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Ooh, shiny!
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Created Apr 2018
Recent Blog: [hosekiko] valentines gacha!, submitted 8 hours ago
Where fantasy meets art!
7,341 Watchers
Created Feb 2017
Formerly at Fantasy-Arts !
But due to the founder's inactivity and the group's messed up settings, this group was created.

Please let me know if you notice anything missing! Or if you have any suggestions or question!
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Go for GOLD ! #SportsColllege
208 Watchers
Created Jul 2017
Welcome to Seungri College, Olympic Training Institute. This is a South Korean Private Sports College located in the very heart of Korea's Capital, Seoul. This is a sister college of Hanwool and is situated a few blocks from the College. Most of the athletes training here are from a wealthy background. Seungri specializes in four fields which includes High Jump, Soccer, Taekwondo and Figure Skating. Seungri's main vision is to select, discipline and raise up a new generation of Korean Olympians with the mission of being the Top Sports College in the world. #semicasual #MOXY
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emo-doggos Super
The original emo dogs group
4,806 Watchers
Created Jul 2016
Recent Blog: Looking for Moderators! Open!, submitted 2 weeks ago
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Created Jul 2016
This group is dedicated to the Shumod species, created by zaiilex
97 Watchers
Created Aug 2016
The Fruit Order focuses on maintaining the traditions, history, and laws of blueberry inflation. While we hold respect toward other blueberry groups, we feel that they have become too "mainstream" with blueberry fetish. Our objective: to preserve the ideology of the inflated victim being female and female only, and to search for and preserve the lost art of past deviants. All forms of art ( literature, drawings, real life roleplay, morphs, gmod, sculpture, comics) and other fruits (watermelon, cherries, grapes, oranges, grapefruit, any spherical fruit) are also allowed in our group.
Recent Blog: Merry Christmas, submitted 7 weeks ago
Gravesend-City Super
Tick Tock
156 Watchers
Created Dec 2016
A beautiful city with horrible inhabitants.
Recent Blog: [X] Joining, submitted 20 hours ago
Sexy babes and ravishing pin-ups
2,278 Watchers
Created Aug 2014
This group showcases cute and/or sexy female images, pin-ups, etc. Most or all types of media will be accepted, including 3D, digital artwork, traditional artwork and photography.

Galleries include cosplay, fetishwear, fan art, sci-fi/fantasy, superheroines, video game hotties and yuri (aka lesbian). Please review the submission guidelines noted on the homepage.

Other tags: attractive, babes, beautiful, boobs, boots, breasts, fetish, footwear, heels, girls, latex, leather, pinups, women
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Created Apr 2015
A group all about Ette-Chans closed species Fumepuppys.
Recent Blog: Important Update, submitted 137 weeks ago
The Best Lion Pride
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Created Jan 2014
This group is for all the members in the Modoru Pride.

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