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Created Oct 2018
Welcome to the group, be nice to each onther and help each onter improve, don't be a jerk, i don't accept any kind,form,shape of art/game thives, if you use bases please credit it properly!.

help each onther and build each onther up.
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Created Oct 2018
We're a group based for any finned/flippered, whether it be a fish, whale, seal, dolphin or shark, it belongs here! as long as the animal in question is a finned animal.

RULES: All artwork submitted must be a finned animal, as the group name implies. this means no animals such as octopuses and stuff.

- No fetish or NSFW
- Submit to correct folders
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Welcome, funee bois!
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Created Oct 2018
Crazy-Cute Adopts!
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Created Oct 2018
We are an adopt group, happy to help serve you! If you make adopts or like to buy them, need not ask to apply!
Closed Species Group
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Created Oct 2018
The Venecauda is a closed species belonging solely to Samudre. Only Samudre is allowed to create Venecauda, however, you may re-sell designs you have previously obtained. If you intend to resell a Venecauda, you must notify Samudre so that the masterlist can be updated with the new owner.

Thank you!


The Venecauda, or "venom tail" as they are sometimes known, is a species of dragon recognizable by the large venom barb on the end of its tail. Other notable features include a venemous tongue, toothless beak, and horizontal, goat-like pupils.

This species is carnivorous, and typically hunts every 5-7 days. Its preferred prey is large herbivores, such as deer and antelope. It kills its prey using venom, which fully paralyzes the animal. Once the Venecauda has fed, it's fairly docile and can actually be quite friendly. When hungry, it may become irritated or even aggressive.

Venecauda reproduce via egg laying. Some pairs will mate for life, some pairs only for a single breeding season. Females will lay a clutch of 1-3 eggs every other year. They will care for their young for at least 2 years. Some will form family groups and the young will stay near their parents for life. Venecauda mature around age 5, and may live up to 50 years. Females, on average, are slightly larger than males, but this is not always the case.

They are found worldwide, and can be any color. Sometimes they will have their own, unique color scheme, and sometimes they will resemble other animals in their environment. Males, on average, are more vibrant than females, but this is not always the case.
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Created Oct 2018
This transformers group are for people looking to earn points(energon) by gifting other members with art/writing of their characters! There is an official discord where all this started, which ill be listed somewhere on the page.

Only Transformer Ocs are accepted into the group (only exception is if your group art contains cannon)

We are under construction right now
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Art With a Passion!
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Created Oct 2018
We are a group dedicated solely to making art and having fun doing so. We are accepting of all forms of art; from traditional, to digital, to photography. We encourage all of our members to do their best with every deviation, and to do what they love. As long as you have a strong passion for art and enjoy doing what you do, you are more than welcome to join us.
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Created Oct 2018
This group is focused on the creation of anime-manga style chibis
All kinds of chibis are welcome as well as the cute and the kawaii
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Created Oct 2018
♥This is a group for my Closed species witch is a Multi tailed Horse with Bioluminescence spots♥
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Created Oct 2018
We make comics, give feedback, make others smile and stuff comic related. Any fanart comics or any type allowed, anyone is allowed to join. Just no nsfw, that’s all we don’t want. Feel free to join and have fun here!

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