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♥Sweet daydreams of love
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Created Dec 2018
•★♥~Just a group for cute things~♥★•

Art, photography, cosplay, literature, games, adoptables, decorations and icons, and much more are all welcome here! There are no rules or limitations~

♥~Never be afraid to join!~ Anybody and everybody is welcome here~♥
San Francisco Art Institute @ dA
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Created Dec 2018
- San Francisco Art Institute -

This group is not officially associated with SFAI! It is independently run, for fun. Anything we do, make, or say does not necessarily represent the views of SFAI.
Cheers! -KAU

From -

"Founded in 1871, San Francisco Art Institute is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious schools of higher education in contemporary art.

"We boast an illustrious list of faculty and alumni in all areas of focus. Most importantly, we have consistently held fast to a core philosophy of fostering creativity and critical thinking in an open, experimental, and interdisciplinary environment. At SFAI, we educate artists who will become the creative leaders of their generation.

"Mission Statement

San Francisco Art Institute is dedicated to the intrinsic value of art and its vital role in shaping and enriching society and the individual. As a diverse community of working artists and scholars, SFAI provides its students with a rigorous education in the fine arts and preparation for a life in the arts through an immersive studio environment, an integrated liberal arts curriculum, and critical engagement with the world.

"Adopted by San Francisco Art Institute Board of Trustees, March 2013."

I am a student at SFAI and I have been active in the DA community since Jul 5, 2011 (I made a new account since my first one) - and I just thought a place for any other students, prospective students, or alumni to interact on a familiar platform would be nice!
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Created Dec 2018
This group is dedicated to dragons.
Any dragon art (pictures, literature, whatever!) is acceptable, as long as it follows the rules for joining and submission below.

- We DO NOT ALLOW inappropriate images! (no mature content!)
- It must have at least one dragon.
- We like dragons here (we are dragon lovers, not dragon slayers), so
please no death or gore.
- FanArt is cool, but art that is not for books is also awesome here.
- PLEASE submit your art in the CORRECT FOLDER!
- Respect other artists!
Recent Blog: My Wings of Fire FanFiction - Chapter 1: Coconut, submitted 50 minutes ago
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Created Dec 2018
the main Diamond Authority rejected their counterparts and bestowed them with a curse. Snow Mountain saw too much, Purple Sunset and Teal Grass heard too much, and Pumpkin Leaf spoke too much. They were blinded, deafened and muted respectively. Now, Snow Mountain mourns her great sight in solitude. Teal Grass and Purple Sunset are deaf to their subject's pleas. And Pumpkin Leaf tries futilely to get the attention of her subjects and the other Diamonds.
RNG-ShowCircuit Super
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Created Dec 2018
A group designed to be a unique cross between real life, SIMs, and HARPG. Enter your horses in classes based on real life competitions, then hope that RNG is in your favor every Saturday! Your level of realism is completely up to you and there are virtually no restrictions on how you run your stable. Art and roleplaying is OPTIONAL!
Recent Blog: Horse Titles Awards, submitted 12 hours ago
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Created Dec 2018
This is a unofficial fan-group that is centered around the tortured and brainwashed precious pancake know as, James "Bucky" Barnes.
In this group, we will share pictures of Bucky, well obviously.
Here are a few guidelines:
-Other characters may be in the drawing/pictures/stories as well.
-I allow shipping pieces.
-I'm not that big of a fan of crossovers, pictures that include a crossover may not be added into the group, it depends.
-Don't be shy, I am probably the nicest admin you'll ever meet!
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Created Dec 2018
(Earthly Abominations Guild was too long) Feel free to exhibit your craft within our monster inclusive space. This group's primary focus is works of creatures within Earth's atmosphere, but we are open to some extraterrestrial exceptions to the rule. Abomination Nation

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♥Sweet daydreams of love
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