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Created Mar 2018
Welcome to Skruhl's Den! We hope you enjoy your stay at our Den, aswell as hopefully find interest in these beastly drooling alien critters!

Founder and Creator: FiddleZedz
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Created Mar 2018
This is the official group for the Semi-Open species called Kytherin, created by Demon-Wolf-Kelthuzar.

The group serves as an official master hub for active Kytherin and their owners for easy tracking and communication.
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Created Mar 2018
Welcome to, To Pacatum and Back and the universe I created. This all started in 2014 I never looked back and never gave up. I will feature my books and hope to see you here. If you want, feel free to post fan art of my races and characters from my books (please note me.) I do appreciate any criticism for art work, short stories please keep the group page clean of rude comments. "Thank you."

Description of universe: The Winter Way of Silver Stars is more stranger then fiction. Every race has their own name for the galaxy we live in but most call it The Winter Way of Silver Stars. Are you ready to explore this great galaxy we all call home or explore the many Locus that are both in and out of this Universe.
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Created Mar 2018
Species of tiny dragons that have poncho wings and cute button faces!

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