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Western Simplicity At Its Finest
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Created Jan 2021
Welcome to the Western Horse Association, otherwise known as the WHA.
Here our motto is "Western Simplicity At Its Finest"!
Recent Blog: WHA Rider Point System, submitted 2 weeks ago
Where fantasy meets art!
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Created Feb 2017
Formerly at Fantasy-Arts !
Recent Blog: CreateFantasyArt first group Features, submitted 31 weeks ago
Fake Muscle Photos
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Created May 2016
WE LOVE FEMALE MUSCLE MORPH IMAGES. These are fake photographs of muscle girls which have been altered with a photo editing program such as Photoshop or GIMP. If you can use a photo editing program of any sort and love to make pictures of girls with huge fake muscles, you can submit your work to our group and be part of a growing community. If you are not an artist but love to look at fake photographs of girls with big muscles, you can join our group and support our cause. Our group is about female muscle fans and morphers coming together to share our love of female muscle morphs, because these images have the power to excite our deepest passions!
Recent Blog: FINAL ROUND CONTEST VOTING, submitted 20 weeks ago
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Created Apr 2015
UNLIMITED SUBMISSIONS! Adoptables, Commission, Custom Work, Advertisements, OTA, F2U and many more.
We invite Adoptable creator to join us!
Recent Blog: Group Rules, submitted 71 weeks ago
Crushed-Underfoot Super
Nothing Like A Good Crush!
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Created Jun 2015
A group dedicated to the lovers of foot related crush!
Recent Blog: Fanart and Cosplay Crush Gallery, submitted 2 weeks ago
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Created Dec 2014
Adults Only- photos and artwork of only females.
Recent Blog: Tastefully-Done -, submitted 82 weeks ago
The Artistic Nude
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Created Jan 2015
Interested in the unclothed beauty of the human form, in its many varieties. Posting traditional artwork, digital artwork, and photography. All kinds of photography: artistic nude, glamour nudes, selfies, erotics, fetish, solo, couples, groups, females, males, and androgyny. #nude #nudity #nudism #naked ...
Recent Blog: Art Submission Guidelines, submitted 312 weeks ago
automatically accepted
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Created Jan 2015
ShoppableAdoptable - A Shop for Human, Anthro, Kemonomimi, Original Species, and Animal Oc's.
Amazon & Female Muscle Directory
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Created Nov 2013
A group devoted to locating, cataloging, and promoting Amazon Artists and Strong Women of all levels of skill and exposure - on dA and beyond.

I'll say it again: this is a place for STRONG AND CAPABLE WOMEN of all sizes, abilities, and physiques. We try to be as inclusive as possible, but will not accept anything antithetical to the group's purpose.

DO NOT POST OR ACCEPT ANYTHING PORTRAYING WOMEN AS WEAK OR HELPLESS. This is NOT a group for RYONA, GURO, PERIL, or M-DOM. I will give 1 warning, after which I will start banning repeat offenders.

(now I understand why other groups yell in these description blocks)
Automatically Accepted!
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Created Dec 2013
AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPTED! So many adopts, so little time! Find a new fursona, persona or OC of your own or sell one!
Recent Blog: OC'S, MANY WITH ART, FOR SALE PAYPAL AND POINTS, submitted 223 weeks ago

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