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Are you one of us?
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Created Aug 2010
Hidden from everyday society, there are certain people who can transform into Pokemon. These are called Pokeumans. Some want to live in peace and harmony with humanity, while others believe that they are a superior race.

But not all is well. A secret war rages between the Pokeuman and the Pokextinction organizations. The former sees themselves as rebels, hiding from humanity due to fear of persecution or fighting against an oppressive system. The latter, on the other hand, fear the Pokeuman want a world ruled by only Pokeuman and thus, they strive to serve as humanities’ guardians.

You must be one of them. What's your name?
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Will we turn your first page?
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Created Jan 2014
ALERT: Hard truths be upon us!

If folk saw your first page, would they turn it? Submit excerpts and first pages here, for critique and a hard, honest bash.
All types of writing are welcome.

PS. Here are some Fantasy Writing Tips

Also: 21 Best Tips for Your Opening Scene


Side Note: admin admits a strong bias toward fantasy.
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Por amor al Arte...
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Created Aug 2010
Bienvenidos a Letra Hispana, lugar de expresión y creación de todos aquellos escritores, poetas, de Habla Hispana.
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Everything from X Readers to OCs
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Created Jul 2014
For readers and writers of One Piece fan fiction! Feel free to submit your work here, or just browse our folders :)
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ProjectDFC Super
The DFC Crew
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Created Nov 2009
We are crazy people who love fixed form poetry and all that it can teach us... We run The December Form Challenge every December from 12am GMT Dec 1st to 12am GMT Jan 1st.

We have a chatroom!…
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Are you a writer? Si or no?!
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Created Feb 2010
This group features writing prompts specifically created to strengthen your story writing abilities through challenging your imagination. Primarily designed for prose writers of any genre, from novice to veteran and hobbyist to published author. If you've ever been curious to see what you're made of, you're in the right place. We're here to have fun with our craft, possibly break the stranglehold of Writer's Block and show that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, even if it's dragged out of you, kicking and Screaming.

Please read the Manifesto on the About Us page before joining. Thank you.

If you're not writing for this group, and you call yourself a writer, you're not taking your skill to the next level. So join today. Show us what you've got. Show YOURSELF.
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writing one day at a time
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Created Dec 2012
What IS the Glory Be Project?
At the end of 2012 original founders, FuzzyHoser & vespera, were just so gosh-darn-tootin'-excited that they had survived past 2012 (and the world ending, obviously) that they decided to celebrate by writing every day. So excited, in fact, they invited the internets to celebrate with them in some good ol' daily writing. 
Now, obviously, 365 days in a row is a bit much to ask, but you can do... 320 at least, right?  We just know you can.  

What are we talking about?
First off, we are not talking about writing a brilliant poem every day. That would be terribly exhausting (but if you are able to, we salute you!) But certainly you can write a haiku (however serious or not serious), write a twitter poem, put down a fragment idea (also, we'd like to point out, fragments ARE PUBLISHABLE to the group), a six word story, etc.   

Why do this?
Well, for starters, each of us that's serious about writing, whether it be with the goal of publication or not, should be making a point of writing every day. At the end of the year, you and us (and you and you and you) will each have a little mini manuscript of daily thoughts, observations, abstract commentary, jokes, snapshots, etc of a year in your life. Glory Be! And then we will trade using our Swap Meet! (Though, to clarify this, there is no obligation to trade with any of us or the whole group or anybody in particular. Whichever deviant wants to trade with whichever deviant does this, can.)

How the Group Functions
If you sit down to write a Glory Be! entry and it becomes a whole poem - AWESOME - if not, that's okay, too. You sat down and you wrote. Mission accomplished. We will salute you for this, too.  

BUT if you do come up with a poem/fragment/etc. once or twice a week that you want to share with the group, please feel free to submit it here!  The current years' folder is open for SUBMISSIONS up to two a week.  All we ask is that you help motivate others by putting a note in your commentary back to the group!  

Do you still have questions or something else you'd like explained? Get in touch with our current Founder Lady-Yume or our Co-Founders lion-essrampant and younghabitat via a note, who'll be sure to set your mind at ease :heart:
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Blood, fangs, and literature.
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Created Sep 2010
Prose writers and poets with a penchant for the bloody. Vampire lore in all its literary manifestations.
Cursive hips and inky lips
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Created May 2010
Erotic literature, erotica, poetry, prose, sex appeal, writing, authors, writers, sex, seduction, fetishes, fetish
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Write, write, write.
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Created Nov 2012
Writing-Commissions is the first deviantART group focused on literary commissions. Created by KaixChan on November 20th, 2012, the group was formed with one dream: To be a place where writers can join, spread their commission information, and get their names out there in the commissioning scene.

Writing-Commissions has expanded over the years; we have two admins besides the founder, imaginary-rose and newest admin x-chaoticdawn-x. imaginary-rose has been an invaluable help with expanding and getting the group to where it is today, and we're sure x-chaoticdawn-x will be a valuable asset as well!

Thanks for checking us out!
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