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Anime Artist and Anime lovers
7,756 Watchers
Created Jan 2011
Anime-Creation is a group made for anime artists, even if you aren't a anime artist you still are welcome to join.
:bulletgreen: No Swearing
:bulletgreen: No spamming
:bulletgreen: No advertising pages, groups etc.
:bulletgreen: Do not be mean to other artist or members
:bulletgreen: No spamming with art works
:bulletgreen: Have fun :la:
Join the :iconanime-creation: chat room here >…
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Australian Art Community
1,767 Watchers
Created Dec 2009
To promote all forms of art in Australia including digital, photography, traditional, literature etc.

To showcase the amazing artists from around the country to the rest of the world.

To get to know one another and build the Australian art community.

To encourage our artistic development as peers.
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Astrolytes Super
The Living LavaLamps~
331 Watchers
Created Mar 2017
Hello and welcome to the world of the Astrolytes!!
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A Princess Artbook
371 Watchers
Created May 2013
The group for Artists Invited to participate in The Princess Project.
Where all the Freaks are :P
268 Watchers
Created Oct 2011
This group is AMAZING as you can put as many manga or anime that you have made or have created into this group. Please put them in the CORRECT folders! We will try to have blogs and promote your contests, groups, and lots more. If you want any requests or questions just post a comment or note and I will get back with you A.S.A.P I promise! Hope you guys like the group!!
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Created Dec 2009
Aussie-Aussie is a group devoted to artists from all parts of, Australia. We would like to see what people from our city have to offer in any visual art forms and mediums.
We encourage you to join this group and sujest art that you believe should be shown whether it's yours or someone you admires work.
anything rocks XD
44 Watchers
Created Feb 2013
look i don't care if you add sonic stuff i really care about making this fun
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PenCafe Artists Club
281 Watchers
Created Jul 2007
We're a group of artists, based in Perth, Australia. We have regular sesions where artists can get together and both draw and socialise. Many of our members enjoy Japanese anime and game styles, though we're happy to accept artists who draw in any style.
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become watchers,members,inspire.
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Created Jan 2013
PFT (Parkour Freerunning Tricking) will be a side project to SunShine Coast Parkour, Freerunning and Tricking…
Videos and Photographs shot by maximQuirk (admin) are with the GoPro Hero 3 Black edition.

this project is designed to inspire movement. train safe. :)

~ y-Axis crew
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MJS Productions Too
1 Watchers
Created Jan 2016
Hello here!

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