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Don't dead open inside
Created Feb 2018
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Everything Origami!
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Created Aug 2014
Mad-About-Origami is a group dedicated to all types of origami.
We accept everything from simple origami to advanced 3D origami.
We hope you'll have a great time here and hope that you can share your origami creations throughout the community. :3
Not Human Inside !
22 Watchers
Created Jul 2012
Hi there ! Welcome on our Monsterhood's group ! (´▽`)ノ
We are a bunch of artist friends, and we use this group to share the drawings of our OCs,
and the stories we create together !
We hope you enjoy our work ! -

Bonjour à tous, et bienvenus sur le groupe de notre Monsterhood ! (´▽`)ノ
Nous sommes une bande d'amis artistes, et ce groupe nous sert à partager les dessins de nos OCs,
et les histoires que nous créons ensemble !
Nous espérons que notre travail vous plaira ! -

The members of our little group of monsters / Les membres de notre petit groupe de monstres :

- :iconicarus-skollsun:Icare, le Grand Méchant Loup [link]

- :iconstella-moonhati:Stella, l’Alien Smilodon [link]

- :icondjieneborh:Djien, la Chimère [link]

- :iconcass-little-cat:Cass', l'Expérience génétique, Femme-chat [link]

- :icondadadoo:Alek', l'Ereide

- :iconlayk0:Layk', le Poltergeist

- :icontzenor:Saphi

- :iconmewtheed:Mewtheed

- :iconremhebster:Ren, le Démon Métis

- :icondhorn-s-rules:Dhorn

- :iconoz-skygarm:Oz, l'Alien Bio-Machine [link]

- :iconladymelodie:Lady, la Fantômette [link]

- :iconemileotter:Emile, le Drac [link]

- :iconstudent-yuuto:Yuto
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Created Sep 2013
I place where fractalists can put the very best of their fractal be enjoyed by any member of Deviant Art
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DeLiCioUs BiShIeS~
81 Watchers
Created Feb 2014
The Official CANDY YUM YUM circle related to R-18 and Yaoi art pieces and projects. Have fun in this flavorful candy land with a variety of "flavors" and "desserts". Don't hesitate, be afraid or ashamed. The boys are overflowing and ripe and can make your sexiest dreams happen. Come on, come in and join us to get the latest news and updates on our official works, projects, and lots more.

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Creating Dolls to love
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Created Mar 2014
Hello! Silverbeam of Silverbeam dolls here,

I wanted to create a group to promote and showcase ball jointed doll artists right here on DA. Their are so many talented artists, that have awesome dolls. Any BJD fan can join to see new dolls, hear news, sales, tutorials,projects etc of ball jointed doll creations. We will do a artist feature every month, have a list of shops, and tell you of any news like pre-orders on new dolls and doll sales given to us by our members.

1. make sure deviations go into the proper folders.
2. Be polite and respectful to all doll creators and creations and deviants. If you critic, please make sure to do so in a professional manner and include the positive as well as the negative opinions.
3. MATURE ITEMS! While some artist discretion, PLEASE be careful and mark as mature on sensitive material so that the image can be blocked by any who would rather not see certain things and or are young.


~*PERSONAL Artist gallery folder* Please! If you are an artist, join our group. Any BJD doll creators of at least two dolls or more (even if still unfinished) will get their own folder! Just let me know if you need one and make sure your gallery shows off your doll creations for me to verify. You can submit finished and WIP shots into your folder!

~*FEATURED FOLDER* Submit one awesome shot/deviation each of any FINISHED doll to be placed in our feature folder. Put your best work forward!

~* MISC ARTIST FOLDER*Any doll artists or creators that are a "one shot" (only have one doll or likely not to make new dolls) belong in our Misc Artist doll creations folder.

~*DOLL PARTS OR ACCESSORIES. We also have a folder for doll parts and accessories so if you only did a head, or doll part, or maybe say some doll horns, something that would normally be considered part of the body even if unattached or detachable. things like props don't go in here.
We're all different, thats good.
74 Watchers
Created Oct 2015
This group is for those that want to truly express their love for what we all do best... ART!!! This group will give your artwork advice or constructive criticizism and help you improve your artwork. I may not be the best yet, (no offense) but join this group and together we can as a whole. This group is an all Star Wars group and from the point of January 11, 2016, it will be an all Star Wars group.
The best way to improve is through experience in making mistakes.
-By Gustavo Galindo
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Create your own unique fashion!
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Created Apr 2012
This is a group for anime/manga artists who create their own original fashions! Clothing designs, jewelry designs, hat designs, shoe designs... you name it!
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10-4, Rampart!
35 Watchers
Created Nov 2010
We are a group to create fan-art for an old 70's show called Emergency! that has faded away into only memories. OC's are acceptable in this group.

Emergency! was produced by Universal Studios and ran from 1972 to 1979. It starred Robert Fuller, Julie London, Bobby Troup, Randolph Mantooth, and Kevin Tighe, and followed the exploits of a paramedic squad with the LA County Fire Department and the staff of Rampart General Hospital.
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A medium that surprises you
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Created Dec 2012
This is the first group to introduce the works of Marbling inks.
Enjoy viewing!
To know more about Paper Marbling facebook link…
SA Marbling - iMagica

Any Digital art or Painting inks related
Photographs of marbling
Ebru CHoku Rei
Fractal Art
Food Art marbling
Nail Marbling
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