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Believe, Create, Have Fun!
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Created Sep 2011
This group is also here to help people who do not have PMD and would like to request models or ask for help in creating their models.

We even have contests that will go on every month and will vary from time to time of what the contest will be.

More about the group will continue to be added~

Now for the Rules:

No fighting; If any form of a fight does occur I will give you one warning and if the fighting continues you shall be banned.

No Trolling; I would like to hope that no one would troll on another here.

No Illegal Editing or Redistribution; If you are not sure if a part is illegal ask someone wh may know, and if you edit a model that you know is illegal and try redistribute that model you will be banned no questions asked.

Credit; when posting a model or a part, make you ALWAYS credit the makers of the parts used on your model.

No trading; This is not a model trading group and I will not allow even advertising of trading a model even if its not you whos trading.
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Created Mar 2011
Our rules ->…
Website: -></strong>
FaceBook: New Mangas & Mangakas ->…
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Club for Conceptual Photography
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Created Oct 2009
the-mirror-club is a group for conceptual photography.

:idea: Need inspiration? We have a theme challenge every two weeks!
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We have shygals
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Created Apr 2015
Shygal Revolution
If anyone has noticed, there has been a recent increase in the amount of attention the rule-63'd shy guy fan characters are getting.
Many artists, early adopters and bandwagon riders alike, are statring to produce more art featuring this hooded hottie.
But there is no group for these artists, no place to call "home"
enter Shy Gal Revolution. A group that, if successful, may help shy gals be the next big thing!
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DA's Comic and Manga archive
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Created Mar 2015

Please watch if you want to read more DA comics! Read the rules to join if you want to submit them into the group!
:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:Rules to Join:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

This is a group created to archive DA's artists' original or fan-based manga & comics. This is a serious group of hard working artists! If you're here to read, please become a watcher and read to your heart's content! If you're here to submit comics, please read the rules to join. Thank you and in either case, please feel free to browse our very own DA's artist directory & immerse yourself in their stories.
español latino manga comic
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Created Jun 2013
un espacio para valorar el arte no importa el nivel de dibujo lo único es compartir experiencias y hacer amigos. y compartir experiencias no se trata de demostrar ser mejor que otro se trata de conocer las técnicas. aquí se puede postear manga , cómic. hago este grupo pensando en la gente que habla en español espero que funcione este grupo .
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-Fanart only-
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Created Mar 2017
Welcome to Fanart World. Everyone are welcome to join!
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PKMN-CrescentCavern Super
Imagination is Creation.
352 Watchers
Created Jun 2015
A Pokemon ARPG set in post apocalyptic future. Can you raise your pokemon in this place and return the world to how it once was? Will Darkrai rise again?
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Created Mar 2013
Here we post all artistic creations with the only topic: metamorphosis or transformation into animal, gender, etc ... !
Interested? Join us!
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Created May 2013
Hey, there! :)

Welcome to the group for undies! :meow: Hope you like your stay :)
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