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Let's go TeamFroakie!
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Created Jun 2017
Which one of you love Froakie and join us.

Artist involved
AshGreninjaGirl AshKetchum8992 TMPS13709A ThePrismOwl TheNeonUmbreon TheLatiosMaster Mr Anthony EEVEE SenchTheFlareon MickeyMario
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Created Aug 2015

Heyy, We are a group of yaoi fanfiction writers. We're mostly Fujoshis and Crazy Otakus but you don't have to be either of those two just be a yaoi writer and get in here *opens a brown sack and fills it with all-thing-yaoi* ٩(•౪•٩)三

JOIN US !!! ⸜(ّᶿॕധّᶿॕ)⸝ WE ARE A FAMILY!!!!
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