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A place for your stories
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Created Dec 2013
Hello, this is a place where everyone can post stories of any kind! Short stories, stories with chapters, fiction, nonfiction, anything you like. I would like this to be a place where writers can receive positive and constructive feedback. My hope for this group is that it will be a place where members can help writers to improve their works.
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The writing place for teens!
55 Watchers
Created Oct 2012
Poetry and prose aimed for teens and young adults. We like to keep things clean and upbeat, though slightly darker-toned pieces are also accepted. If you love to write poetry and prose, and you're a teen or young adult, we welcome you to our order!
A Poetic Sanctuary
37 Watchers
Created Dec 2011
A sanctuary for Poetic souls.. Welcome home..

Write of Anything. Love found, Love Lost, being shattered, Your path to putting yourself back together.. Words that pour from the heart, whether broken or whole..

You will have a Poet's Respect for one another
*No Flaming, Disrespect, Vulgarity
* No Rated R material please (Sensual is ok, Vulgar is not)
*2 Deviations a day limit plz
*Visual Art is welcomed! I love the inspiration it brings

**This is an Invite and Referral only group**
*Members invited May refer an artist they think belongs here as well. Please make the referral in our comments section of the page with a link and why you feel they belong here.
(If I invited you, I will most likely trust your opinion :)
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Write because you love to.
370 Watchers
Created Dec 2011
A group for original writers and their original characters.
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DeviantART Poem/Prose/Song Club
836 Watchers
Created Aug 2004
We are a poetry/prose/song club that is open to anybody with ANY style of writing on DA. We try our best to support the writing community on DeviantART and hope to become the best known writing group.
Writing is life, heart, and soul
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Created Mar 2013
Here one who writes or like to read literature can come and contribute or just lay into a number of written pieces
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The-Forgotten-Lands Super
"The end was our Beginning"
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Created May 2018
“Only one thing was certain in the end - we couldn’t stay any longer.”

Another wolf rp
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In Dreams,You are truly Free
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Created Jul 2010
This is a group for Fan Fiction writers, they can receive help, give help or just boast about their own skills. There will be absolutely no BASHING or FLAMES what so ever or I will ban that person from the group for life.
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The Stories of Burning Man
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Created May 2014
Fiction (yes, that's prose) and other narrative (including nonfictional) read at Burning Man and other burns, discussion of the same and stories set in Burning Man, whether they are fictional, non-fictional or some blend of the two.
Finding the Feelings
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Created Feb 2010
In EmotionsCollide, you are able to write freely to express how you feel about anything. From poetry and prose to short stories, find this as an escape from reality. Anything that shows what a character or scene looks like from your writing can be submitted as well.
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