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Where fantasy meets art!
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Created Feb 2017
Formerly at Fantasy-Arts !
But due to the founder's inactivity and the group's messed up settings, this group was created.

Please let me know if you notice anything missing! Or if you have any suggestions or question!
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Crushed-Underfoot Super
Nothing Like A Good Crush!
1,556 Watchers
Created Jun 2015
A group dedicated to the lovers of foot related crush!
A fan-group for Aphmau!
4,346 Watchers
Created Jul 2015
A group dedicated to the lovely Aphmau! This group was made for all her fans!
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Kinniku Shoujo Time~!
1,221 Watchers
Created Sep 2013
A sister group to #AmazonsOfGaming and #AmazonsOfCartoons, we're all about buff women from anime and manga.
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Amazon & Female Muscle Directory
1,918 Watchers
Created Nov 2013
A group devoted to locating, cataloging, and promoting Amazon Artists and Strong Women of all levels of skill and exposure - on dA and beyond.

I'll say it again: this is a place for STRONG AND CAPABLE WOMEN of all sizes, abilities, and physiques. We try to be as inclusive as possible, but will not accept anything antithetical to the group's purpose.

DO NOT POST OR ACCEPT ANYTHING PORTRAYING WOMEN AS WEAK OR HELPLESS. This is NOT a group for RYONA, GURO, PERIL, or M-DOM. I will give 1 warning, after which I will start banning repeat offenders.

(now I understand why other groups yell in these description blocks)
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Automatically Accepted!
8,151 Watchers
Created Dec 2013
AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPTED! So many adopts, so little time! Find a new fursona, persona or OC of your own or sell one!
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HentaiAnonymous Super
Members idea's make the contests
8,621 Watchers
Created Dec 2013
I created this group to be a very open adult group which focuses on Hentai.

new contests every 2 weeks :) :) :)
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CutieShots Super
Global Super Group
6,675 Watchers
Created Dec 2013
Global Super Group
Your Hub World to Sonic!
2,256 Watchers
Created Feb 2014
It’s your HUB World to the Sonic Franchise!

This is a group dedicated to both the Sonic Boom Show/Game and the Sonic Fandom at large. It’s a lighthearted community run by friendly fans of the Blue Blur. Please share your art and experiences with the world as we are happy to connect with fellow fans of the franchise.
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