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We're now open!
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Created May 2019
A SU rp group that have very unique gems with their different stories to tell.
Steven Universe | RP | Fantasy | PG-14
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Blood moon has risen!
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Created May 2019
Piximps are tiny sprites that resemble fae and imps, they’re strongly tied in with nature to the point their physical appearances are influenced by it!
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A magical land
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Created May 2019
Children of Pleluna is a roleplaying fantasy group. You can also consider it a species evolving group since new things are being discovered every so often. You play as a select creature that lives in the territory Pleluna. With that character you write stories, share art, music or whatever you like to do and earn Ruin Coins. Ruin coins allow you to buy awesome things in the North/South Market. Eventually you will be able to add or create your own species to join the children! This is an important event when you have to decide the culture, biology, the rules, survival info and more. When more species begin to appear the more the environment changes keeping everyone on their toes.

Currently Minages are the only playable species. Members can make their own Minage that follow the guidelines.
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Created May 2019
Hi everyone! This is Team Lufenia Kingdom, that is the Team that I said I was going to do it soon remember? Well, you must be thinking

" What is this group for?"

and actually this group is the one who officially creates,writes and draws everything related to the fanfiction "Pjmasks vs Wildmasks", the Original Universe "AFDE" and "Stella'sPizza"

"How can I enter?"

Well, this is not just a group to enter just because you want, ( Sorry :T)
to enter at Team Lufenia Kingdom, you need to choose one of this options:

- Have an INTERESTING and ORIGINAL idea for one of the Universes or for the fanfiction,, and then post it ( and mark me, so I can see :>)


- Draw very well, and is interested about this idea

if you choose the second option, you will have to draw one thing related to Lufenia World and mark me so I can se :>


If I invite you

if the Team members and I agree, you will be an Official member

"Be in this group change anything?"

Yes. At this group, requests are always open, because the members are always helping me, and sometimes there are others surprises for members X3

Good Luck!
erotic art
7 Watchers
Created May 2019
Erotic art: Pin-up, fetish, nudes, kink - no matter if its drawn, digital or sculpted.

Stay friendly and submit your best works here!
1 submission per day
An original species
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Created May 2019
This group exists to showcase an original species idea. The Crystal Mice species belong to user Applejack14.
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Color Me Curious
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Created May 2019
This group is dedicated to artworks that are created using color palettes from the blog Colourpod! The color palettes are all community made and we would like to feature art from those who use them.
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are an open species!!
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Created May 2019
We are a group where members can combine their favorite dogs with stunning plants to make beautiful creatures!!
little balls of magic!
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Created May 2019
This is a species made by me, here's the basic gist of it:

I'm calling them Crowndemons. Basically their crown is the physical state of their health but it's mostly mental health. They are all royalty. They can be both genders it doesn't matter, but they can change gender at will. They do asexual reproduction but that doesn't stop em from doing it the traditional way. They are either always taller or smaller than anything. If they are taller, it's physically impossible for them to be smaller then something. If they are faced with their species, they are all the same height.
Objectification for the masses!
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Created May 2019
There are a lot of content creators and groups providing content around the idea of being transformed into an object but not so many surrounding the idea of being used as an object despite being human.

This group is specifically for that kind of content. If it's something that appeals to you then why not join or contribute!

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