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Created Jan 2010
This group consists of professional artists who have that little extra. Each member is carefully handpicked to suit our theme. Art speaks to us in different ways, depending on relation and understanding. At times we catch a glimpse of something hidden beneath, a fiery passion lingering between each vision.

That passion speaks to us in the most subtle of ways. Are you one of us?
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The Kinky Manufactory
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Created Jan 2010
This group is founded by the owners of for 3D artists focussed on fetish and pin up art, a place with resource links and artworks.
Beginners are welcome :-)
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Created Aug 2011
This group is mainly for the enjoyment and creation of girls from anime/cartoons with big boobs,and/or big butts/bellys. To become a contributor you must Contribute 5 times to the group to become a contributor
♡~Super Cute~♡
819 Watchers
Created Apr 2017
We welcome any cute, pastel, or anime related art!! Anyone is welcome to join!
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iPhone, iPod & iPad artists!
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Created Feb 2010
Are you an iPhone, iPod or iPad creative geek? This group is dedicated to all of you out there pushing the limits of technology and creativity.

Which app do you use? What's your latest mobile art? Share it here! Join the flow!
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a group for everything
432 Watchers
Created Mar 2010
Hello everybody!
Welcome to Universal Media World group!!
This group is about everything that you want ;P
It's for all kind of art!

Se falares português, sente-te à vontade para falar. Eu, a fundadora, sou portuguesa e a maioria dos administradores do grupo também falam português...
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Please credit the base artist!
985 Watchers
Created Apr 2016
A group dedicated to those fun draw the squad/otp drawings!
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Taums-Den Super
Taums Taums Taums
668 Watchers
Created Jun 2015
It's a great day to be a taum. Just taums being taums. Whether you're just flying by, or nesting with us awhile, we appreciate the continued support!
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Flowers, lots of them!
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Created Jan 2012
'The most beautiful flowers and plants for everyone to see!' :rose:
Welcome to the GardenOfBeauty!
If you have a passion for flowers and plants,
feel free to join this group and submit your most beautiful flower photographs.
Also flower crafts, traditional and digital flower-related art is acceptable! :blowkiss:
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Believe, Create, Have Fun!
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Created Sep 2011
This group is also here to help people who do not have PMD and would like to request models or ask for help in creating their models.

We even have contests that will go on every month and will vary from time to time of what the contest will be.

More about the group will continue to be added~

Now for the Rules:

No fighting; If any form of a fight does occur I will give you one warning and if the fighting continues you shall be banned.

No Trolling; I would like to hope that no one would troll on another here.

No Illegal Editing or Redistribution; If you are not sure if a part is illegal ask someone wh may know, and if you edit a model that you know is illegal and try redistribute that model you will be banned no questions asked.

Credit; when posting a model or a part, make you ALWAYS credit the makers of the parts used on your model.

No trading; This is not a model trading group and I will not allow even advertising of trading a model even if its not you whos trading.
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