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mulih ka Bandung :3
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Created Dec 2009
This is a group for them who live in Bandung, Indonesia. Here you can submit your art and you will easily find some information for gathering.
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For Indonesia
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Created Jun 2012
Untuk semua orang yang memiliki darah Indonesia, yang bangga dengan warna merah putih dan garuda sebagai lambangnya. Kami mengundang semuanya untuk ikut di group ini.
Kita bisa sharing artwork, diskusi, kontes, gathering, dan lainnya.
Dibutuhkan contributor yang mau membantu mengembangkan group ini. Kalau tertarik, kirim notes ke himehisagi
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Bektor at Beksel
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Created Jul 2010
Kami ang Vektolero na tinalagang mangalaga sa kinabukasan ng Bektor at Beksel World at upang ipagbuti at tuparin ang dakilang layunin..
Doujin Group
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Created Oct 2013
We are a really new amateur doujin circle based in Malaysia. We make self-publish comic, art prints, button badges, keychains etc. Our circle consist of 4 members—Nasx (naszreen97), ShiMo (EmptyRevengsASDFGHJK), Koyu コユ (koyuyuu) and De-D3vil.…

:iconnaszreen97: :iconemptyrevengsasdfghjk: :iconkoyuyuu: :iconde-d3vil:
~Devoted to Our Creation~
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Created Feb 2009
We love arts, we love Currypuffs~(and llamas too!!)
Share our love in arts... We don't care about talent or skill... or whatever.. Most important, HAPPY!!!
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Fan made anime, manga and games
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Created Jan 2013
Now, we are Orange PEKOEs.

DREAM!X Team and Amateurasu collaborated since early 2011 as Orange PEKOEs. We sell fan made base merchandise such as fan art book, fan comic book, literature, button badges, bookmarks, art cards and many more. DREAM!X Team was established since early 2010 while Amateurasu was established since way before. Our team started to join venture in order to provide more variety to our customers. We welcome newbies as well as pros.

We accept order from other country than Malaysia. You just need to PM us for international price.
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Where Manga meets Marvel
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Created Jan 2009
Manga-X-Marvel, where manga styled art meets the marvel based art!! The purpose of the group is to promote Manga and Marvel styled art to the world and provide a platform for an amateur artist to show off their talents.

Please note that this is a mainly SOUTHEAST ASIAN group.
However, we're allowing artists from outside the region to join as well. Be nice, tho.
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Gamers United
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Created May 2013
This for all Deviantart Gamers to join and Submit there artwork and discuss games.You can also connect and play with other artist on DA!.We also support all our gamers! So if you need any helps or Guides we can help you out! We are here to make Gaming BETTER!

We wish to try and connect all Gamers together for us to have even more fun teaming up in Online Games and Battling against the enemies or even battle against each other.

We want MALE and FEMALE gamers to unite and Battle! This is a UNISEX group so both Genders can play.Even PLAY against each other!
Closed Group
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Created Apr 2010
This is a RP group for Vietnamese and Vietnamese speakers only.
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Let's enjoy cosplay!~
220 Watchers
Created Apr 2010
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