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MYO open for 3 days!!
34 Watchers
Created Sep 2017
a group for the CS - (Closed Species) FlowerBots, which is owned by I, DoodleF0X
Recent Blog: June MYO: Open (1 Day) Regulars, submitted 2 days ago
| Initializing... |
82 Watchers
Created Oct 2017
AETHER: A secret military organization of humans with supernatural abilities.
Recent Blog: CH 2: Diffidentia, submitted 1 week ago
35mm Sprocket Holes
98 Watchers
Created Jan 2010
Sprocket hole photography is a style of photography that exposes the full width of 35 mm film, creating a photograph punctuated by the "sprocket holes" (perforations) along the edges of the film. this style involves the use of a modified medium format camera, since a 35 mm camera ordinarily will not expose the edges of the film.
Recent Blog: awesome avatar by NoIdentity, submitted 441 weeks ago
And YOU Get a Pair of Wings!
68 Watchers
Created Sep 2017
Naruto OC Village
91 Watchers
Created Aug 2013
Recent Blog: [NEW TEAMS] 2017, submitted 66 weeks ago
ARPG Closed Species
28 Watchers
Created Jan 2017
Welcome to Fluffy Fire Adopts, home of the Fluffy Firesouls closed species!
Recent Blog: Lore and Species are being updated!, submitted 1 day ago
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Created Apr 2011
This is for my series called Daizua: The Alayssian Chronicles (called Daizua Neo by some). If you are interested in this series or know me, you can join this group. We will post concept art, wallpapers, character bios, etc. This is a project i have been working on for years, so I'd appreciate it if you would like to join. :)
Recent Blog: Daizua Anime Screenshots, submitted 278 weeks ago
"Be cautious of the unknown."
73 Watchers
Created Aug 2017
CanyonWings are a fantribe based on the book series: Wings of Fire. This group is dedicated to artwork and literature based around the tribe. Created by LieutenantV.

Create your dragon and develop them in the ever changing world of the CanyonWings! Get involved with events and contests, roleplay with others, and create stories and artwork with one another. You may be involved in great discoveries and history of the tribe.
Recent Blog: Summer Festival Arena - Horizon Race Pt. 1, submitted 17 hours ago
Doors are open!
35 Watchers
Created Nov 2017
A kindergarten abandoned, with gems too fragile to fight on their own. What are they to do?
Recent Blog: The Council, submitted 16 weeks ago
Sexy superheroines!
70 Watchers
Created Feb 2017
Almost exactly as it sounds: a group for people who want to see erotic Powerpuff Girls art! Anyone is welcome, and there's only one requirement: you gotta be sexy! ;)

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