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Created Dec 2018
born from deep within the earth they burst from the group to discover what life on the surface will be like for them.
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Created Dec 2018
Magic of the Stars, or MotS, is a Warrior cats based ARPG with an all new system and a spin on the original ARPG format. Join us for load of fun, without all of the endless grinding a lot of other ARPGs fall victim to, and with new adoptables coming out all the time to be offered to the members.

Newbie Info Guide
Need Help?
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What makes a good man?
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Created Dec 2018
This is mainly a OC RP group for those aged 16+, centering around a retro sci-fi TV show-themed prison for criminals all across the universe.

If not into Roleplay, this group acts as a great opportunity to meet other artists within the same setting with elements of a OCT group, and to chill out, and draw some OCs together!
Created Dec 2018
BS (short for BlackSail and not for bullshit) is a dog RPG inspired in the golden days of piracy!
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#linearts #coloring
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Created Dec 2018
True Kingdom of linearts, templates and bases to color. Join, add your lines or colored pictures, share your work and tutorials, do art trades or take part in contests.
Start your journey with linearts!
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Created Dec 2018
We accept all art, this group was made to give smaller artists a place to share their art and get noticed
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Created Dec 2018
So i made this to share ocs with it can be any oc megaman,pokemon and more

the only rule is it has to be an oc it doesit matter if is an 18+ it juts has to be an oc
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Created Dec 2018
Hello, Welcome! We are hatch-heads, small plastic like animals with glass heads and zipper ears. We can have many different insides and we love to cuddle!!
But beware..
We are unpredictable!!
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Created Dec 2018
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Created Dec 2018
Hey there! Here, you can make any art, of any kind! It could be an OC person, furry, human, animatronic, world, or anything! You could draw, write, or use references! Although you can use tracing to get better, all OC things that may have been tranced is plagiarism, and you will be banned from the group.
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