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Private Group
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Created Jan 2014
Es un grupo dedicado a los personajes de C-a-m-m y D-a-i-l y la ciudad que los contiene. Un adjunte de pixel art, digital art, traditional art, comisiones, art trades etc.
Alone? She may be behind you!
65 Watchers
Created Jan 2012
So who is Spidermaiden? Where's she from? What does she even look like? Who's seen her, anyway? Is she full of evil intents or does she have a heart of gold? Would she like tandoori chicken pizzas? Jack + Jill's down the road make the best! :P
Recent Blog: Spidermaiden Thanks You!, submitted 227 weeks ago
Erdreich regiert die Sterne
7 Watchers
Created Jan 2018
Hello, everyone.

I welcome you to my group Earth Empire.

The Earth Empire story consists of an alternative story involving the main nations of Europe like the German empire, Russian empire, Chinese republic, Romanesque kingdom and the Neo-Byzantium.

The story will happen in the 20th century, starting in ww1, going to the modern age, where the first space programs starts, until the futuristic age, where the Earth empire will be founded and the earth nations will explore the galaxy.

Every person can contribute to our group with any kind of artworks like digital or traditional, and if your artwork is good enough, it may be used on the group as official history and your name will be mentioned on it.

I hope you enjoy the good artworks you will find on it and the good artworks we will submit later, thanks and have fun.

Don't forget to leave favs, comments and watches, if you wish too.
36 Watchers
Created Jul 2018
An RP group that's futuristic, action, slice of life, and Pokemon based and is a Ginjinka group. Everyone in this secret town is escaping the rule of their "empress" following the lead of a young rebel Ninetales woman.
Recent Blog: Group Event, submitted 3 weeks ago
Home of Bernard Wiseman series
1 Watchers
Created Jul 2018
Home of Morris the Moose.
Everyone is welcome to Join the Group.
Minecraft Resource
2 Watchers
Created Oct 2016
Love creating textures, skins, or sounds for Minecraft? I sure do. Come create and collaborate with others here to share and get feedback on your creations. Who will be the first member?
Recent Blog: Ordinary Wonders WIP Released on PlanetMinecraft!, submitted 55 weeks ago
Open For New Members!
51 Watchers
Created Oct 2016
An rp/art group based off of :iconrhodochrosites-court: and other Gem RP groups.

Want to Join us? Please fill out the applications and follow the info given in the journals. ^^
Recent Blog: Applications, submitted 38 weeks ago
Welcome, to Her house~!
27 Watchers
Created Nov 2016
Châtelaine Opal is one of the highest ranking gems on HomeWorld; after the death of Pink Diamond she proposed that she made her own court to the Diamonds, who accepted this proposal.
Now she is recruiting even more gems to join her ranks!

This Court loves the help of other artists to help with anything they wish, eg, Kawaii-Toaster created the application for the group. nepeta9292 made the icon, dragonbite13 designed the Châtelaine <3
Recent Blog: Closing, submitted 39 weeks ago
Sing Me a Song
98 Watchers
Created Apr 2015
Melodi Dogs are a closed species by Tinytlger, they are musical dogs who help humans composed and write music and dances! Feel free to join!
Recent Blog: LOOKING FOR MELODI DOG ADMINS!, submitted 111 weeks ago
1 Watchers
Created Aug 2018
Welcome To The World Of Zinus Where Everything Is Beauty And Amazing!

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