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Getting Started!
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Created Jul 2015
Here is a place where many rising artists can share their commission information with others; a place where any deviant can buy and sell commissions.
Wyngro Super
Create. Develop. Grow!
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Created Jul 2015
A Wyngro is an "Closed evolving species" that can upgrade features as you draw them! Your Wyngro can also learn magic abilities! With lots of weekly prompts and community projects, come make a fun character with us!
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For Artists & Commissioners
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Created Sep 2015
A place for both Hobbyist & Professional Artists of ALL skill levels to submit their Art Commission Information as well as pieces they have been commissioned to make. Even if you do not offer Commissions at this time, or even if you do not draw, you are still welcome to join the Group.

Tips & Tricks for Artists taking Art Commissions. ex. How to Price your work. How to use the dA Commission Widget to make points into real life earnings.
Recent Blog: Questions for thought!, submitted 47 weeks ago
~ Let your dreams guide you ~
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Created Nov 2013
We celebrate the creation of all Art - digital, traditional, literature and beyond. :iconfurrydanceplz:
CutieShots Super
Global Super Group
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Created Dec 2013
Global Super Group


:star: Mission:
*To Give Original Creative Artists & Photographers The Largest & Most Diversified Platform For Exposure & Success
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Strangely Obsessed With ??????
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Created Feb 2014
Age Regression, Age Progression, Transgender, GenderBender, Age Swap, Animal Transformation, Furry Anthros, Mini-Heroes,Crossover Battles, Crossover Couples, Redesigns/ Reimagings, you name it if it can be defined as a Strange Oddities Of Weird Fascinations we likely support it.
Recent Blog: Behind the works., submitted 2 weeks ago
Professionalism is our service
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Created Jun 2012
Full of variety - commission and request advertisement for art of any type!
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Adoptables! ~~
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Created Jun 2012
RULES!!! <3
Join requests: automatically accepted.
Submissions: Please submit to the correct folder!
If you submit to featured and it isn't accpted,
just submit it to the right folder ^^ many thanks~

Any questions about anything?
Please ask! :D
I won't bite :XD:

This is a group to focus on adoptables.
This group is for adoptables only (:

Join requests: even if you don't make adoptables you can still join and/or watch the group :D

Try to submit things to the right folder please (: IF you accidentally submit to the wrong folder,
just note me RylieOh <333
Any questions about anything? Just ask! ^^
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Adopts for All
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Created Sep 2012
Recent Blog: ALL CHARACTERS FOR SALE, submitted 1 hour ago
CRPhotomanipulation Super
Official unofficial home of PM
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Created Sep 2012
This group was founded as the "hub" of photomanipulation on deviantART.

Our goals are:

- To rally the photomanipulation community by providing a central place for organization
- To provide a place for sharing (and holding) contests, etc.
- To have a center for planning activities
- To have a "storage place" for contest entries and other goodies
- To collect and feature really great art
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