog: OK I think you can upload now., submitted 12 hours ago
A lesbian Virgin Mary?
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Created Nov 2018
What would the virgin Mary be as a lesbian?

"The Virgin Mary is a submissive, cosmic doormat."
AQUA Project
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Created Nov 2018
Test group. Art about AQUA Poject.

Here you'll find:
- original characters sheets
- community fanarts
- more info soon
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Created Nov 2018
Alunes is a ARPG where you can make a creature called an Alune and give it upgrades as to continue on
Recent Blog: Adult Approvals, submitted 1 day ago
Opens December 1st!
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Created Nov 2018
Welcome wanderer! these are The Hidden Hives, an ARPG group for the species Terrei~
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Created Nov 2018
The godzilla king of monster, is all the monster.
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Created Nov 2018
There are multiple countryball artists that are not well known, either because they rarely upload, or people just are not interested in their art. This group's main focus is simply to keep all the unpopular countryball artists in a little sheep pen - i mean, to help all the unpopular countryball artists find others who like their art, and possibly make more friends.
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Created Nov 2018
kammas are a species made by komakana, here you can submit your beans and meat others that have one ^w^
Recent Blog: im mining, submitted 2 days ago

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